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  1. Coldei

    Gift Containers a joke!

    Don't buy the crap. You just end up getting some flags and regret you didn't just buy the ship you wanted for less.
  2. Coldei

    Exchanging elite ships xp for in-game goods

    I think commemorative flags would be the best way. It would not affect gameplay at all, and it would be really nice with some unique and hard-to-get flags for the most hardcore players. It's a simple, effective and cheap way to create some kind of "end-game content".
  3. This is almost insulting! This ship is of no importance from a historic point of view, yet you insist of keeping your policy of bundling like crazy instead of putting ships in the regular tech trees! And i'm not stupid, I know why you do it. Because you have already sold craploads of inflated bundles for such a long time, people have so many doubloons stacked you would not make a lot of money. Doesn't make it any more pathetic from a customer point of view and you know what, happy customers might be something you should strive for. I sincerely hope you sell ZERO Mikhail Crapuzovs' so you start considering reversing the customer-hostile new business model of yours. Regards, A former paying customer
  4. I certainly agree, it's a bad ship. The last "improvement" with new torpedoes did not fix it at all.
  5. Excellent points Syrchalis! It will probably not change anything around here (what does?) but I found it interesting! I've also stopped giving WG my money, as they don't deserve it anymore. I used to happily buy premium tanks and always played with premium time. Those days are over for now, until things change around here. The main reasons for my boycott are the bundles and the WG-decision not to unify the accounts. It's a shame, because I would like to spend money on this game, but there's only so much one can take.
  6. Coldei

    Troll platoons needs to stop!

    Haha Ducat I know this was far from the worst once, but this battle was just one to much so that's why I posted it!
  7. Coldei

    Troll platoons needs to stop!

    Hi everyone! Once again I find myself in a battle where some [edited]entered as a troll platoon, meaning that my team were basically one-two good-enough ships short compared to the enemy. We lost as you can imagine. This must be the easiest thing in the world to fix? To big a tier difference and you can not enter a battle. Working as intended?
  8. Coldei

    Lots of events for October!

    Ph3lan you should maybe try and listen to what MrFingers in a constructive and polite manner is trying to tell you instead of accusing him of being on a vendetta against WGEU (which would not be that weird considering how WGEU is handled). Furthermore, don't you find it a bit over the line to tell the playerbase to do your job? Shape up!
  9. And the nation is.... POLAND! Polish destroyers will be implemented according to thearmoredpatrol. The polish flags are in the game files already. Interesting choice of nation to add to the game. Stronk bizznizz decision! Link to source: http://thearmoredpatrol.com/2015/09/21/time-to-leak-polish-destroyers-coming-to-wows/ For information about this HUGE navy and their many destroyers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:World_War_II_destroyers_of_Poland
  10. Coldei

    ...and draw again

    Hi everyone. I think the games are a bit short. I just played in my Nagato, and before I even manage to reach the enemy cap while going full speed on one side, the game timer runs out. The game was still a 5 vs 3, so it was both tense and fun. It's a really boring way of ending games. The answer can't really be to just push thru the middle to reach the cap circle in time, which by the way would get me torpedoed in 2 minutes. Thanks in advance, Coldei
  11. Coldei

    New patch (86,53 mb)

    Hey It looks like we got two patches in one day. What does the latest one (86,53mb) fix? Thanks!
  12. It looks like we wont get the 15% discount on the package, as the special 15% discount ends the same minute the package is available.