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    gym, fencing , games, history, architecture. And the main one... THE ROYAL NAVY
  1. lethalbizzell

    King George V - wtf is wrong with that ship ??

    How have you played with those angles ? its so weird getting huge damage from angling.... not used to it ! Hope your well
  2. lethalbizzell

    419 mm British cannons help

    10km is really good for AP broadside in general.... i find AP shatters allot at further ranges in my monarch for instance. HE is great against any angled target in a British battleship (excluding QE which has decent AP) The short fuse of British AP is great against cruisers..... as such always load AP IF AGAINST A CRUISER! General consensus : - HE against BB unless 10 -12 KM and broadside . - AP against cruiser -HE against DD Use skills to help with turret traverse, reload time.
  3. lethalbizzell

    King George V - wtf is wrong with that ship ??

    That ship is broken, angling does more harm than good.... belt armour is hit and miss.... such a risk its great when it works but if they hit citadel..... front on it is very very weak..... needs looking at and fixing asap its very good otherwise. Not competitive though.... just too inconsistent in performance 1 v 1
  4. lethalbizzell

    FED UP of endless crashes since update

    CTD as in program total failure and needs a task manager to close it.
  5. lethalbizzell

    FED UP of endless crashes since update

    Im running windows 10 and since patch i have had multiple random crashes in port and now in game , seems random code as no pinpoint reason Pissed about it, cant play if its not reliable. and since Graf seems supports response is its our fault not a happy bunny
  6. lethalbizzell

    Get some freebies WG promo code

    many thanks what the communities for hehe
  7. lethalbizzell

    FED UP of endless crashes since update

    Basically sort your game out Fed up of unfair crashes mid bloody game and on port after 6.11 TEST YOUR BLOODY PATCHES !!!!! RANT OVER
  8. lethalbizzell

    KGV captain skillset question, need help

    Hi fellow captains so i have an 18 point captain and am running the usual skillset of : incoming fire alert expert loader high alert super intendant demolition expert concealment i have 4 skill points to use ..... now do i go and get advanced fire training ?? or vigilance , IFHE is going to become useless in 6.11 and i like my fires..... KGV is susceptible to torpedoes and against CV didnt know if the KGV AA would greatly benefit from a range increase ? Could manual fire AA work ??? all help would be appreciated ! Best J
  9. great work and many thanks, this is what its alllllll about hehe
  10. lethalbizzell

    HMS Hood Teaser

    Some fixed defensive torpedoes like real life would be nice ;) that would make it more 'unique'
  11. lethalbizzell

    King of the Sea III - May 13-21

    Clan STEG would like to apply for this tournament , please PM me and ive also messaged on discord best regards J
  12. lethalbizzell


    EVERYTIME i die now im being kicked out of the server why is it that every patch has a problem lately ! Please test your own changes ! whine over
  13. lethalbizzell

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Exactly this. My bug report would mirror this totally. Happened after this mornings patch GMT 7am
  14. lethalbizzell

    Loving the update and new 'realistic' mechanics

    same thing here, cant select ships in port, no crosshairs in game, no reload timer great work WG , testing patch seemed to do wonders.......
  15. lethalbizzell

    The hunt for Graf spee - Quick help guide

    For the hunt the missions include both base xp requirements and additional xp , hence the 3 pins marathon is easy as pie, most people can do half those in a casual day