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  1. BombsAway

    Fara on carrier rework

    Is right-click scrolling broken in this patch? I can no longer scroll the map by holding right mouse button, the mouse down event immediately clears the selected units and no scroll. As if I needed any more reason not to play.
  2. BombsAway

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    Good job admitting you're creatively bankrupt, WG.*edited*
  3. BombsAway

    Anyone else been insutled by WOWS yet?

    As someone who was dealing with a freezing computer last week, I know for a fact IT IS. I started two battles, right at the start of which the PC froze and I had to reboot. Because I didn't rejoin the battle twice (too busy dealing with, you know, HARDWARE FAILURE) I turned pink after the first one and then got put in limited mode (orange/red/whatever that color is) after the second. Two battles. Two freezes. Immediately restricted to co-op battles only. No I don't AFK or leave battles early. There needs to be some level of tolerance here; if it happens once or twice over hundreds of battles MAYBE IT'S NOT THE PLAYER'S FAULT. It's far too sensitive, just like the team "kill" detector which now seems to go off as soon as you even scratch a team mate's paint. I've had a friendly DD get way too close to my Minotaur, twice, trying very clumsily to give me smoke, and I ended up clipping him maybe in 2 or 3 salvos while zoomed in and immediately turned pink. That's ridiculous. I don't have replays enabled or I'd upload it.
  4. BombsAway

    What are you going to do about karma?

    Other numbers give me allergies, so I have to make sure to shitpost in chat to get -1s until it's zero again. What can I say, I just like round numbers.
  5. BombsAway

    French Containers and BB missions

    Did you get a credit compensation for it or nothing at all?
  6. BombsAway and USA AP bombs

  7. BombsAway

    Mogami AP is un usable??

    A broken clock is right twice a day too, doesn't mean it's any good.
  8. BombsAway

    Mogami AP is un usable??

    IJN AP is garbage compared to everyone else's. Spam fires (and some torpedos), that's all the line is good for these days.
  9. BombsAway

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    I've noticed a steady climb in VRAM usage the longer the client is open, eventually it reaches ~98% and GPU goes down to 30-40% with like 25 fps... And switching in and out of "sniper" mode stalls the game so hard it eventually starts cutting out the background music for a split second. This has absolutely nothing to do with drivers, some probably mitigate the issue but it's there. WG screwed the pooch, again.
  10. BombsAway

    Halloween Skin Purchasing

    It's all cartoons you cringefest.
  11. Yes, a Tirpitz and a Missouri. Games are meant to be played, not rushed through. This is entertainment, not a second job. No, most of them are garbage. No, you have a chance at getting that stuff. If the RNG decides the screw you, you are out 89€ for nothing of worth. That is the point. Random loot boxes are a cancer festering in F2P and need to die. If they wanted to sell the camos individually or in packs I might even buy them. But the way they've gone about it is not a trade, it is gambling. Only fools gamble. All I care about with premium ships is credit generation, and the two big ones I have are more than sufficient to even cover tier 10 service costs, so why on earth would I buy more of them? The game doesn't become more fun just because you throw more money at it. Good business for whom? WG, not the player. It is not a trade, it is gambling, the house always wins. "Hey, you want this carrot? For 89€ I might let you have it." A fool and their money are soon parted. You understand that when WG inevitably kicks the bucket all of that will be gone, yes? You're not buying assets, you're buying rows in a database. I'm a harsh realist, which to idealists and fools alike always sounds negative. And I hate the unscrupulous with every fiber of my being.
  12. 89€ for a "decent chance" at getting a bunch of cosmetics is simply outrageous. Why do you people keep feeding this abhorrent practice? If I have a bunch of buckets filled with either gold, beard shavings, sawdust, a message saying "you tried", or just plain sh/t from my toilet, and was selling them for 89€ a pop, without even telling you what the chances are, would you really buy one? Because that's what you're doing here. And in that case, I have a bucket filled with bridges to sell you...
  13. You could've just had a fun event, but no, you couldn't resist making it into another blatant cash grab. Keep your lame, god damned loot boxes, I will never pay even a cent for what amounts to a %#&!ing DICE ROLL. Keep milking them cash cows. Clearly you don't give a crap about the game's longevity.
  14. So, first match, 4 stars, result: - 1500000 credits - 15x Storm Wind - 75x India Delta - 75x Sierra Mike Second match, 3 stars (because LOL let's ignore the rasputin and gorgon): Nothing. So it's not repeatable and the unique rewards are effectively only for $$$. Yeah, I'm out of here. F that.