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  1. But are the planes endless though? You can only "create" approx 1 plane per type every minute in best case, that would give you base value plus 20 for the whole game, but since you wont "create" any planes for the first minutes for 2 types you can't reach the theoretical maximum number of planes. Have seen some calculations regarding this but can't remember where right now.
  2. affie


    Which carrier are you playing? You need to find the sweet spot for each of them since they play very differently. I had alot of problem with Hosho until I understood the AP bomb mechanics. But T4 carriers are not the most fun ships at the moment.
  3. I received The Great Gorgon camouflage in a container last Halloween and thougth thay it could be nice when reaching T8 Shukaku (was at T6 atm). Now after CV rework I sold my CVs for free exp but it seems like I cannot sell this camouflage, it is not listed under Aircraft Carriers in the inventory where I got refund for my T6 and T4 carriers. I can find it along with the other camouflages but ut says "Cannot be sold", is this due to me getting in in a container or is ut because I never owned the Shukaku? Will I be able to get dubloons for it if i research the Shukaku before 0.8.2?
  4. affie

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    I actually got around this problem by lowering the sensitivity on my mouse just before the attack run. Works quite well if you have a mouse with dedicated DPI button high/low. My mouse (Corsair M65) have a "sniper/aim"-thumb-button that I finally found a use for. Lately I have however set one of my 3 DPI-profiles for CV so itis like Port/Surface Ship/CV (High/Medium/Low sensitivity) and the Sniper-button is almost never used amy more.
  5. You mean the "bug" where the fighters are following the returning planes instead of the remaining planes that will carry out the remaining strikes?
  6. affie

    CV's - Good looking, but that's about it.

    I understand how bottom tier in T8 can be frustrating, but you are not useless in any matchup. Do what the players in this thread are suggesting, scouting in the early game, picking of lonely ships in late game. Had 2 games in my stock Lexington yesterday being bottom tier, one vs a fairly mixed team where I focused a solo Harugumo with dive bombers for a long time, to bad RNG didn't favour me with hits or teamoriented teamplayers since no one focused it while I did my scouting/attacks. Second game was versus triple Des Moines division and USN or German BBs in enemy team, I couldn't do much other than scouting and retreat from those Des Moines and finally I attacked a flank with Montana, F. de Grosse and Hipper. We lost both games, but I in my stock T8 Lexington ended up top 5 in the team so I dont blame the CV for that since far to few of the players in my team carried their own weight in those games. Regarding the RN with their strong planes I haven't felt it yet compared to USN. They are beefed up but also slower, so the total time spent inside the AA DPS aura will mitigate part of the higher HP. I will have to learn the RN CV and make use of those beefier ship, but as of now I prefer the faster more flexible USN CV.
  7. affie

    Jean Bart or Salem?

    I am in the same sits as U and I will go for the JB since she provides more unique playstyle than Salem which is a DM with worse radar, different AA and better heal (but not UK good).
  8. Will get my T6 Furious tomorrow, 20 more florins needed. Feels like the florins are harder to get than crowns, not bought any containers so far. The T8 will be researched while getting the hang of RN bombers since the T4 Hermes is lacklustering to play...
  9. Would you like to explain the bug??
  10. Okay so I guess I am totally useless with them since this is the way I use them mostly, also like the Midway video Notser put up, using the fighters to spot the enemy CV while staying outside of the AA and CV-spawned fighters. I guess I just have to accept that the old days of CV vs CV with even 10+ plane kills are gone and only time you will get those numbers are when you are last ship alive and enemy CV is throwing everything at you to try to get some extra damage but actually feeding you and your experience gains while trying.
  11. I try to do this , that is part of the area denial. But even when used before an enemy attacks it seems like it doesn't matter, have had planes fly straicht through my green circle without engaging with my fighters.
  12. They can work as area denial, but that's about it and even if the planes go fairly close they dont aggro the planes so it is more of a psychological "you shall not pass" type of consumable.
  13. I have really enyoyed the CV rework, but I seems to struggle more with the fighter consumable than with the old strafing mechanics. It seems like it is useless to try to drop those fighters when running into other planes, have tried to drop early and have enemies fly straight through the circle without activating my fighters. Only time it seems to work is as a defence to keep a plane up around the CV during the downtime of the CVs defensive auto fighters. Are there any valid strategt to make the fighters work cause as it is now i get very low plane kills until the enemy CV decides to go after me (usually someone trying CV sniping or at late game).
  14. affie

    Belfast [Post Giulio Cesare saga]

    The idea of up-tiering the OP ships like Belfast, Kami, etc. could work quite well and I guess this is what WG uses GC as a guinea-pig for. The reason for chosing GC I wanna believe is due to the arrival of Regia Marina in the game is planned, more chance earning money on re-releases compared to premiums for old lines. The thing is as Yegwy said, they already sees alot of high tier games and many players make good use of them even when bottom tier. Look at my Kami, only thing that worries me in current meta are those radar equpped ships at T7 any way and when bottom tier I just wait for them to get detected and then raid another part of the map. The question would be what tweaks that would be needed for each ship and and how much time and resources WG would like to put into these old ships.
  15. affie


    It is very strange that WG is giving the converging torpedoes to RN when they already gave the gimmick called carpet bombers. Why not give these torpedoes to IJN to further improve their torpedoes and have gimmicks as follows: USN - Tiny Tims RN - Carpet bombers IJN - Converging torpedoes