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  1. dodgerman20001

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Ok, seems the rest of my team went to sleep
  2. dodgerman20001

    insulting and provocation

    Play against the bots, you never hear a word from them
  3. dodgerman20001

    So, this is what the game has become.....

    Why worry, it's way to early, just wait until this time next year, There will be more players, More ships, more maps.. And the best thing yet, you will get used to how they all play and it will happen.....NERFFING time.... The ships will change, the maps will change, GOLD shell will be introduced and screw the whole damn game to bits..
  4. dodgerman20001

    What has happened to the American line?

    lol, you wait until the game is a year old, then see how many ships get nerfed....it will happen, it's just when....
  5. dodgerman20001

    insulting and provocation

    Rule of thumb mate, IGNORE IT... you cannot have a report list because wargaming rules are you CANNOT name and shame on the forums, neither can you use swear words, so screenshots/repeating what they said will get your self a warning point, 3 strikes and your banned... Yes not fair, Yes it's a problem, but No it won't change or go away..
  6. dodgerman20001

    insulting and provocation

    lmao, welcome to wargaming, this has been going on in world of tanks for years, get used to it mate, it will never go away....
  7. dodgerman20001

    Telly`s WoWs Videos and Youtube-Channel

    ah just found out how to put replays into your wow folder.. nice work btw...
  8. dodgerman20001

    error connecting server "failed to connect to server"

    ah, small update...team training gone....anything else removed/added?
  9. dodgerman20001

    No one seems to like me :(

    Well it happens to me and I'm not moaning