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  1. MajmunPcela

    Win streaks. What's your best?

    Dont know about winning streaks but for some reason my kongo grind gave me lovely 21% winrate in 19 games. Thanks for ebola wg
  2. MajmunPcela

    Izumo and Yamato 9.8km Secondary fire range

    Not realy all that useful buff as far as im consurned. At that range secondaries are to inacurate to be used as a deterent for pretty much anything. The armour on izumo is still made out of crakers and at ranges of 15+ you are lucky if you get 1-2 hits of your salvoes. And the the old designe flaw is still there,as an angling ship you actualy have to show a lot more of your broadside to be able to shoot with your last turret and since you have no armor..you get the idea
  3. MajmunPcela

    What is the most crucial ship class in your opinion?

    The draw punishes both teams,problem is it majority of situations one team was clearly better then the other. Just making it that team with more ships remaining wins should reduce the number of draws to 1-2%. As for the class il have to go with CAs,they dont do anything really good but their vercitilty just makes them essential,and it feels, the most skill dependent
  4. MajmunPcela

    Do Torp Bombers Launch a Bit Too Close?

    He didnt call you an arse Thers is few,to put it lightly, bad mannered people. But dont leth it get to you. The issue has been recognized by WG and will be tackled in future patches. Heres a +1,just to keep your spirits up
  5. MajmunPcela

    I can't find words to describe how much this needs fixing

    I was in a game with sarana (not sure how its spelled) an hour ago. She/he was in a t10 CV and just devastated enemy montana in the first 3 miuntes of the game,leaving him on 16-17k hp after one run and allowing me and enother ship to finish him of in like one salvo each so yeah,sometimes it goes this way and sometimes it goes that way
  6. MajmunPcela

    I can't find words to describe how much this needs fixing

    Someone on the forum already formulated it this way but i just love how witty it is :"WG can hear the bells but dont know from what church the sound is coming:" (or something like that). The CV nerf nerfs the wrong thing i feel,the buff on the secundares protect the izumo and yamato against wrong things. Though i like the ap buff,its painfully needed I just included it for the official WG statement that, yes,CVs oneshot things
  7. MajmunPcela

    I can't find words to describe how much this needs fixing

    Well i never implied having any experience with playing CVs or sad im mistake (gluten) free, and also never called for any actual nerfs, just a change in mechanic of manual drop as it just levees no chance of avoidance. And i can agree with people saying low tier CVs are not that dangerous as i only found this problem to be alarming from about t7 and up. Sizes and turn rates dramaticlly increases on Izumo,iowa,montana and yamato and actualy making ships longer then the torp spread guaranteeing that you will "catch them all" if the drop is conduced by the book. Comparatively by wot standards we are all scrubs so the scrub argument just shows the lack of respect for the other side and is in bad taste. The game is still in beta and we as players are so far from any meaningless meta game as we are from agreeing on this subject but antagonizing each other just pushes everyone away in to the extreme niches making any discussion impossible.
  8. MajmunPcela

    I can't find words to describe how much this needs fixing

    +1 the "only 2 games" argument is pretty cheep way to discredit someone and is getting stale actually. After almost 700 games you start to see some patterns,know when you can and cant do something,and in this particular case, i personally fell generally powerless if a CV player decide to "have a word" with me. And something else i noticed is that some people here actually have more forum battles then actual games played witch is an amount of pretentiousness that i just cant comprehend but i guess to each its own. And yeah.. http://blog.worldofwarships.eu/patch-notes-0-3-1-4-explained-with-danny-volkov/
  9. MajmunPcela

    I can't find words to describe how much this needs fixing

    I personally really like the WGs philosophy of game design and WOT is the first and pretty much only online game i realy got invested in. The whole concept of asymmetrical gameplay where every enemy requires different approach is what made me stay for 4 years playing what is pretty much a 15v15 team deathmach and is something that will make this game great aswell. The thing about WG is they do things right but it takes them a loth of time. KV in t5 was a plague of the battlefield balanced only by the presence of other KVs, the foch 155, hellcat once and waffle and deathstar now are just examples of constant tweaking that's going on but the thing is,the players saw this way before the staff did,sometimes years before the actions were taken. Thats why feedback is useful,becose we can employ experience we have with earlier titles and see some things from a different perspective. And im kind of sad this topic derailed in to meaningless flame war as it started actually decently (excluding some cases of immature nonsense from some people) and few actually useful ideas on how to tackle this issue has surfaced.
  10. MajmunPcela

    So... Izumo. How do I use her?

    i guess there is no escaping from the maybe and possibly when this is the subject matter But (i dont know how long you are playing wot) if you remember aim mechanic in wot was a lot more rngesy couple of years ago until they revamped it and made all tanks (almost) fully accurate if the aim circle is completely aimed. Im sure the same thing has to happen here sooner or later becose armor mechanic,as of moment, doesn't allow skill play. Rng doesnt allow shooting weakspots (though its not like we know where they are) and the armor overall just divides ships in to the ones that shoot ap at you and the ones that shoot he.
  11. MajmunPcela

    I can't find words to describe how much this needs fixing

    If wg could do its job without us im sure they would,it probably much cheaper not running servers then running them. While the statistic can give you huge amount of info for some other things you must turn to player feedback. Things like the overall feel of the game and fun factor. That is why we are here,doing our part of the job.
  12. MajmunPcela

    I can't find words to describe how much this needs fixing

    At low tiers the ships turns faster,target prioritization is different for cvs,they have less squads that are not as agile. At higher tiers ships are much longer.they turn slower and,on the other hand,cvs have more squads,that are faster and more agile and the players get much more profisent so they make no errors most of the time.
  13. MajmunPcela

    So... Izumo. How do I use her?

    There is definitly a thing with penetration and armor thats making it rally hard to tell anything with any certainty. I bounced many shoots from iowa and other high tier BBs from a normal angle in izumo but i was also penetrated by CAs from time to time so i cant realy say anything for sure. But my 203 guns on new orleans are regularly bouncing of the cleavlend from piont blank so..general confusion
  14. MajmunPcela

    I can't find words to describe how much this needs fixing

    Thats probably the main reason why i started this tread. I have seen many like this one,posted by people with 0-10 posts,expressing concern about something, and just getting gang-banged and ridiculed by a small but zealous community of like minded individuals. Take it easy people,the forum is for everyone,its made for debate.
  15. MajmunPcela

    I can't find words to describe how much this needs fixing

    I wosnt suggesting that being implemented here. It was just a comparison becose a lot of people are making similar analogies about artys and CVs All good,il remember it better this way,been a while since i written anything in English and the rust is showing The thing is,these days its realy hard to be a good BB player. CV performance is more skill based and BB performance is generally influenced the most by positioning and rng. Edit: The reason we dont know the BB elite is probably there is none to be known,once you learn to aim reasonably good and stop rushing to your death the rest of the match turns in a lottery,there is no consistency to a play