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  1. AndersonKen

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Nah I'm a romanian lowlife...I picked the patch for the looks.
  2. AndersonKen

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Thank you! I'll check it right away.
  3. AndersonKen

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    I find it difficult to edit the camouflages.xml to make it make an exception for Kamkaze R for example,so it can show it's vanilla camo and not hide it(but hide it for every other ship I have skins for). This is why I would like to abandon camouflages.xml and just edit the .mg files for the skin collection I use(which is gathered from many,many places on internet). You said editing the .mg isn't complicated...so...can you share us the way you do it?
  4. AndersonKen

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    I'll be damned!...This is excellent news indeed. In my case I always wanted to use the vanilla camo for Kamikaze R but I got lost in editing the camouflages.xml file. Can you please share with us the way you edit the .mg files? That would be a lot of help,especially in case of the ships you can't find skins for but the camouflages.xml still stripes the vanilla camo off. And good job on the Kronshtadt skin,you're the only one who skinned the ship as of yet.
  5. AndersonKen

    Próximos mods/skin para world of warships.

    Such a shame mate. One more request though...do you know which are the new names for North Carolina hull/deck/gun .dds files?...I see they changed them for 0.5.11 and I would really want to make the NC skins work again. .
  6. AndersonKen

    Próximos mods/skin para world of warships.

    How advanced you are with the North Carolina skin mate?...I would really love to see it in action