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  1. mr3awsome

    Graf Spee's turrets.

    Yes, along with the Honour 'Coronel' give on the bridge.
  2. As you are no doubt aware, the French tier VIII cruiser, Charles Martel, is a paper design with the designation C5 A3. That design is not alone, however. Compared to C5 A3 the aircraft and their associated facilities were suppressed; with the space and weight gained form that being dedicated to enhanced secondary and anti-aircraft batteries. Hence its designation, C5 SA1; Croisseur 5 San Aviation 1. Statistics (Real Life): Dimensions: As C5 A3 (Charles Martel) Displacement: 12,070 tonnes normal Powerplant: 100,000CV Speed: 32.5kts. Main armament: 9 203mm (3 x III) Secondary armament: 14 100mm Mle 1933 (7 x II) Anti-Aircraft armament: 12 37mm ACAD Mle 1935 (6 x II) 16 13.2mm MG (4 x IV) Torpedo battery: 6 550mm Torpedo Tubes (2 x III) Protection: As C5 A3 (Charles Martel) Compared to C5 A3, the gains are notable. More health, if only a little, due to greater displacement (11,970t vs 12,070t) 40% more secondaries, and long range AA. 50% more mid range AA. An actual close range AA battery Statistics (In game): General: Health: 34400 Purchase Price: 10,500 Dubloons Citadel armour: 59mm-140mm Gun Casemate armour: 25mm Armoured Deck: 25mm-80mm Forward & After Ends armour: 25mm Main Battery: 3 x 3 203mm/50 Mle 1931 5 rpm, 6.5°/s traverse speed 16.79km range, 143m maximum dispersion. 2,800 HE dmg with a 15% fire chance, 850mps MV 4,800 AP dmg, 820mps MV Secondary Battery: 7 x 2 100mm Mle 1931 15rpm, out to 5.0km 1,400 HE dmg with a 6% fire chance Anti-Aircraft Battery: 7 x 2 100mm Mle 1931 47.6dps @ 5.0km 4 x 2 40mm Bofors Mk 2 45.2dps @ 3.5km 6 x 2 37mm ACAD Mle1935 72.6dps @ 3.5km 16 x 1 20mm Oerlikon 57.6 @ 2.0km Torpedo Battery: 2 x 3 550mm 0.67rpm, 25°/s traverse speed. 550mm 23DT Torpedo: 14,833 dmg out to 9.0km at 60 knots Maneuverability: Speed: 32.5kts Turning Circle Radius: 690m Rudder Shift Time: 11.8s Concealment: Surface Detectability Range: 13.68km Air Detectability Range: 8.16km Battle Levels: 8, 9 & 10 *Soft stats have been taken as a rough average between Stock & Elite Charles Martel, which can be seen on the Wikia. Charles Martel has additional Bofors & Oerlikon guns in game. As a result, I have suggested that this ship gets them too. Do you think I got the number right? What name should this ship have? Both the French tier VIII & X cruisers use two of the names chosen for the Saint Louis class of cruisers, which is the tier IX ship. This leaves Charlemagne, Vercingetorix and Brennus as options, if one goes by the same theme. Or would you prefer a different name? If so, what? PS: Sorry for the bold text: the formatting got borked when it posted it in from a doc, and my mouse is dying.
  3. mr3awsome

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    Stalin!Guns, 100mm/70 secondaries and AA second only to the Cleveland. Also, detection range.
  4. mr3awsome

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    Tier V.
  5. mr3awsome

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    An Arethusa at tier VI. WG is even madder than I thought.
  6. mr3awsome

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    No, its implied that the guns would be leftovers from the 1920s. However, as far as I'm aware the 18"/45 studies were referred to as 16"/50, and the 18"/40 were 15" B. Given that post Hood pre-1920 a number of studies had 18"/40 twins, there is a chance that WG found that design rather than the later 18"/45 ones. The entire premise is very flimsy, given that the RN had a pretty clear idea of Bismarck's characteristics after she sank (i.e. for Tirpitz) but didn't change their plans. Know of anything larger than the 6" but smaller than the 16"? Three 18"/40 Mk I were built; one for Furious' A turret, one for her X turret, and a spare. When the decision was taken to convert her, that freed up those guns. The 12" monitors off the Belgian coast were badly outranged by some German coastal emplacements. So they decided to add them to three of these ships. Only two were mounted before the end of the war. One way later bored down to 16" for tests for what would become the 16"/45 Mk I.
  7. mr3awsome

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    Official discourse on "Conqueror" is thus: I did ask for one for "Monarch" in Q&A XV, but was ignored (What a suprise ) The 1942 Lion in 1945 form actually has basis, in the form of Vanguard, her half sister. As for the tier X, 1945 B itself is probably better than B3, which is smaller, and lacks some of the features that make B hilarious.
  8. mr3awsome

    New ship preview: Monarch

    Its not even one of the preliminary studies; the displacement of those was 35,000t or near enough, this is 40,000t. Plus the former had QF 4.5"/45 Mk I/III guns as the QF 5.25"/50 hadn't been adopted yet. Hence, it is fake. They can only work with what they are given.
  9. mr3awsome

    New ship preview: Monarch

    No idea. They do kinda remind me of the ones you get on the Panther II though. Another example of ineptitude to add to the list, I guess. Been waiting since 2012. Unfortunately it seems to have been going downhill since Alpha. But adding the 128mm DP secondaries is completely false, as far as we are aware. Which is what he's talking about, rather than the main guns. "Monarch" wasn't drawn, or even considered. Its a Wargaming fantasy.
  10. mr3awsome

    New ship preview: Monarch

    Sup. Common Sense? And no, its still not here. No, the 15" studies were from before the QF 5.25"/50 Mk I was chosen to be the secondary battery weapon. With the Escalation Clause they went straight to the 16"/45 Mk II. I think its pretty bad. For one thing, the turrets look like they've just been stolen from Nelson rather than WG actually being bothered enough model proper turrets along the line of KGV's. There are Mk IV Bofors mounts on turrets. These were known to suffer quite badly from vibration issues, which had a bad habit of damaging their radar. Hence they shouldn't be there. The already mentioned FAKE nature of the ship.
  11. mr3awsome

    British battleships incoming

    Thats a pretty long winded way of saying its fake. All of the H3 designs are crazy. a is just less crazy than the other two. They serve their purpose, which is to demonstrate the cost of speed (whilst retaining protection).
  12. mr3awsome


    They have a very mismatched system on the RN. Most of the RN cruisers have hodge-podge AA suites, so I didn't really consider them. As in Warspite, the ships started with 2 x 1 20mm Oerlikon on turret roofs. In the rebuilt ships these were replaced by power operated twins (Mk V) [As can be seen on the Queen Elizabeth screenies]. In Valiant only (of the QEs) there were quad pom-poms. Malaya seems to only have had singles. The Rs definitely had quadruple pom-poms as they only had 2 octuple pom poms. Royal Sovereign seems to have twin Oerlikons with them, Ramillies looks like singles (but might be manual twins), but Revenge and Resolution don't seem to have them, from a quick google search spate.
  13. mr3awsome

    RN best BB line

    Well, as challenging as it is to make KGV work at tier VIII, it can be done, and is certainly less problematic than Nelson at tier VI. As for Vanguard, she is definitely premium material.
  14. mr3awsome


    Whilst I have no objections to hypothetical upgrades, indeed, they offer a degree of interesting insight, given that in most if not all cases we have precedents that can be used as a guide. Unfortunately some of them seem to be rather sloppily done. For example; both Koenig and Emile Bertin have the view from their bridge blocked by an anti aircraft gun (and a rangefinder in Koenig's case) None of the Brit BBs seem that bad (aside from Conqueror, which is a general mess imho). However, several points do stand out: - Iron Duke appears to carry octuple pom-poms on her B & X turret roofs; however even the larger QEs & Rs could only carry quads. - Iron Duke is also carrying four quadruple pom-poms. Historically, battleships carried the octuple pom-pom, with only the quadruples only going on certain ships during the war, and all but three of those upon turret tops*. - Orion is said to date from 1934. However, whilst she carries the QF 4"/45 Mk XVI twins, she still carries 2pdr Mk II singles. Only the Nelsons carried these for any extended period of time, and by the end of 1934 both of these had replaced their 8 singles with a single octuple. Indeed, in most cases, ships received the octuple pom-poms before they got the 4" twins. - As the older weapon, it is also far more likely that the 2pdr Mk IIs would be on the decks of the ships rather than on the turret tops, which the Admiralty were reluctant to use after some unsatisfactory experience in WWI. * TLDR; "I don't mind that you're naughty, Jack. I hate that you're sloppy."
  15. mr3awsome

    “Hear me roar” – The Lion designs in game

    Because WG has a fetish for gimmicks? Just throwing ideas out there. All tier VIII-X BBs have aircraft after all. That definitely fits the "weird gimmick" bill that WG love. Perhaps. It is very long and quite squishy with it, so the 20s reload helps counter that. As for Vanguard, I think thats a case of fine balancing for when it would be tested.