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  1. affie

    Alsace's 100 mm secondary armament

    Is there any difference on the 100 mm guns on the stock hull and the upgraded hull with regards to dispersion, specially at longer ranges? Have been trying a secondary spec Alsace since it looked like fun when Notser did it in his blueprint video. But had a game with 350 secondary shells fired and only 27 hits. At another game I actually got over 100 hits but that was during capping with a distance of 5 km to my main target (Kronstadt). But over all it feels like the secondaries goes all over the place even when properly set up with upgrades and skills.
  2. That would actually be another type of "streamlining" which I can support, if that is the major thing causing all stablemates at top tiers. Actually had a fun game today where I first played my Scharnhorst and angled to use my belt armor and later did same thing in my Missouri against a Musashi and it worked like wonders.
  3. I totally agree with you that it seems to be a Nagato thing since I did not think about this when grinding the Gneisenau or when playing my Scharnhorst. It could partly be that I have gotten used to the high tier meta and having some problems adjusting to lower tier gameplay again in combination with those fairly large 25 mm areas on Nagato. I do however stick to my opinion that the game would improve with a more fluent transition between the T7 and T8 by changes in a couple of areas. So lets hope I feel more at home with the Amagi with same guns on better protected platform.
  4. Yes, I meant 457 since that it the largest gun in the game except for Yamamoto/Musashi. I wouldn't mind some more information, maybe you have some information I have overlooked. I also think of it as a way to promote the use of angle the ships against the opponents without getting ripped apart as well as promote some closer combat, if I can bowtank I can push closer and when close enough I can open up and fire all of my guns, but it could flip the other way as you say as well, promote the camping. Just talking from experience of how much crap I have gotten from fellow players while in the Nagato for not tanking when bottom tier and the angle I try doesn't matter, that forces me to be support battleship and hang back sniping close to max range targets and though receiving a crap for that. I know that the WV didn't change anything with overmatch other than being yet another ship with overmatching capabilities to its tier-spred, specially to its equal tier ships. But as you say the jump from Kongo to Fuso are pushing you over that armor threshold and you keep the same guns, with huge DPM incease. This I feel is the problem, the huge steps between the tiers and making parts of your armor obsolete just being one tier lower, your Kongos armor become just as valuable as a Furutakas against a Fuso, you lose the feeling of playing an armored battleship during some of those tier-jumps. As well as some of the T8 cruisers having better armor than the battleships at T7, it just seemss bit wierd and it is all about balancing, just look at the Amagi-class premium ship Ashitaka getting the 25 mm armor scheme when here sister has 32 mm just because of that jump between T7 to T8. I thank you for these calculations, I focused mainly on battleship vs battleship with AP shells overmatching and I get your point, there could however be an easy way around this and WG has already tried that mechanic for German cruiser, British battleships as well as IJN gun-focused destroyers, i.e. using the penetration value of 1/4 instead of 1/6. This 1/4 based value would give us: Tier 3 - 22 mm (shatters up to 88 mm HE) Tier 4 - 22 mm (shatters up to 88 mm HE) Tier 5 - 25 mm (shatters up to 100 mm HE) Tier 6 - 27 mm (shatters up to 108 mm HE) Tier 7 - 27 mm (shatters up to 108 mm HE) Tier 8 - 32 mm (shatters up to 128 mm HE) Tier 9 - 32 mm (shatters up to 128 mm HE) Tier 10 - 32 mm (shatters up to 128 mm HE) Since I am not a fan of all "mandatory" captain skills we have in the game that almost everyone takes such as "Concealment expert" (everyone), "IFHE" (for light cruisers), "Last stand" (for destroyers), "Adrenaline rush" (everyone) and would like some of them to be removed or tweaked as the old "Situational-awareness" that everyone got for free later while it was replaced by "Priority target". Without any IFHE skill to tweak the values of penetration for HE shells it would be more equal for the new player as well as the experienced doing damage and you mention the Königsberg that actually have this 1/4 penetration as standard in its current form. Of course there will have to be tweaks and some ships would maybe like today have special formulas for example having 1/3 penetration for those IJN gun-boats or RN Jutland/Daring to still have capability to penetrate 32 mm armor. It would also mean that all battleships would take even more HE damage since the values are significantly reduced and ships that usually don't take IFHE would gain more of this buff than others, like the IJN torpedo-boats. Being sort of an all-round player by games played but maybe more of a destroyer/cruiser player rather than battleship player I haven't really put to much thought about this until now when I have grinded battleships more. But my main opinion with this was to try to even out the large step between T7 and T8, and it is not only for battleships it is there, destroyers have it even worse due to not having access to the "Concealment System Mod. 1" which makes it very hard to play the objective properly in a T7 when you have such a huge detection difference compared to a T8 equiped with the "Concealment System Mod. 1". But more about that in another thread, this is about battleships and how to streamline the gameplay all the way from bottom to top tier games and make the transition smother than it is today.
  5. affie

    Jean Bart in Premium Shop and Arsenal.

    That sounds promising, would you say it feels more unique with its gameplay and reloadbooster, sort of like Missouri feels over Iowa? I consider taking JB over Musashi since the latter is a AA-nerfed Yamato and I sort of like things I can't get in the tech tree.
  6. I have grinded far fewer ships than many other in this lovely game, but I have never felt as squishy in a battleship as I am currently doing in the Nagato. It seems to get overmatched by everything that looks at it and takes a lot of damage even when angled or bow on. This together with the release of West Virginia 1941 and reading LittleWhiteMouse's Musashi review made me think about how different the gameplay is between the tiers in the game. High tiers i.e 8-10 you bowtank or angle against all guns except those IJN 460 mm mounted on Musashi and Yamato. In the lower tiers you are overmatched when being bottom tier and sometimes when being top tier. Using the formulas for penetration and the armor threshold page in the wiki I have a suggestion on increasing he base/bow/stern/deck armor for the BBs tier by tier to be able to play similar as the high tier and make armor more useful against AP and that way force BBs to alternate between AP and HE more. Suggestion as follows: Tier 3 - 22 mm (bounces 305 mm shells) Tier 4 - 22 mm (bounces 305 mm shells) Tier 5 - 25 mm (bounces 356 mm shells) Tier 6 - 27mm (bounces 381 mm shells) Tier 7 - 27 mm (bounces 381 mm shells) Tier 8 - 32 mm (bounces 457 mm shells) Tier 9 - 32 mm (bounces 457 mm shells) Tier 10 - 32 mm (bounces 457 mm shells) Using this layout the IJN would be the overpenetrating nation in the game having larger guns than any other ship on their tiers (specially with premium ships) but all tiers would be able to sufficient tank equal tier and one/two above for most of the time with a few exeptions. What do you my fellow players think about this idea for streamlining the gameplay of battleships between the tiers?
  7. affie

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    So since I aim to get the Yamato for historical reasons you would rather recommend me to take the JB over the Musashi since that has a more unique playstyles with its reload booster?
  8. affie

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Could be the wrong forum asking this but sitting at both coal and free exp which would make me able to unlock the Musashi but I don't know since she doesn't seem to get anything similar to Missouris radar, she is just a poor AA outfitted Yamato at T9 with worse dispersion. Should I maybe save the free exp buying the more accurate Yamato instead, or quickly grab her before she'll be gone maybe forever? Have had thoughts about the JB but she doesn't be more than a T8 with better reload. Like my premiums to be something I can't get in the tech tree (like Missouri and Scharnhorst).
  9. affie

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  10. Another question which arose with the presentation of the British aircraft carriers was what tiers that will remain in game send the British line only seemed to have 4, 6, 8 and 10. Will the USN and IJN lines be reduced in similar way to make room for german and french CV which can't fill full lines ith tier 4 to 10. If this is the case then which ships will be removed and which one will remain in game... I am curious since I got the Halloween camouflage for my shokaku in a Halloween container today and I don't know if I will manage to grind my way to tier 8 before a possible rework gets implemented. What countries do you think can be implemented with only 4 carriers stretching from tier 4 to tier 10?
  11. affie

    Suggestions thread

    Had a thought about secondary armaments after having a Bismarck vs Massachusetts face off. The feeling of having all guns firing away was just pure joy and the visual effect made me happy even if I lost the engagement. This made me wonder why not all ships are getting a nice range on their secondary armaments, specially the USN BBs which are equiped with same 127 mm/38 mk32 guns and then balance the secondary power with AP or HE shells (maybe even combined like 6 AP turrets and 4 HE turrets). The visual effect of having a North Carolina using its secondaries at same range as Massachusetts would be magnificent even if it was only firing AP rounds, maybe they can be like brittish AP or something so they do some damage but still worse than the secondary focused Massachusetts.
  12. One thing that I have wondered over since the beginning of this game is why we get to follow the evolution of all ship types until their peak design (Des Moines, Yamato, HMS Vanguard), but not the aircraft carriers. We are allowed to follow the carriers from their first iterations (Hosho, Langley) to the more modern designs with hurricane bow and larger hangars, but why not go all the way and give us the angled flight deck at tier 10? After all we had jet aircraft in the game at beta test and as far as I am aware of the angled deck was introduced to assist the flight control, specially with jet aircraft and many carriers were converted to feature an angled deck (as seen on picture for the Essex-class). I hoped that we would receive it when the royal navy carriers arrived since they where the first to experiment on it, but the pictures I've seen on the developers Facebook blog doesn't look promising. So lets go Wargaming, give us angled flight deck as top tiers to make the evolution go one step further for the carriers, maybe even jet aircraft can fit within the CV rework.
  13. affie

    CV Rework Discussion

    We have to wait and see how the AA will get reworked but from what I have seen I believe I am gonna like the reworked CV. More direct control of the planes, I do dislike the autopilot styled CV handling though. Why not make the CV:s able to drive and fire like other ships while in ship-mode. Their gun layouts is similar to St.Louis and it would make CV:s more versatile and having to chose between avoiding a DD and sink him with planes or guns, in flight mode all guns go silent. THis style could work for seaplane-cruisers as well. As stated before they have much balancing to do, as of now it looks like torpedo bombers gonna delete players but i 4 attacks making plenty perma flooding. I think it seems to be not to different loadouts as the types of ships in the game (and could be balanced /treated similarly): Rockets - The CV:s airborne light crusiers, large amount of shells (rockets) that lights fires by sheer amount of hits. Bombs - The CV:s airborne battleships, fewer hits than rockets but higher damage and fire chance. Be brave and let us have AP-bombers as well and increase the dispersion accordingly (as battleships 12 midway bombers = 12 montana shells sort of). Do not really like the attack animation, maybe make them have higher altitude and really DIVE down on the target where [edited]the rockets and torpedoes just reduce altitude (half way for rockets and surface mode for torpedoes) when attacking. Torpedoes - The CV:s destroyers, high damage, most easy to avoid, causes flooding. Problem in current iteration is that 4 x 3 planes makes perma flooding to simple (try 2 drops 6 + 6 similar to destroyers launchers and adjust damage and flooding). As stated, looks interesting and will try it when I get a chance, right now I can only study the few videos uploaded on YouTube. It needs refinement and balancing but seems to be a promising start where you are a part of the game mire than the RTS mode of today. Just make the CV handling more engaging than autopilot mode and I am happy.
  14. affie

    Blyska still worth?

    This is my biggest problem with her right now, the combination lack of AFT (range) and increasing amount of radar. Feels like power creep has hit her a little more than other older ships being a T7 DD (Z39 even got camo-module). The other problem I have is her gameplay that is like no other DD in-game, so she can be a bit hard to play well in if you let her stay in the port for to long. Give her frequent love and you will be rewarded, ignore her for to long and she will bite back at you when you decide to take her out.
  15. affie

    What's with the DD meta these days?

    From my point of view the problems are many, the overpopulation of RADAR is the first one. Why risk your life contesting a cap when you cant be sure the RADAR ship gets nuked even if you spot them. Second is the latest destroyers added to the game, IJN gunboats, just like when RN battleships made more players shot HE with battleships the YouTube-vids and success of IJN gunboat playstyle make more players copy that into hybrid destroyers. The third problem is the spotting mechanics, the reward for it is to small. I spot a vessel, he gets shot, or he shots himself, no matter what I get maximum 1 salvo in spotting damage since everyone can spot him after he fires. Meaning I am not earning anything for those 20 seconds he is spotted unless I proxy spot him in smoke or similar.