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  1. Sooo, instead of limiting the number of DD-s to 3 for example, Wg simply ruins them? How can you always chose the worst possible solution?
  2. vash_hu

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    Well I'm sorry, but I won't read all the thread Actually I don't like games with more than 3 destroyers per side, even with destroyers, so count me in for limiting the numbers to that.
  3. vash_hu

    0.5.3 Commander Skills - Behind The Scenes

    I agree that +20% range was too much, especially that 203-s couldn't increase it. On the other hand I think that the +6 km range bb-s have over cruisers is just too much, especially on spacious maps like ocean or the atlantic... The increase on MK "to compensate" is just simply ridiculous, considering that you don't compensate any other ship... And you are a bit overcompensating MK with the 19.4 km range (too bad it will have a 4 km buffer on my myoko and (future) mogami. So it is unfortunately too obvious that you do it because of fear (however you forgot Yubari for example, and its buyers...)
  4. The captain skill is nerfed not the ship. It's just plain bulls*t this way...
  5. All they had to do is increase all cruisers' (203-s too!) range by 10% for compensation, instead they increased only MK's by 20. Russian guns were this better historically? I don't think so. And anyway, the "wallet warriors" bought the ship, not the captain. So the ship could remain as it was, "only" the captain skill is nerfed anyway... What if a player did not have AFT on MK, now he is getting 20% increase for free?
  6. Actually I think it was quite unfair that 155 mm CA-s could shoot further than 203 mm ones. However I think CA-s have too short range overall compared to battleships, they should have a 10% permanent buff without AFT. Also CA is the most fragile ship in the whole game, they should be able to endure a little more... The buff on MK should be the school example of unfairness anyway...
  7. vash_hu

    AA changes in patch 0.5.3

    In the current version I was perma-spotting a Kagero once for like half of the match with a Ranger fighter group. He could not even kill a single plane. So whatever they do with Kagero, it' working as intended (AA crew throwing rice at planes with predictable results). Anyway it's funny. It's like when you go to school and the year after you graduate they build a swimming pool or something. I mean: T6-7 is quite the struggle with USN CV, but you endure so you'll rock in T9-10, now taken away. You start IJN line and decide to take it to T6-7 so you rock, you are still at T4 and it's already announced that T6-7 USN fighters will be strengthened because they suck (mostly because of the numbers, but still). Yes, this is me You could think that now I take IJN CV to T10, but it's a long way and T4-7 will suck (who wants that?). Think I'll drop CV-s then :o
  8. vash_hu

    wtf wargaming patch 0.5.3 = cv is ded

    Don't know what the problem is guys. USA had no real T10 ships except the carrier, obviously this had to be fixed /sarcasm off
  9. vash_hu

    wtf wargaming patch 0.5.3 = cv is ded

    It doesn't matter. Those 2 fighter groups will kill that 1. Always... Anyway, I'll see the changes. Right now, CV play (for me) is 80% avoiding/fighting figters, which is not fun (unfortunately I'm at the levels where always my fighters are the worse (T7 USA, T4 IJN), so I'm a bit tired of it). And now it seems that T8, that I could hardly wait, will be the same (not buying it then).
  10. vash_hu

    Secondaries again

    This is so not true, especially in higher tiers. Secondaries are just some bonus damage, they don't need any buff. Use your main guns if you want something...
  11. vash_hu

    Opening treasures and rewards

    Imho it's in a box especially for you to open it when it's convenient for you. Meaning, I don't think it will disappear, but I can't promise anything
  12. vash_hu

    Secondaries again

    No, seriously. In beta a perfect/good ambush costed 50% hp, a bad one 80% or death. Provided that you were not detonated by the first secondary shell (happened to me...). I won't say it shouldn't be more useful against other ships, but what they do against dd-s is just enough as it is now. I noticed that AA is not always firing depending on angling, but that can be just graphics, I don't know.
  13. vash_hu

    Ranked needs to be less DD friendly

    And shouldn't it? That's why the smoke is there. To provide some local advantage... For 1 minute... As we are talking about ranked, torpwall is quite improbable. And the torps are 55-60 knots there, almost going backwards. Anyway, you still have option 4. Namely, go away, come back after 1 minute, when the smoke is no more...
  14. vash_hu

    Secondaries again

    Secondaries were stronger in beta, and they were nerfed for a good reason. If you (manage to) ambush with a dd, you don't want to lose 50-80% of your hp just to secondaries...
  15. vash_hu

    Ranked needs to be less DD friendly

    Actually I think it's quite hard to play (well) with destroyers already. We already went away from discussing ranked, so let me say that there are matches with my Kagero where I have no torp hits at all, because every half-competent player can avoid them easily (and it has 67 knots torps, what should I say about 55 knots ones?). Now then when you get a hit anyway, you come here and show limitless potential thinkong of things how to make destroyers worse... Try them and you will see it's not that easy as you think.