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  1. I have gotten 830 tokens in 25 containers, this puts me at an avarage of 33.2 tokens per container so far. If this continues and I manage to secure the remaining 7 (directives) + 4 (Twitch mission) I will land on a total of 990 tokens, and won't be able to get the T7. It feels sad when I actually care about these destroyers...
  2. With the introduction of European destroyers I found it interesting and sad that WG whose to put the fictional Västerås in the game instead of using the real Göteborg at T5 while buffing the Visby (also known as modified-Göteborg-class) to T6, the biggest historical flaw I see is the line going back to a rounded stern after the Visby´s transom one, which was the natural evolution of many ships due to increased buoyancy at the same length. A second flaw is the unhistorical increase of gun barrels in combination with unhistorical slow rate of fire, all Swedish destroyers from 1924 to 1943 had 3 pcs single mounted Bofors 12 cm M1924 guns in either A, B or C version and a rate of fire of 10 shots per minute. So here is my take on a historical HSwMW Göteborg as a T5 premium. Length: 94.6 m (3.4 m less than Visby) Width: 9.0 m (same as Visby) Displacement: 1185 t (136 t less than Visby) Engine: 32.000 hp Speed: 39 kts Guns: 3 x 1 pcs 12 cm M1924B with a rate of fire of 10 shots/minute Torpedoes: 2 x 3 pcs 53.3 cm torpedo tubes AA: 6 x 25 mm lvkan M/32 (same as Romulus) So the in game ship would need something like the following parameters and as comparison I will use a table having the T4 & T5 next to it: Ship Klas Horn Göteborg Visby HP Speed Concealment 8.000 37. kts 6.62 km 8.600 39 kts 6.62 km 9.600 39 kts 6.62 km Guns Reload time Range Tot Shells/Min 4 pcs 7.5 s 9.47 km 32 pcs 3 pcs 6.0 s 9.50 km 30 pcs 5 pcs 7.5 s 9.52 km 40 pcs Torpedoes Reload time Range Speed Damage 2 x 3 pcs 55 s 8.01 km 60 kts 6.200 2 x 3 pcs 59 s 10.0 km 65 kts 7.533 2 x 3 pcs 55 s 8.01 km 60 kts 6.200 AA Range AA DPS 3.5 km 38.5 2.0 km 14.0 3.5 km 66.5 This way the Göteborg will have the gun power of the T4 Klas Horn, torpedo power of the T6 Västerås and AA power of T3 Romulus, and to differ it from the tech tree counterpart it will get the Småland speed boost and lose the Repair Party consumable (just like Klas Horn), if the latter makes it to squishy maybe a smoke screen can be added to compensate for the lack of AA in the CV infested meta at T4. As for camouflage I suggest the historical one with the "peace-stripes" fore and aft seen above, it is just like the current Three Crowns one you can acquire for pre-release European missions but without the large Three Crowns mark on the bow and stern.
  3. affie

    Småland- 2Million XP?

    2 mil FXP is at the same price tag as the Colbert and Ohio with the difference that you can regrind normal ships for those two and that it will take at least half a year to get those if you use the double RP gain once a quarter, otherwise they will cost more than 2 mil FXP. As a Swede spending 2 mil FXP on Småland was a no-brainer, she is the only museum ship I have visited and I have fond memories with my grandfather from that visit. For the game play I would say she is a more flexible but less forgiving Friesland and she has a very high skill floor as well as skill ceiling trading smoke, def AA and hydro for radar, speed boost, heal and torpedoes. But I enjoy taking her out for a spin and feel like I can contribute in every single game even if I sometimes overextend and get focused down quite hard. My recommendation for FXP ships would be in the following order if you are open to spend at least 1 mil FXP: 1. Alaska 2. Friesland 3. Småland 4. Nelson 5. Azuma (only one I don´t have, hence the last position in my list)
  4. affie

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    I can agree with you that the fact I managed to land 16 torpedoes is good, but to be fair I had first 4 torpedoes hit a Queen Elisabeth for 19K, then I ambushed a New Mexico and managed to land 6 torpedoes for just under 30K damage, and then I hit a Nicholas with a torpedo for 5K something, so the average torpedo damage vs these different targets where 5K per torpedo, and I could have done the same (or even more) torpedo hits with the Minekaze (since Kamikaze R was unfair for comparison). My point is that the reload time of the torpedoes just feels so long compared to the damage they do, so I wouldn´t mind having the test server torpedoes with 7.5K damage instead of the 6.2 it has now, or I would like to have shorter reload time (45-50 s) to make the torpedo DPM a little bit better, this is supposed to be the "low damage torpedo spamming" line as I have understood it. Guess I will have to try it out a little bit more and see if I can make it work, actually had better battles when I took my Friesland captain instead of my 10 point Visby one, so it scales quite well with captain skills.
  5. affie

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    Just played a game alongside a pal in his Kamikaze R and I did 60K with 16 torpedoes having reload time of 55s, he did 68K with 7 torpedoes having 42 s reload time?! If this is supposed to be the spammy torpedo line, at least make us have either damage OR reload time on our fishes WG....
  6. affie

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    Got Visby yesterday and while I am a fairly competent Kamikaze and Blyskawica player and I found the Visby being abysmal on release. It seems to be worse in all points than its peer, guns are slow turning, slow reloading, torpedoes have long reload, concealment is just a joke compared to most T5 ships. Can someone tell me how to make this piece of ship work properly, torpbuild, gunbuild?
  7. If carpet bombs are the easy, way, how come Royal Navy CVs doesn't stick out in the scoreboards more? I have both Midway and Audacious and know what you mean, I gladly drop any DD with HE bombs but the RNG and drop time off bombs will give you more chance to avoid being hit as a DD player. For me the CV balance is broken at low tiers where AA is non existant but at higher tier I think they are beter balanced. Another fact is the 2-3 CV games at T3-5 which are stupid by itself, specially since they don't allow CV to division up. That's WG saying CV is to strong if coordinated together, but here, have 3 random players clubbing seals as much as they want.
  8. I watched NoZoupForYou's video on YouTube regarding the CV interaction and it got me thinking. I know I myself avoid playing T5 destroyers even if Kamikaze R is my most played ship since she was my first premium and main source of income (yes I became a sealclubber). Having 2-3 CVs per team at tiers where AA is almost non existant is a joke and very bad. If I avoid it being an experienced player, how do the new players feel and what is their will to continue playing a class where you get shredded every other game. I replied to post on reddit and while writing a question popped up and the question was: If rockets are the bane of the DD, why not replace them with multiple bombs? It is not like Hermes is the best T4 CV with her carpet HE bombs. What if CVs had 3 types of planes like now but the choices are, torpedoes, AP bombs and HE bombs. This would make the interaction between CV and DD become more skillbased and maybe it could make way for future CV lines and an accepted rework.
  9. What is missing in your list is ironically other Scandinavian countries destroyers. Norway: Draug class (Norwegian design) Sleipner class (Norwegian design) Stord class (British S class) Oslo class (British CR class) Ålesund class (Norwegian design) Out of the original designs we have low tier material as it looks, Draug would be a T2 (similar to USS Smith), Sleipner would fit at T2-3 (similar to HMAS Vampire), Ålesund could fit at T4-5 (similar to Klas Horn / Visby). Depending on how WG sees it the Slepiner class where used by Germany under multiple names, like Löwe (former Geller) and Ålesund herself where launched as ZN4 (Zerstören Norwegen) and they implement them under either German or Pan-EU flag. Denmark: Dragen class (Danish design) Glenten class (Danish design) Huitfeldt class (Danish design) Also low tier material, with maim armaments of 75 to 105 mm limited to two single mounts we are looking at T2-3 at most. As far as I have understood it the T6 Västerås is supposed to be a Swedish tender to the Polish navy for what later became the Gorm class (Blyskawica). So if WG wanted to I could see them replace Remulus with Huitfeldt, Klas Horn with Ålesund and rename Västerås with some Polish name and still keep the intended playstyle of the line while reducing the player base's feeling of IKEA ships.
  10. And our prayers have been heard obviously since the new Pan-Europeans first release seems to be a destroyer line made by Swedish ships from T3 to T10 with a premium/reward T10 in the shape of Småland with her 5 + 3 torpedo launchers! For more information I suggest you read the Developers Blog on the dolowing link: https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-european-destroyers-6375735d7bee
  11. affie

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    Actually a bit disappointed on the released ST stats, while I am in favour for the Super Light Cruiser with radar and no smoke I would expect them to play similar to our 2 premium ships. We have Blyskavica and Friesland, two ships whom rely on their guns and potential damage over time by fires and instead we get an strange line of ships with crazy torpedoes, questionable guns, bad detection and sun-standard dakka. My suggestion would be to use the premium ships as the guideline for tweaks, Halland/Småland has the same guns as Friesland so similar characteristics/RoF/fire chance is expected. And by the looks of it the T4-6 will have Blyskavica type of twinturrets (unhistorical but needed for balance) with the T7-9 guns somewhere in between Blyskavica and Friesland. So how about giving these ships above average detection (abt 6.4 km with skills/upgrades), heal, radar (25 s), speed boost (+15%) and the guns they deserve and that we love from our premium ships. Then balance the torpedoes after this and for the Tier 10 ships Halland and Småland I suggest swap the radar for German style hydro or British style smoke to make it a side grade like Des Moines vs Salem or Conqueror vs Thunderer and leave the concealment and other stats more or less the same and sell Småland for coal as the first T10 destroyer for that currency. Edit: And don't forget that the Swedish high tier ships had the same AA mounts as the Friesland so the base AA capability should be at least equal to their Dutch cousin but without any Defensive AA consumable.
  12. affie

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I haven't played subs yet but watched a few videos and like the changes from test 1 to test 2 I do however have some suggestions. Why doesn't the second "citadel" ping give increased or guaranteed flooding chance? It could be something to balance with damage vs DoT. The second thing I, noticed was that the PING didn't seem to track the chosen target as torpedoes or guns do, is this by purpose or shall the ping follow the gun formula, i.e lock on, get a distance and time to target and then aim in front of the target you track, or be more like the blind drops from planes where you don't lock on to the target at all?
  13. affie

    Armory "Upgrades"

    Yes and the same applies when deciding whether to use legendary upgrades or not at T10.
  14. affie

    Armory "Upgrades"

    I guess that smoke screen will come in handy for the new Italian cruisers. I have only used the extended radar (Des Moines, Alaska) and hydro (Z-52), guess I will get a radar for my Donskoi and a speed for my Grozovoi and French as soon as I reach the T9.
  15. affie

    Armory "Upgrades"

    I will try to answer your questions one by one. 1. You buy one upgrade you can mount on one ship, just like you mount and dismount Main Armaments Mod. 1 on a single ship, i.e you must buy 3 pcs if you want to have it on 3 different ships. 2. It is permanent, when it is mounted it is a part of the ship, just like any other upgrade you put on for improved rudder, aim, concealment etc. 3. I think you mix up upgrades and consumables right now. What the special upgrade does is that you will have to chose between it and something else. Let's say you want the increased RADAR upgrade, it will fit in the same slot (no.2) as Damage Control Mod. 1, Propulsion Mod. 1, Streering Gear Mod. 1 meaning you wont be able to pick any of those to mount your RADAR upgrade. I hope I managed to answer your questions, just ask again if something is unclear.