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  1. Scryptar

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    disconnected just now, while ingame
  2. v5.0.3.8 (30-10-2015): - added Skins mix compiled by Scryptar
  3. Scryptar


    ahoi Guille, could you edit your first post and put in spoiler tags for all your skins (like tanz for example http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/22352-tanzs-shipyard), that would make finding and comparing stuff much easier (especially if you don't speak the language)
  4. Scryptar

    Phantoms and Witches

    really? seriously? https://www.google.ie/search?q=cet+to+gmt how did you find your way into the forum? ^^
  5. Scryptar

    Phantoms and Witches

    Somebody called my name? I'd drive those ships full-time, no issue...
  6. Scryptar

    Matchmaking not working

    same here, as described in first post
  7. Scryptar

    [MOD] Contour Icons v4.1 (WoWs v0.4.0.3)

    ship Ryujo has Zuiho icon, if that's the one you mean
  8. Scryptar

    [MOD] Contour Icons v4.1 (WoWs v0.4.0.3)

    either aslain's mod pack does not have the latest version or your icons have Montana and Iowa swapped. Iowa is appearing for Montana class ship and vice versa
  9. Scryptar

    [MOD] Contour Icons v4.1 (WoWs v0.4.0.3)

    0.3.1 - looks like you got some more fun work to do :-)
  10. so let's give this a try ^^
  11. Scryptar

    Nappelcommanders Skinbastelbude

    Den hatte ich sogar ne Weile benutzt... was hier fehlt sind Schiff Skins im alten "bösen" Headnut Stil. vielleicht kriegt sowas ja mal jemand hin
  12. Scryptar

    [MOD] Contour Icons v4.1 (WoWs v0.4.0.3)

    Don't know what happened here but the Gremyashchy in the latest version is using a Cruiser-colored icon (yellow/gold instead of blue). anyway keep up the good work, still think these are the best icons out there currently
  13. Scryptar


    Awesome! now we just need that for the 1944 hull
  14. Scryptar


    is it just me or am i seeing the guns twice but no link for the hull? and let me just say thanks for the awesome skins. most stuff you get here is anime/manga type stuff and these here just look bad a$$!