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  1. I just got my Amagi and noticed that the repair cost is over 100k credits which atm is to high since people can't go premium or buy piasters to then cope with the high tier service costs. Please can these be lower'd for CBT as it will take forever otherwise to get higher tiers to test out due to this.
  2. stelun12

    Smoke Screen Bug

    Ye , but it was just me and him left, so I don't understand who else was spotting him. Also my secondary batteries were not firing. He was in the smoke and I was just outside the area of effect.
  3. stelun12

    Smoke Screen Bug

    So I was in a match earlier today in my Nagato where I found myself getting into close combat with a another Nagato and a DD, the DD put down a smoke screen on the Nagato and while I killed the dd I couldn't see the Nagato firing back at me with his secondary batteries, he just sat in the smoke letting his AI guns tear me apart while i tried to figure out where he was in the smoke. Secondary batteries being fired should also make the ship visible like firing your main guns otherwise this could be exploited. Regards Stelun
  4. stelun12

    Nagato Underpowered!

    So I recently got my Nagato, and was jumping for joy until a few matches after when i realized how weak it is compared to the Fuso. First off i seem to be doing similar damage with the 16inch guns that I was doing with the 14inch on the Fuso and secondly apart from it having two less batteries it's slower, less maneuverable and the guns take forever to rotate. Maybe it's just me but it seems rather weak to me. What do fellow Nagato players feel like, underpowered or just right? Regards Stelun
  5. Its very frustrating as a BB player to have the targets you're trying to fire at, at long range lag across the water. As I am in a BB I want to use my range to my advantage but with targets at around 20km or further away, there seems to be a lag/out of sync, or something which means its very hard to judge when firing at them. I have a GTX 970 so i have plenty of VRAM, I thought it was maybe driver problem but apparently a lot of people are having this problem so I thought i Would make a thread about it. Regards Stelun