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  1. Iso_Yamamoto

    ARP commanders & lack of stat points

    They should had come with 3points atleast, from all the effort it took to get them! so i Agree, you got my vote
  2. Iso_Yamamoto

    Patchnotes for

    Do a Fleet of Des Moines vs Zao, and you will see how unbalanced the game is. You know when they screw up, when they start to moderate your post, good job in proving my point thanks
  3. Iso_Yamamoto

    Patchnotes for

    When i say USSR i mean the OP is7 and many other's but the is7 is better known, is like the Des Moines from here OP as crap while you the IJN one Far behind so far you can see it, but still they dont balance it they say it's okay so they Buff even more the USN tree why not,right?
  4. Iso_Yamamoto

    Patchnotes for

    Simple resolve the dam lag/freeze times the package losses, return the AP's from 3.0, balance the dam tech-trees ( the USN tree is like USRR tree in wot), so simple just fix this stuff and will be happy and ofc give a dam porpuse for us to play the IJN without suffering!
  5. Iso_Yamamoto

    Patchnotes for

  6. Iso_Yamamoto


    I dont know what is happening in the WOWS division lately, because with every patch they make since 3.0 they are just killing the game patch by patch, loadtimes longer than ever, ridiculous lag, very bad balance choices correcting stuff no one cares about; so keep this path and you will end by killing the game, well you will receive money ofc by stupid people that only plays with OP ships and/or that use aim-cheat, but for the the player that as an IQ above averege you will just lose tthem and this game will be just for idiots and trolls.
  7. Iso_Yamamoto

    Update 0.3.1 General feedback

    This patch's for me killed the game is slow as hell loading and lag is unbearable, in short you Dev's killed the game with nonsense computing so GG :/
  8. Great information thx for sharing ;)
  9. Iso_Yamamoto

    USS Iowa (BB-4)

    Do you stop making good posts Smederevac, na just messing with you man great work :)
  10. Iso_Yamamoto

    Improved HMS Exeter (68)

    As always great post Smederevac#1
  11. D. Philippe ordered the preparation of an expedition that conquered England . Sent to prepare an army of 35,000 infantry and cavalry would be transported from Dunkirk , the English Channel by a fleet of flat-bottomed boats , which should be escorted and protected by a powerful fleet , to which they gave the name Invincible Armada . Lisbon, for its strategic placement and its ability to shelter, was chosen to meet this famous fleet. The plan was simple : command of the sea in the English Channel to transport and land in England, with all the security , the assembled army at Dunkirk , after marching on London. The naval preparations started in Lisbon , Cadiz , Italy and Flanders, would be delayed by Drake attack the port of Cadiz , which burned more than 100 vessels . It was this raid that the privateer attacked and destroyed the fortress located on the tip of Sagres , in the Algarve , before going searching vessels Career India and America. On returning to England still went on Lisbon but , by express order of D. Philippe , the Marquis of Santa Cruz, who stood there , did not come out to meet him. The Armada met , finally , on the Tagus , in early 1588 and left Lisbon on 27 May. Storms and audacious attacks of the English, led to the failure of this powerful fleet which , in the words of Charles Wild " infused more respect for the apparatus that offensive power ." With this setback , destroyed the naval power of Spain , and began the decay of the House of Austria, Portugal was politically connected . The effects of this disaster were serious for Portugal . We have for example, the loss of Asilah , delivered by Philippe to the Sultan of Morocco as a way to prevent a loan of 200,000 ducats that the applicant D. Anthony tried to negotiate with the Moroccan war expenses , as had been thrilled with the setbacks of Philippe against England .
  12. The presence of the Portuguese Navy in the Indian Muslim traders forced to ask for help to the monarch of Egypt . The decrease in trade to Egypt and the Mediterranean, the Republic of Venice itself felt the effects , led her to fund and participate - especially with Gunners - a punitive expedition against the Portuguese. In 1508 , a Muslim fleet to give battle to the Portuguese appeared in the Indian , the Egyptian fleet, under the command of Emir Hussein ( Mirocem of the Portuguese chroniclers ) , consisted of six ships and six galleys . The result of this first meeting led to the loss of a Portuguese ship and 200 men , but the Egyptian human losses left their station inoperative . The Portuguese in Chaul tactical defeat was much exploited by its enemies (especially the death of the son of the Viceroy ) but would prevent the Egyptian squad regain the initiative , keeping in Diu , defensively, to be annihilated . On November 25 dropped from Cochin to Kannur 19 armed and equipped vessels that constituted the armed Viceroy's trying to destroy the Egyptian ships still refugees in Diu . 6 ships were thick , 4 smaller ships , 4 round caravels , 2 Latinas caravels , galleys and 2 brigantine . Having anchored at the harbor entrance at about 1000 meters from the enemy, D. Francisco de Almeida starts preparations for combat. 9:00 a.m. the day of February 3, 1509 , jumping the sea wind and the current to fill , suspended the Portuguese to sign the flagship vessels . Successively , are entering the bar under the fire of the forts . Only the Holy Spirit ship was hit , but he could still navigate and achieve your fighting stance . The sinking of the flagship , marks the end of the Battle of Diu . The Portuguese still pursued the fustas Diu and proas of Calicut who tried to withdraw from the combat zone . The Portuguese fleet lost no ship and sank four enemy ships , captured six ships and two galleys and sank a large number of fustas and proas . There were 32 Portuguese dead and about 300 wounded , and the Muslim side , over 3,000 dead and many more wounded . The Naval Battle of Diu or Rumes , one of the most iconic in the history of the Portuguese Navy , was the tactical approach , or a decisive battle of annihilation , where one of the contenders lose all its naval power . In strategic terms represented the absolute dominance of the Portuguese Indian for about 30 years, since only returned in 1538 to be seriously called into question the Portuguese presence in the ocean.
  13. In spring of 1180, the Muslims launched another attack on the Portuguese coast , with a fleet of 10 galleys under the command of Admiral Gamim ben Mardanis ; brought to destroy the Portuguese squadron goals and capture or kill D. Fuas Roupinho . The Muslim fleet docked to Sao Martinho do Porto, where he landed his men at arms , who advanced by land towards Porto de Mos , residence of D. Fuas , trying to surprise the Portuguese garrison . This , to be aware of enemy presence , quickly gathered his men to advance . Caught in the middle path, the Muslims were defeated suffering high number of dead and prisoners , Admiral Mardanis being among the first. After having sent word the King , who was in Coimbra , D. Fuas directed to Lisbon to gather and prepare the Portuguese ships to hunt enemy. When on board ships Muslims had knowledge among survivors , the outcome of the battle and the death of the admiral, they dropped south and tried to take shelter in Sesimbra or at the mouth of the River Sado , to replenish water . D. Fuas sailed from Lisbon, with its nine galleys , around July 15, 1180 day and found the enemy off Cape Espichel , locking up a fierce battle. Muslims , with neither of his men at arms , lost in battle in Porto de Mos , ships were being taken one by one . The Portuguese fleet , although with fewer ships, would eventually be the winner of the clash . D. Fuas Roupinho returned to Lisbon , triumphantly , with ships and Arrested trims . As a reward , according to Muslim sources , the monarch will have assigned to D. Fuas the title of Admiral .
  14. Iso_Yamamoto

    USS New Jersey guns firing

    Nice BBQ :D