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  1. affie

    Aircraft Carrier Suggestion

    Okay, my mistake then, just felt like I met alot more CVs or maybe it is just the reduced skill needed making it feel like you have a decent CV more often cause the CV vs CV strafing game is missing (which I sucked at during RTS). But this graph reflects pretty much what WG have said, that the constant nerf to CVs for the last half a year have taken its toll on the CV players and it is time to hand back some power to the CV and increase their population again.
  2. I didn't really feel for it at the beginning but found Savage being a decent mode for credit grinding and soon the mission was done, only last 6 million credits that was a bit awkward... Unfortunatly I haven't played my Hill I got for free from day one so will probably end up buying 5 crates (calculate I will end up just shy of 740 tokens sadly enough), which will be a good way of spending dubloons I already have from events. Been waiting for both Massachusetts and T-61 to come to armory but nope, so I grinded myself a Georgia and will get a Benham for rewards and/or money I already have put into the game from earlier.
  3. affie

    Hyped for Friesland? / Any Info

    Do you mean that Freisland is confirmed for free experience??
  4. affie

    Texas and it's AA

    Had an amazing game with a mate, 2 x Texas in a 2 CV game, we ended up with 60 and 46 planes shot down (lower one on me) and Texas is amazing but WG have standardised the 40 mm AA to a max range of 3.5 km no matter what ship it is mounted on. I earned my Texas in the mission and must say I like it alot, feels like a very slow but well rounded battleship.
  5. affie

    40GBs of a Hotfix

    I amm not using steam, but sounds like your game files has been corrupted and needed a new download to solve potential problems maybe.
  6. affie

    Alsace vs. Bourgogne: I choose Alsace

    If you do 75K dmg to DDs it equals 3-4 hp pools, if against CL/CA it equal 2-3 hp pools if against BB it equals 1-2 hp pools depending on tier. And maybe they actually did some nice play that won them the game even if they didn't farm 100K damage, no need to be judging when someone had an according to them decent game. Alsace is alot of fun and the secondary ship of my choice at the moment, even if I have had a short break from it. Saving for Georgia now, looks like alot of fun even if it lack a bit of the secondary barrage an Alsace can bring...
  7. affie

    When is the 105mm German pen buff coming through?

    Sad they don't unify the values on the guns, since the Gneusenau has the good 128 mm ones and Scharnhorst is lacking a bit even if she has same secpndary broadside as Bismarck...
  8. affie

    Tiny Tim vs HVAR

    I have gathered 140k exp + all modules on Lexington now and must say I am I love with the tiny tims. Their aim time is so much better than HVARs meaning go get away with tighter turns and against DDs I use DB any way so better with wider range of targets for my rockets.