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  1. It's less about DD's and more about other ships wandering into the smoke and still being able to fire with impunity. Okay, you get concealment, but as soon as you fire you lose that concealment for something like 5 seconds. DD's are a minor annoyance at best which set fires from within smoke, DD's themselves aren't the actual issue, and with new cruisers out which can lay smoke and throw out a withering hail of fire as well, it's starting to become a bit ridiculous that you can get perfect camouflage with no downsides as long as other team mates are spotting. There should be some drawback, whether it's showing up every time you fire or not being able to see enemy ships at all until you establish line of sight. How does this even make DD's more vulnerable? It is difficult to hit DD's, let alone hit them within smoke as they pop in and out of concealment. The main thing this would address would be larger ships abusing smoke mechanics.
  2. Don't think I've ever had issues with destroyers in smoke.
  3. Astalano

    How much ammunition would a ship carry?

    They carried a lot of ammo because the chance to hit was extremely low.
  4. It's not really a DD complaint, this should apply to all classes. If you fire within/behind smoke you should light up every single time you fire or you shouldn't be able to see at all. There has to be some risk to firing from smoke and some opportunity to fire back. Yes you can see the tracers, but you can't really judge the attitude of the ship.
  5. I think it's a bit ridiculous that cruisers and destroyers or any class really can fire from within a smokescreen as long as you are spotted by an ally. Either make ships show up every single time they fire, regardless of smokescreen or make all enemy players invisible to players within a smokescreen.
  6. Astalano

    Tips for estimating target speed?

    It's more instinctive than anything. Look at the smoke. At 10 seconds away at half speed, aim at around the 5 mark on your aiming reticle. If going at full speed, aim at the 10 mark. If going less than half, adjust accordingly. At 3/4 speed you will usually hit anyway if you place your marker in the middle of the target. Now, this changes according to which ship. For BB's, this mostly applies. This also changes with shell velocity. DD's are usually double distance. So, if the shell takes 5 seconds to get there, you place your reticle at the 10th marker. Cruisers are slightly faster than BB's usually, depends on tier.
  7. Astalano

    Invisible DDs are really ruining the entire game!

    So just nerf BB damage on cruiser citadels. Also, a cruiser is not a CA by default. CL is a light cruiser. CA is a heavy cruiser. Up to tier 5/6 most cruisers are light and after that they get heavy. This shouldn't really be the case, cruisers should be split into two lines, light and heavy. You could give all cruisers a limited smokescreen or make light cruisers immune to citadels and make heavy cruiser citadels smaller. I think the best mechanic might be to make citadels have different values in terms of damage dealt. So hitting different citadel areas deals different damage and you could make major cruiser citadel areas small and make other citadel areas yield less damage. You could give heavy cruisers capital ship skills choice, like repair ability, and up their HP generally. Heavy cruisers are essentially pocket battleships and they were built because battleships are expensive and if you need to cover a large area (like the Pacific), then you need ships that are cheap, fast, armoured enough with good firepower. They play a role as cruiser killers and destroyer hunters, deployed to trouble spots when a battleship can't be spared. The truth is though that a heavy cruiser or a battlecruiser are not real battleships and so when they are deployed in combat against real battleships, they get vaporised. See the Battle of Jutland. After that the battlecruiser concept died a lonely death. Heavy cruisers and pocket battleships in general were always going to have a hard time in this game as a fact of life. The key to balancing the meta of the heavy cruiser is to discourage players from using them to fight battleships. Adding in dangerous lighter cruiser trees would give heavy cruisers something to do. As they are now, they are the poor man's battleship.
  8. Astalano

    Why are the battleships so weak?

    Who's the necromancer?
  9. Astalano

    Invisible DDs are really ruining the entire game!

    If I had a choice I would probably lower the damage BB's do, at least to cruisers or at least lower the damage of a citadel hit on a cruiser.
  10. Astalano

    Did they nerf the Nagato even further?

    Nagato is a very good ship. Just think of it like a slower, more heavily armed Kongo. It's very effective against other BB's if you can make your hits count.
  11. Astalano

    Invisible DDs are really ruining the entire game!

    I think the potential of destroyers seems to be pretty high, while other classes' potential caps out a lot sooner. Cruisers are squishy but not small, fast or maneuverable enough to avoid being hit entirely. Battleships are hard hitting but they can't relocate fast and to do well they need opposition. If you deploy to the other side of the map with few enemies then your chance of a good game is minimal. Destroyers are useful at all times on the other hand and when battle lines break down battleships have virtually zero defence against well played destroyers. "Yeah, well, protect your cruisers" That's fine to say, but that doesn't help in a game focused on individual performance. Now, I don't want DD's nerfed, I just want BB's buffed at short range (controllable secondaries with a bit longer range), the range where DD's have all the advantages. I don't mind invisi-firing torps, just give me the tools to take the fight to the destroyer if I have to. Having camouflage at under 10km is okay with me, so is the smokescreen, but I just want to have some kind of tool to fight back at short range and to play into the mechanic of risk-reward. If you choose to get so close to launch torps that you get spotted and stay spotted, then you should be vulnerable to effective secondary fire. Controllable secondaries adds an element of skill and another element to be juggled, along with maneuvering and positioning main guns. We already can't citadel DD's, we have to switch to HE to deal with them, so at least give us effective secondaries at the kind of ranges DD's get close in, which is important when our team dies around us and we have no further cover from DD's.
  12. Astalano

    Invisible DDs are really ruining the entire game!

    That's why in many games destroyers are ludicrously overperforming. DD's frequently place top of the scoreboard by a VERY wide margin.
  13. Astalano

    Invisible DDs are really ruining the entire game!

    DDs are not really balanced well, especially when it comes to things like capping. They deploy smoke in cap and wait, You can't get close in a BB because you can easily eat a whole bunch of torps without having a clue where they're coming from. There are some points where you need to be able to go offensive and close in, relying on your secondaries. Yes, it would be nice to have a cruiser or another destroyer, but they're not always available. Carrier drivers rarely have the mental capacity to spot destroyers, they're usually focused on hitting larger ships. I don't want to take away DD advantages, just want to make BB;s a bit more independent and able to take down smaller ships at close range where they normally have a disadvantage. I don't think it's balanced if the only way a BB can engage an enemy destroyer is at a range where he can't use his own advantages, namely, the long range of his guns and large amounts of firepower. When facing a DD you often have at least half your guns useless as you have to maneuver constantly. Why not make secondaries controllable? It would add an element of skill. A DD captain who is stupid or brave enough to come to suicidal close ranges has basically one shot to hit the BB with torpedos before he gets wiped out. BBs with fewer secondaries are at an even greater disadvantage. So, that would make BBs with lots of secondaries more effective against smaller ships, so you can play around with that to create class divergence.
  14. Astalano

    Invisible DDs are really ruining the entire game!

    Destroyers should have a better counter. As in, for BB drivers we should get more effective secondaries (ideally manually aimed secondaries) or the ability to see the wake of torpedos from a greater range (but the actual torpedo icon only turns up later). Basically cruisers die way too fast now and battleships have to be able to function without cruisers. So giving them more effective secondaries would be useful in pushing forward and countering destroyers instead of staying defensive. Now, as for countering DD's, think like a torpedo boat. What is the attitude of that ship? When is he likely to drop torpedos? You need to turn in anticipation of torpedos always. It doesn't matter if you can't get a full broadside. Your first priority is to avoid likely torpedo vectors and your second priority when under attack by a destroyer is to get him on your tail. That way you can give yourself the maximum possible time to respond and make him an easier target. DD's who want to launch torpedos have to turn side on, making them easier targets. Ideally you should let cruisers handle destroyers and if they don't, then give a wide berth to places you might be attacked from. Give yourself reaction time when facing DD's and DON'T PANIC.
  15. One idea to help people who come under constant high explosive fire to hide themselves in a smoke cloud, like destroyers. The longer you burn, the more smoke you generate. Another idea could be to give everyone a limited smokescreen, but with DDs having a much more effective one. I think the game has an issue with people who get focused down being unable to really withdraw temporarily from combat. If you start getting focused on, you are dead, but having some kind of limited defensive smokescreen for all classes would allow them to get something like a 1 minute respite, which could be invaluable in coming back from a bad play and giving all classes some more survivability.