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  1. It's less about DD's and more about other ships wandering into the smoke and still being able to fire with impunity. Okay, you get concealment, but as soon as you fire you lose that concealment for something like 5 seconds. DD's are a minor annoyance at best which set fires from within smoke, DD's themselves aren't the actual issue, and with new cruisers out which can lay smoke and throw out a withering hail of fire as well, it's starting to become a bit ridiculous that you can get perfect camouflage with no downsides as long as other team mates are spotting. There should be some drawback, whether it's showing up every time you fire or not being able to see enemy ships at all until you establish line of sight. How does this even make DD's more vulnerable? It is difficult to hit DD's, let alone hit them within smoke as they pop in and out of concealment. The main thing this would address would be larger ships abusing smoke mechanics.
  2. Don't think I've ever had issues with destroyers in smoke.
  3. Astalano

    How much ammunition would a ship carry?

    They carried a lot of ammo because the chance to hit was extremely low.
  4. It's not really a DD complaint, this should apply to all classes. If you fire within/behind smoke you should light up every single time you fire or you shouldn't be able to see at all. There has to be some risk to firing from smoke and some opportunity to fire back. Yes you can see the tracers, but you can't really judge the attitude of the ship.
  5. I think it's a bit ridiculous that cruisers and destroyers or any class really can fire from within a smokescreen as long as you are spotted by an ally. Either make ships show up every single time they fire, regardless of smokescreen or make all enemy players invisible to players within a smokescreen.
  6. Astalano

    Tips for estimating target speed?

    It's more instinctive than anything. Look at the smoke. At 10 seconds away at half speed, aim at around the 5 mark on your aiming reticle. If going at full speed, aim at the 10 mark. If going less than half, adjust accordingly. At 3/4 speed you will usually hit anyway if you place your marker in the middle of the target. Now, this changes according to which ship. For BB's, this mostly applies. This also changes with shell velocity. DD's are usually double distance. So, if the shell takes 5 seconds to get there, you place your reticle at the 10th marker. Cruisers are slightly faster than BB's usually, depends on tier.