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  1. Arctic_Nation

    How much Credits you have?

    A bit over 50 million at the moment. An occasional month of premium helped, as did a supercontainer for 20 million. I also tend to move between different lines, unlocking ships but only buying them when discounted. Same goes for upgrades.
  2. Arctic_Nation

    Going "A" on Neighbors

    Going A isn't bad. Capping it and moving to B offers the advantage that most of the enemy view is blocked by the island on the edge of B, while spotting them is easy from the D row and 7 column. The problem is that too often, one team moves to C, half the other team to A, and those going to A still sail beyond the islands into the cap after it has become clear that there is no opposition. So, instead of letting the fastest ship cap while the others turn towards B, there's suddenly a team with four or five ships out of the game for a few minutes. And then it happens that they take the long road to B, sailing behind the top island in A. Horror when that happens. Yet they can still win, with the limited enemy view on B and skillful play of teammates defending there, and are thus vindicated in their stupidity.
  3. Arctic_Nation

    DD spawn positions

    No. MM tends to do it, but it is by no means certain. What is annoying, though, is when one or two non-division DD's spawn right next to a DD division. The lack of spotting on the non-DD side usually is a death sentence for anyone spawned there.
  4. Arctic_Nation

    What's your ranked games experience like?

    Played some games at rank 19 last night, in an A-hull Shchors. XP rewards are better, and at that rank I'm not really hurting anyone anyway. Lost 5 games, won one, averaging 53k damage. Got chewed out for driving a Russian ship. Got chewed out for getting killed quickly trying to give close support to DD's. Got chewed out for not giving close support to DD's. Got chewed out for not hunting down a wall of skill-spammer on our flank in full sight of an enemy Nagato. Received one compliment for burning down half an enemy team on my own. I think I might make it to rank 15.
  5. Arctic_Nation

    Wargaming are you f*cking kidding me with the supercontainer?

    They are permanent ship upgrades, but of dubious value considering that one has to give up other upgrades that are generally better, like the concealment module.
  6. Arctic_Nation

    Wargaming are you f*cking kidding me with the supercontainer?

    Got a SC containing 20 million credits on Wednesday, and one containing 50 dragon flags yesterday, both from flags & camo boxes. Makes a total of 7 SC's out of 212 containers. Keep playing that lottery, suckers.
  7. Arctic_Nation


    Fire damage is repairable on BB's and RN cruisers. Everyone else is boned. Everyone is also boned if multiple fires are set with DCP and RP on cooldown. Targets with lower HP due to increasing fire damage are often prioritized. One does not look at theoretical health pools when choosing targets. And everyone with a 14-point captain in the Belfast is most likely using IFHE anyway, which racks up damage even faster. Stats clearly show that the three smoke-spamming cruisers have a 30 to 50 % damage bonus over the others. That is a massive difference.
  8. Arctic_Nation

    Equalise "tech level" of T5 cruisers?

    I've been playing a lot of medium tier lately, and I can't even remember the last time I saw Emerald torps.
  9. Tier X games on Big Race, please. (It'll work, all those ships with Concealment Expert and camo have detection ranges comparable to those of tier IV ships.)
  10. Arctic_Nation

    Dear WG, please make the following matchmaking impossible

    It's not because an issue is rare that it does not need to be addressed. I know that any multiqueueing fix could be circumvented by not using clan tags. But I also don't think it would punish anyone. It's a loophole being closed, nothing more.
  11. Arctic_Nation

    Dear WG, please make the following matchmaking impossible

    You're still missing several of my points, probably because you see one big problem and I see two. The most important is that having two three-man divisions cooperating as a single six-man one gives that team a massive and unfair advantage over the opposing team, even if they are only mediocre players. Can I prove that this happened in my game? Of course I cannot. Voice chat recordings would be the only hard proof of any wrongdoing, and this cannot be obtained (the third-party client problem). The second problem is that when two same clan divisions end up on opposing teams, one of those divisions might decide to roll over for the others. This, too, is very hard to prove, as playing like a retard, no matter how suspicious, will never be more than circumstancial evidence. Everyone has their derpy moments. All I can offer is that the three clan members on my team all scored far below their average results. (And so did everyone else, presumably, but snowballing would account for some of the discrepancy). However, I believe that if a clan is trying to deliberately end up with multiple divisions in the same game, it is also more likely to engage in questionable in-game behaviour. Now, combine these two issues, and every time there is a clan-division mismatch, there is a possibility of abuse. I am not saying it happened in my game. I am saying it might have happened. And I don't want it to happen again. That is why I would like to see WG use clan tags as a discriminating feature in its matchmaking.
  12. Arctic_Nation

    Dear WG, please make the following matchmaking impossible

    Lots of talk here about what I said, and some of it assuming things I did not say. So let me clarify. 1. I did not accuse the clan members on my team of playing against my team. I said they were playing in a conspicuously bad way. The Kamikaze R player got himself sunk very quickly, and the CV player managed to shoot down a grand total of three enemy planes. Not impossible results in random, but in this particular case, it might point to something more. (I know one clan member on the enemy team was killed very quickly, too, but in a cruiser, you're always up for instant deletion). 2. I have no problem per se with clan versus clan action in random. I do have a problem with clan plus clan action, as I do not have enough confidence in the honesty of people that the two divisions will break voice communication with each other for the duration of the game. In effect, it opens the possibility that the opposing team is confronted with an effective 6-man division. There's a reason divisions are limited to a three people maximum, and this rule currently is wide open to violation. I hope we can all agree on this. 3. Even a replay would not necessarily expose any evidence of wrongdoing. Eat a torpedo? Sorry, steering error. Flash broadside to BB? Sorry, had to make a turn. Deliberately miss your shots? Sorry, my aim was a bit off. 4. The only option to prove anything is to listen in to the voice chat. Now I'm not a lawyer, but I do believe that would require to break quite a few laws, especially if the clan members in question were to use a third-party app. So, until a disgruntled clan member releases recordings of such behaviour, we can all pretend it doesn't happen. 5. The rest of my team played... not very well, I'm not disputing that.
  13. Arctic_Nation

    Ranked Reward USS Black(If you cared for ranked from the start)

    I, being an average player, cannot wait for the reward WG surely has lined up for participating in the upcoming birthday event: another Myoko clone.
  14. Arctic_Nation

    Dear WG, please make the following matchmaking impossible

    The issue is a six-man division in one team, and three people passively, if not actively through voice chat, sabotaging the other team. In this setup, you are not playing 12 against 12, but 15 against 9. Good luck with that.
  15. Enemy team: 6 LMAN members in "two" divisions. My team: 3 LMAN members, some of whom conspicuously played like idiots. Matchmaking: Result: Fix this. It's not more difficult than allowing a maximum of 1 division containing members of a particular clan per game.