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  1. Abonimus

    Got Service Record 11 but NOT 3000000 Credits

    Heh have in mind WG are known to be cheap so ye...
  2. Abonimus

    karlsruhe is still a rubbish after update

    It was good MMing i was the "top tier" and i got hit by a random low level BB... Also just exit a battle in which i kept losing 2-3 cannons per shot. The ship definitely feels weaker then it was!
  3. Abonimus

    karlsruhe is still a rubbish after update

    Dono feels like its even worse after the update. One shell hit me and EVERYTHING exploded. Three cannons, engine, torpedos ... Every single hit i take the engine is dead. Maybe they improved the engine protection x3 from zero? Second battle i get one shotted "Detonation"
  4. Abonimus

    Should dive bombers be tweaked?

    Tried it with manual targeting it doesnt give you any accuracy increase. Still same amount of hits like a normal auto attack. Really no use in risking it ... Dive bombers really need to get "something" at this point pretty much anything! Just shot down 35 planes with my Bogue had 12 bomb hits and 6 fires. In the end only 1554 exp (first win of the day tho). If my Bogue was still stock and i had torpedo bombers i could have done a lot lot less to get that exp ...
  5. Ye well i am still on the Langley but i would like that "idiotic" setup its to my liking. Even so having a target to shoot at after the enemy is out of aircraft , or if there is no enemy might be usefull
  6. Abonimus

    USS Wyoming Worth It?

  7. Abonimus

    USS Wyoming Worth It?

    Dont like it what so ever. Slow as hell, very innacurate and its AP ammo is useless when compared to the ones on Japanese side and also 0 AA extremely bad...
  8. Abonimus

    Lag Spikes

    Quite weired ... Dono if the game updated or the server is having lag but its very strange.