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  1. affie

    Radio Location, still worth it post 0.10.0?

    After some testing I myself have found it good om most DDs in my port except for Kleber and Småland.
  2. I wonder what destroyers you use the Radio Location skill on after the captain rework? Same as before or have you changed to/from it on any destroyer?
  3. affie

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    If you keep the pinging mechanic, how about making it able to follow a target as you can with normal guns??
  4. To implement this change only for destroyers feels very strange, it is better to have the same cap rate for all ships. The problem ain't the time I side the cap, the problem is destroyers suiciding to get the caps and fail hard. Some of the best battles I have had have been without anyone taking a cap for the first 10-12 minutes. The obsession of getting the caps no matter what and then die and blame the team for "no support" is the problem, not the cap mechanics. The best thing that can happen is if subs get the cap contest duty and destroyers can hang back like cruisers do and good destroyers will be able to counter the submarines. But I am afraid that the future will involve even more suicidal destroyers who doesn't adapt to the evolution of the game, just like many destroyers today still play "no CV"-gameplay even if the battles has a CV in it.
  5. affie

    Blind Fire When In Smoke

    It would help if you mentioned which ship you and he were playing since a spotter plane makes it fairly easy to aim for the muzzle flashes inside the smoke and get decent hit ratio.
  6. With the removal of free reset of captain skill points which I know many players used every CB season both to adjust builds to new META as well as adjust between 7vs7 coordinated and 12vs12 randoms. I wonder if WG have any plans on making the captain skills similar to the upgrades which cost 25 dubloons per upgrade to demount (same as 1 skill point)? The upgrades can be demounted one by one while the captain has to be reset for all points even if I just wanna change a 2 or 3 point skill and keep the rest as it is. Can you please make it easier for players to adjust the captains according to the ever-changing META by charging 25 dubloons / 10.000 elite commander experience for each point that skill cost instead of having to reset all skills you have chosen thus making re-spec of captain costly and also reducing the players incitament to try out and experiment with different builds.
  7. I finally had my nations ships added to the game and my goal is to learn how to play them after my best abilities. The other thing keeping me is my clan and the social part and laughter it gives me!
  8. affie

    great lower tiers, FUN!

    I usually ends up playing T6-7 since I have alot of decent premium ships att those tiers, partly being handed out by WG for events during the years, partly bought and partly received in containers. Warspite, Blyskawica, Scharnhorst, T-61, Nelson are just a few of the ships I enjoy playing at these tiers. I actually found these tier to be the most fun and way fewer roflstomp games than in T10, ironically enough. What makes me play the high tiers are IKEA destroyers and T9 credit makers at the moment.
  9. affie

    How would you buff the destroyers?

    This is sort of correct, with the addition of all European destroyers like Friesland, Halland & Småland to the Royal Navy ones. Seems like the breakpoint will be around 125 mm shells and since the jump is from 120 mm to 127 mm all destroyers except those mentioned above can now penetrate her side plating with ease.
  10. affie

    How would you buff the destroyers?

    I would like to add Grozovoi to that pack as the jack-of-all-trades with its gimmicks and ability to adapt to almost any situation which shows up. Why, European DDs are the best thing happening DD-wise since the CV rework made me stop playing IJN torpedoboats totally! Finally we have a line of destroyers which can bite back against the CVs, and bite back they do. But the sluggish manoeuvres, slow speed, lack of means for disengagement are a heavy price. They do just like the French have quite a high skill ceiling and require a special play style to preform at their maximum. Looking at the stats for EU server during Q1 2020 the 2 lines which seems to be most in need of a buff are the Germans and the USN where Z-52 and Gearing are the bottom preformers. Looking at these nations top scorers though (excluding steel ships), i.e T-61 and Kidd. With the T-61 having same DPM at T6 as the tech tree T8 shows us that all the German ships might need is a reload buff, both to their guns and torpedoes and they will start climb the scoreboard. The Kidd on the other hand is having access to a heal, this might just be what will make a Gearing competitive, maybe even comparable with the Daring. The question is how much the heals will buff it, maybe a slight increase in HP will do the trick?
  11. affie

    Z52 needs some love

    I totally agree, WHAT we need is the experimental Z-51 as a T9 freemium which during testing can try some general improvements for the German destroyers.
  12. After some discussion with @_Teob_ in another thread where we came to the conclusion that Daring and Kleber are the current yardstick of the T10 destroyers. I wonder how would you guys buff the rest to match these two, smoke, heal, rate of fire in wither guns or torpedoes? The first thing I would like to do is reverse the nerfs to the Pan-Asian destroyers and make them "USN with deep water torpedoes & RADAR". My second choice would be to make all dual purpose guns have 360 degrees rotation, if Nürnberg can have it so can a destroyer. As for the specific destroyers I would like to hear your wishes, what buff for which destroyer to make it a competitor to Daring for top spot of T10 DDs?
  13. affie

    Z52 needs some love

    I like the thought of that, how the Daring and Kleber is the new yardstick and all other shall be buffed to their level of influence. Question is what changes should be applied to the other DDs to bring them up to the same level.
  14. affie

    Z52 needs some love

    I agree but it would make them quite opportunistic being able to damage most ships but not be on top DPM-wise. Since you can build them as quite decent torpedo destroyers with faster relaod than the IKEA ships while having more damage per torpedo but shorter range and only 70 kts. I would welcome a penetration buff and from my point of view the Daring still needs some more nerfs, specially if you compare it to the nerfs Kleber got.
  15. affie

    0.9.3 - General Feedback

    I just outfitted my Småland with the Three Crowns camouflage and found that the aft coat of arms seems to be placed to high so it cuts into the aft of the ship. As you can see on this picture the back of the lions and rear legs sinks into the stern of the ship, I hope this is a bug you can fix cause it looks very amateurish. Here is a comparison with how smooth it looks on the Halland.