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  1. affie

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    Actually a bit disappointed on the released ST stats, while I am in favour for the Super Light Cruiser with radar and no smoke I would expect them to play similar to our 2 premium ships. We have Blyskavica and Friesland, two ships whom rely on their guns and potential damage over time by fires and instead we get an strange line of ships with crazy torpedoes, questionable guns, bad detection and sun-standard dakka. My suggestion would be to use the premium ships as the guideline for tweaks, Halland/Småland has the same guns as Friesland so similar characteristics/RoF/fire chance is expected. And by the looks of it the T4-6 will have Blyskavica type of twinturrets (unhistorical but needed for balance) with the T7-9 guns somewhere in between Blyskavica and Friesland. So how about giving these ships above average detection (abt 6.4 km with skills/upgrades), heal, radar (25 s), speed boost (+15%) and the guns they deserve and that we love from our premium ships. Then balance the torpedoes after this and for the Tier 10 ships Halland and Småland I suggest swap the radar for German style hydro or British style smoke to make it a side grade like Des Moines vs Salem or Conqueror vs Thunderer and leave the concealment and other stats more or less the same and sell Småland for coal as the first T10 destroyer for that currency. Edit: And don't forget that the Swedish high tier ships had the same AA mounts as the Friesland so the base AA capability should be at least equal to their Dutch cousin but without any Defensive AA consumable.
  2. affie

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I haven't played subs yet but watched a few videos and like the changes from test 1 to test 2 I do however have some suggestions. Why doesn't the second "citadel" ping give increased or guaranteed flooding chance? It could be something to balance with damage vs DoT. The second thing I, noticed was that the PING didn't seem to track the chosen target as torpedoes or guns do, is this by purpose or shall the ping follow the gun formula, i.e lock on, get a distance and time to target and then aim in front of the target you track, or be more like the blind drops from planes where you don't lock on to the target at all?
  3. affie

    Armory "Upgrades"

    Yes and the same applies when deciding whether to use legendary upgrades or not at T10.
  4. affie

    Armory "Upgrades"

    I guess that smoke screen will come in handy for the new Italian cruisers. I have only used the extended radar (Des Moines, Alaska) and hydro (Z-52), guess I will get a radar for my Donskoi and a speed for my Grozovoi and French as soon as I reach the T9.
  5. affie

    Armory "Upgrades"

    I will try to answer your questions one by one. 1. You buy one upgrade you can mount on one ship, just like you mount and dismount Main Armaments Mod. 1 on a single ship, i.e you must buy 3 pcs if you want to have it on 3 different ships. 2. It is permanent, when it is mounted it is a part of the ship, just like any other upgrade you put on for improved rudder, aim, concealment etc. 3. I think you mix up upgrades and consumables right now. What the special upgrade does is that you will have to chose between it and something else. Let's say you want the increased RADAR upgrade, it will fit in the same slot (no.2) as Damage Control Mod. 1, Propulsion Mod. 1, Streering Gear Mod. 1 meaning you wont be able to pick any of those to mount your RADAR upgrade. I hope I managed to answer your questions, just ask again if something is unclear.
  6. affie

    Alaska, how to get the best from her

    To my fellow Alaska players, which consumable do you use after the latest AA rework, Defensive AA or Hydroacoustic? I have tried both but can't really say I notice much of that bonus AA and already use Vigilance on the captain (since before rework) to compensate for the loss of hydro. But I consider swapping to hydro and give up vigilance for something else maybe...
  7. affie

    Molotov, a Kirov at T6?

    Okay, after some inspection of armor and guns etc, it seems she is as weak as the CL (Schors & Chapayev) but with the railguns of Donskoi, so I will give her a try as a long range support cruiser who avoids getting hit.
  8. affie

    What is the two tubes under GZ?

    I guess you are refering to the two cylinders of paddle-like structures under the bow and these are Voith Schneider systems, to be used for improved manoeuvring in narrow waters and while berthing. These systems are still in use today on some ships and on GZ it was used Instead of a bowthruster or azipod for berthing manouvers.
  9. affie

    Molotov, a Kirov at T6?

    I was lucky and got a Molotov in the third directive SC and I have actually had my eyes in her before but never bought her. But now she is in my port and I would like to have some help on how to play her properly, I am currently at the Chapayev and have adapted the long range kiting HE spamming role of the T6-8. But how does Molotov play and how is she as a captain trainer? Is she just an uptiered Kirov or is she competetive? All reviews I can find seems to be 2-3 years old, so please help me understand how to best make use of this gift.
  10. affie

    Is it really possible....

    I started an account on NA server to try to revitalise the game for me and the only thing it did was making me appreciate my main account more. It is possible to play totally for free, I did it for my first 1.5-2 years of this game, then I bought a shiny horse.
  11. I enyoyed all light crusiers (T6-8) and you just have to adapt to their run and gun playstyle. Chapayev is a real treat since you can stealth radar without concealment expert, just remember to stay at distance, take IFHE before CE and spam the HE!
  12. affie

    Premium Ship to farm money ?

    You mean a possible Xmas-marathon like previous years for Duke of York and Indianapolis? We also have a possible Italian cruiser as reward for directives if they decide to do something similar to the release of the French destroyers where you could earn the Siroco for free.
  13. I´ve got Sims from a super container and that is the only one.
  14. affie

    Blyskawica ''buff'' on ST

    I don´t say we shall make it a "mini-Akatsuki" as I stated before the 102 mm QF MK-XVI would play similar to the 113 mm on the Daring/Jutland with their high ROF and the 100 mm B-24 with its rather slow ROF of 12 shells per minute could be given the Akizuki-treatment so you have to pick guns depending on alround (120 mm), dakka-dakka (102 mm) and pure damage (100 mm) but all would require their special captain to preform accordingly. Like they did on the Enterprise going from 0.8.6 to 0.8.7 which forced them to remove it, a balance buff of plane HP which ruined the already strong Enterprise. She has always been a support DD filling up the gap between a DD and a CL very well and the caps shall be contested by more stealthy DDs. But she has been powercrept quite alot with the introduction of Royal Navy, French and Russian DDs which all manage the same job but with better stats and gimmicks.
  15. affie

    Blyskawica ''buff'' on ST

    I agree with LOV3_and_PE4CE that we shall be happy that we have gotten anything at all and they considered quality of life improvements rather than direct buffs just a few weeks ago. But hopefully WG have seen the same power creep we in the playerbase noticed a long time ago. If I could ask for a second small but fully possible buff that might make sense, it would be to improve the HE damage to 1750 to make it the same as the Friesland. Both ships are using Bofors 120 mm guns with 24 kg shells and even after such a buff the HE DPM will be lower than that of Haida. If I where to ask for a major change it would be for both Blyskawica and Haida to get access to their refit with 102 mm DP guns in twin turrets as a second choice similar to how Harekaze can change between hulls and get different armaments. Let's call it "Hull 1937" and "Hull 1941" to reflect her launch configuration and the current layout she has today as a museum ship. Let the player chose which one they found competetive, sometimes we as players just want Our version of the ship as we know it and even with IFHE these guns would only be able to penetrate 21 mm of armor and that way work similar to the 113 mm on the Jutland and Daring.