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  1. @Ctan_Overlord I always try to play the objective and usually works like this: I pick a side, i head for the cap circle (i'm talking about domination), then 1-2 enemy DD starts capping before i get there while covered in smoke so i launch my scout and i start maneuvering because i expect torpedoes to pop out of the smoke at any time (usually i go towards them at 10-20 degrees untill 5km then i do an U turn in the opposite direction and head away from them untill 7-8 km) and i engage the other enemy players untill the DD's get spotted, sometimes we manage to kill him, sometimes he escapes and run away, then once it's clear i head for the cap circle but by the time i manage to cap back the enemy already has the other bases and is already at 600 points, then i try to get another base but by the time i do that they are already at 900 points and is just a matter of time untill we lose In that battle i managed to kill both DD's that tried to cap and we managed to cap back but there were 2 BB and 1 CA in the middle cap so i couldn't get it and the other one was to far away so instead i killed a few more enemies to try and lower their points @Jexter i don't like CV and DD, i mostly play with BB and CA and i actually find it easier to win with CA because it's much easier to cap with especially between the islands, with an BB is much more dangerous to get there @Nemesid i quit WoT 3 yers ago for similar reasons i reached a point where i had all the tanks that i wanted and i was only playing to get my daily double and i was losing ~5 battles in a row with each tank untill i had enough and decided to stop playing and probably once i get Montana i'll stop playing this game too untill something new gets added @YukiEiriKun what is 42 ? @Ducat1st0 actually they both count just as much, work without reward isn't fun. I play for fun and xp and when i lose i don't have any fun and i get less xp. If the xp was the same for both winning and losing team i wouldn't care @OnboardG1 yes i am contesting cap with DD as much as i can especially when i am in CA but i'll never throw my ship away just to cap i prefer to stay alive and do more damage than die and achive nothing (and sometimes it works, they can't win if they are all dead right ?) , if i see smoke in the cap circle and the enemy is caping i won't get closer then 5km because i don't want to get torped. Maybe that's the problem i try to be as good as possible thinking that is enough when all i actually have to do is suiciding in order to cap. I only have this problem in domination, in the other game modes it's much more easy to win @Aldramelech Alpha Beta Release i don't care, losing streaks are still frustrating especially when you try to get the bloody xp for the next ship
  2. I keep losing while beeing at the top of my team and i'm starting to get tierd of it.
  3. silviu609

    MOD [0.3.1] Crosshair Project Dolphin + OTM (17.05.2015)

    I think thats the most usefull crosshair mod i've ever seen especially the V3 wich i'm using, i like that the circle is flattened out so it really helps with aiming at targets that go at an angle. Keep up the good work and i hope you keep updating this mod to future versions
  4. silviu609

    Modern weapon systems

    very interesting post
  5. silviu609

    WWII Fleets Profiles

    they could use these as in game ship icons
  6. silviu609

    WWII Floating Gun platform

    nice video
  7. silviu609

    Pre-RADAR Ships Camouflage

    floating trees, seems legit
  8. silviu609

    Russian Flying Submarine

    interesting but it looks too heavy to fly