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  1. Inflatable

    Have they messed with tirpitz dispersion?

    That's RNG for you.. It adds to the despersion figures of the ship you play already has.. You do the math.. More luck then anything else if you hit anything at certain distances..
  2. Inflatable

    Bayern the beast - The best T6 BB?

    Strong ship for sure in terms of armor, but the guns are completly worthless, way to much despersion.. Cannot even hit the broadside of other BB's at 7km away..
  3. It's all programmed software, so it will never be truely random like in real life.. Same with the RNG.. Sometimes you get upto 20% better RNG, sometimes upto 20% worse, those things can have a huge impact on your performance in the game, same with the socalled "random" matchmaking.. It's all software.. And yes, Wargaming is a business, so I believe they will do everything with their software that's best for their business, it's simple common sense..
  4. Inflatable

    World of DD

    Realism and Wargaming games do not go in a sentence together.. There's nothing realistic about pretty much anything in these game except the unit-models etc.. From the RNG to invisable units, it's all fake and artificial..
  5. Inflatable

    World of DD

    Yup, tier VII and up is bassicly nothing but torpedo spam from invisable ships.. But I do not worry as the more people spam it the sooner high tiers DD's will get nerfed hard.. It will happen when WG sees it clearly in the stats, just a matter of time.. So just keep on spamming them as much as you can please..
  6. Inflatable

    Why is RNG playing the game instead of me?

    Wargaming patented certain matchmaking mechanics that do manipulate things, so I would not be surprised if they used the same manipulation when it comes to the RNG.. It's not that hard to make the game give certain players a few % more chance on good RNG and some less.. This is not like real-life luck or randomness, this is software at work, it's all artificial, so it can easily be manipulated.. It's also better for buisiness to give the vast majority of low skilled players a feeling they can keep up and have fun, even against much better players.. So yeah, nobody ever as ever proven it really happens (since it all happens server-side), but I would not be surprised it it did, not at all..
  7. Inflatable

    Why is RNG playing the game instead of me?

    Welcome to Wargaming games.. 20-30% skill, 70-80% dumb (RNG and matchmaking) luck.. Bad in Tanks already but much worse in Warships (which makes sense since ship-guns are much less accurate then tank-guns).. Funny thing is, you can take the same shot 10 times and get a different outcome every single time.. Nothing you can do about it other then try to get yourself in such a situation where the RNG has least effect on what you do, that's how all these 'World of' games work.. That's also why I stopped taking them serious when it comes to winning or losing, because it's not just the RNG, it's also the matchmaking that manipulates your performance.. So I just play them for the grind and to play with friends.. Only frustration left is how constant bad matchmaking (aka losingstreaks) can make grinds last much longer then really needed.. These are the ultimate 50% games, meaning it pulls everybody no matter the skilllevel to a 50% winratio.. If you end up slightly above or below that depends on your own performance.. The difference between a really good or really bad player will most of the time never be much bigger then 20-30%, which says the other 70-80% is all down to the RNG and matchmaking.. It's basic statistics..
  8. Inflatable

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    Maybe, but they also have much shorter ranges, so are much easier to avoid (ships that carry them) and Destroyers cannot spam them while staying invisable..
  9. Inflatable

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    Playing mainly Battleships and Cruisers and having reached tier VII now, I also noticed the game becomes more and more World of Torpedo's then anything else.. I cannot imagine what it will be like on tier VIII to X with even longer torpedo-ranges and Destroyers etc having more of them.. Hell, even some Battleships have them.. And I thought the artillery in WoT was bad..
  10. Inflatable

    Project R Results

    Not angry, just dissapointed I wasted so much time grinding missions for pearls these last 2 weeks not knowing it was already impossible to still get to 260 when I entered the project.. A few friends of mine did the smart thing in hindsight, they just entered and did not bother at all with the missions (not enough time to play), still got all the same rewards I got.. I also cannot believe it ended on a Sundayevening right before a new set of weekly's (which were gonna put me over 260 easily) was gonna start, that's just to much of a coincidence and just adds to my dissapointment..
  11. Inflatable

    Project R Results

    Such a coincidence it ended right on the end of a Sunday, isn't it.. Just like all other milestones being reached on very convenient days and times.. So yeah, I understand it was all marketing.. No problem though and fun anyway.. And in the end it only awarded the most dedicated players with that premium ship (outside the lotterywinners), so all is fair..
  12. Inflatable

    Project R Results

    Why do you find that hard to believe?!? I also got informed to late this project had started and as a result I also never could get more then 253 pearls in the end simply because I missed the 1st batch of weekly missions.. If I had known beforehand I could never reach 260 anymore I would never have put so much time in any of the Project missions and just played the ships I needed to play to progress in the techtree.. And you people really believe that pearl milestone count was real?!? Hahaha.. Offcourse I did not win in the lottery, never expected to, but thanks anyway to WG for the extra credits and flags..
  13. Inflatable

    Autoloss/Autowin by bad matchmaking - fix needed now.

    The matchmaking in Warships does not really bother me, infact it seems more balanced then in World of Tanks.. It's the good'old RNG that bothers me and the feeling that gives me of being manipulated in my performance.. The same BS as in WoT that affects outcomes of battles so many times and makes the game just as much about luck as about skill.. Perfectly aimed salvo's hitting nothing but water arround the target etc, and then the next time you do one or more massive citadel hits, all based on random luck.. But I guess that's a feature of all the Wargaming games, mainly to give the big mass market of lower skilled casual gamers a feeling of having a chance aswell so they keep on playing (and hopefully paying)..
  14. Inflatable

    More cowards in this game.

    People with little to no tactical awareness and/or knowledge of how to properly play the game... You see them in every teamgame on the internet, what else is new?
  15. Inflatable

    Intel gaming Bundle : WoW offer

    I upgraded my PC this week and got 2 codes for WoW with my new Intel CPU and with my new Asus motherboard.. It really sucks you can only use these codes for new accounts as I was hoping I could use them on my existing account.. Really do not like it I cannot get the premium ships, premium time and dabloons on my account.. Would have been nice if they would have given existing players something aswell instead of just trying to get more new accounts and new players into the game.. Guess there no other option for me now then to give WG what they want and that is to give away the codes to some friends who do not play the game yet.. Tbh I did not buy the hardware for the codes anyway, it was just a nice extra bonus I thought.. But I was wrong unfortunately, no bonus for me..