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  1. twibs

    Trigger for your daily bonus for a "good" win?

    The current method saves me some nerves since now I don't have the option to withhold the multiplier on my Myogi even if I get a bad win. Don't have to play it as much in one day.
  2. twibs

    [BUG] Dying with no apparent cause

    Should have taken screen shot. Could be easier to identify.
  3. twibs

    Easy fix to the Broken aspect of carriers.

    I think bit of dispersion to torpedo drops would do good to CVs. I think my stats on CV are far above of other ships and that just tells me there's something amiss here.
  4. Lemmingtrains actually work quite a lot better here than in WoT. Here it takes time to kill ships and concentrated force can obliterate opposition quite fast, being still able to apply force elsewhere. Though there are those moments when you get flanked and lose your CV. It's... different here. Play up to T5 and see for yourself.
  5. 3 is way better and quite consistent amount compared to the 0-2 hits on auto targeting.
  6. During the loading screen of the match you can mouse over the enemy ships to learn their AA capabilities. Really handy to learn whether a BB had upgraded his hull or not (usually meaning vast difference in AA power)
  7. twibs

    Why does everyone bum the cleveland?

    It has decent armor (if you know how to use it), insane rof (around 6sec reload) and AA that you can almost be safe from enemy CVs. The firing arc nerf brought it from the OMG-OP down to VeryGood range of OPisness. With the firing training captain skills you can about launch your third salvo at max range when you first is hitting. And if you alternate between the front and back turrets it's pretty much a constant rain of shells. The trick though is to know when to use AP (mainly IJN CA and Phoenix/omaha). You certainly want to be in rather close-range engagement (might suggest the rudder speed upgrade) or long-range where you can pummel enemy BB's
  8. Are you using manual drop or automatic drop on your DBs? Since anything else than DD you should use the manual drop. way better accuracy.
  9. twibs

    Torpedos launched from outside the map boundry?

    While you can't set the point of attack outside the border you can set the angle of attack outside the border. I see no harm in that, esp with the current BorderGlitching meta. How does it differ from normal torpedo attack? I mean he could've set the attack even before you went near the border so why deny him the angle that happens to be outside the borders?
  10. Yup, you're pretty much spot on. Also if you keep the stock flight mod on Bogue, you save about 10k XP in not having to research the flight mods or the DB upgrade. But DBs are far from bad, just learn to do manual drops on DBs too, it's highly important. Though I still use auto drop on DDs cause they can turn too fast. Independence, againt stock flight mod. Fighters are kind the US thing, so no point giving those up and you just need those TB to do damage. Currently at Ranger myself, will start out with stock and will have to see how it goes. Might consider the air superiority if I find that I get sunk too much by enemy CVs (which has almost never happened so far)
  11. twibs

    Captain Skills on the USS BB's

    I, on the other hand, am starting to lose the count on such situations where I have used the last DCP. Both are good, I would'nt dismiss Superintendent as useless.
  12. twibs

    Advanced Firing Training for US DDs

    I think last stand is pretty mandatory for DD. Even though US DD's are the only DDs that could benefit from adv. firing, I'm still not sure the range and AA power justify taking it.
  13. I think what we have here is a really bad case of "L2P" Most common symptoms of this disease are: -BB driver -has trouble with torpedoes -general lack of understanding game mechanics. If you feel like this could be you, please consult the closest youtube video for "new players guide for wows". Thank you.
  14. twibs

    Speed up the Grind?

    Excuse me, you want to "top off every line"? Lol, that's like starting a new MMO and wanting max level character of each class. Ya, it takes time, lot's of it. What I would suggest is stop worrying about progression and start playing just for fun and when you feel like it. If you take it as just a grind, then you will get bored. I'm progressing 3-4 lines, at tier 5-6 in all and in times I'll reach T10. I'll save those for clanwars and start playing new ships.
  15. twibs


    We got quite few pleas for torpedo nerfs. It just shows your lack of efforts at researching the matter before you come here and post about torpedo nerf. Did I mention that we a lot of (noobs/newbs) coming here to ask for torpedo nerfs.