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    help I'm gettin' eaten by a rainbow

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  1. Captain_Strawberry

    HSF captain Isoroku

    I thought the voice acting for that seagull captain was bad but this really does take the cake. What the flying tit biscuits is wrong with y'all? (Before anyone says anything it's rhetorical)
  2. Captain_Strawberry

    Azur Lane Collab

    Purr Ruang Meowtaur Shokatu Kittykami
  3. Captain_Strawberry

    Azur Lane Collab

    This pretty much. I like my anime as much as the next basement dwelling weeaboo person but this isn't something that I would want representing it in a community that bitches about anime ship skins just because they are a bit colourful.
  4. Captain_Strawberry

    World of Spacecraft ?

    You don't have to. You can view patch notes and other crap in game through the magical powers of something called "news".
  5. Captain_Strawberry

    Update 0.73

    reading google translated russian is better than this
  6. Captain_Strawberry

    Ok then, I want Radar Mod on my Missouri

    Think bugatti veyron that's made of dessert.
  7. I'm glad I got 5 stars on this one last year 'cause the amount of people who are more than happy to sit in the repair circle for most of the map, yet can't be bothered to shield the engineer ship from fish, is staggering.
  8. Captain_Strawberry

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Nah, they can still lemming train on the old map just as much as the new one. Never underestimate the lemmings.
  9. Captain_Strawberry

    Other Improvements

    As someone who has derped his way up the IJN line to the Yamato I can safely say that yes we are :P
  10. Captain_Strawberry

    French Battleships : GOD in WOW !!!

  11. Captain_Strawberry

    invisible torps and ships

    that goes both ways
  12. Captain_Strawberry

    Operation Hermes

    If you're gonna do something like this again could you at least program the bots to reverse? Rouan somehow ended up humping an island for 3 minutes near the end and that was a lovely loss.
  13. Captain_Strawberry


    This is light years better than last year. I'm wanna ride the dolphin.
  14. Captain_Strawberry


    Y'know, I've always been meaning to look up the meaning of that word since I heard it in the LOTR movies but I never really thought much about doing it.