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  1. D_Striker

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I think the game is only enjoyable as long as the playerbase think it is so and the mood in the forum is not that great right now as it was in the time around the beta. I dont think that one staff member saying the game its enjoyable as ever is that trustworthy if the forum is flooded with negative feedback. So what about the next event(s) how different would those be? Is it gonna be like the NA/RU/ASIA servers just have to login to get a super premium/special ship a 19p captain and 1m doubloons or do they actually have to do missions like 2 main battery hits because 1 hit was too easy. while we in the EU have to use a tier 12 sub to destroy a floating airbase with flooding or something ridiculous just to get 500k credits and no ships because the premium/special ship was cut off coz of "reasons". How about just giving every server the same missions and rewards in those special events, instead of using all the time and energy to cut and edit the EU missions and rewards just to make the players unhappy.
  2. D_Striker

    London Port - feedback

    high tier BBs and CVs might have a hard time squeezing thru the bridge when selected for battle. but that is just me
  3. D_Striker

    The hilarity of this game which is RNG

    its the same here, the cleveland was also sailing away and 9 of 10 shells in the salvo missed except that one that detonated him. I too wished i had a replay.
  4. D_Striker

    The hilarity of this game which is RNG

    where did that last shell hit on that nagato? i remember that the same thing happend when i was in my pensa long time ago and that one little wild shell hit a cleveland in his mast (the one furthest back) and detonated him.... it was both a happy and yet wired feeling to blow him op by hitting his mast, but you know RNG sometimes the crew accidentally put explosives in the wrong places.
  5. im just that guy who thinks that everyone should be able to complete all the (currently) event missions even if they just has started playing, but im also looking at this in an "i dont have much time each day to play" perspective.
  6. What about new players who also want one of these ships, the event is "crafted to last for 2 months" and you can not simply get a tier 5 or 7 as a new player unless you pay. getting a tier 7 is not done over night.
  7. D_Striker

    Would this Laptop run World of Warships?

    i have the g551jm-(it does not matter) laptop it is quite similar but with lower specs and WoWs runs smoothly...
  8. D_Striker

    Nations pros & cons

    yeah.. it was maybe a bit (even some years maybe) too early to ask
  9. D_Striker

    Nations pros & cons

    This may be too early ask but does anyone know what pros & cons there may be for the different nations WG are going to release, I mean like RoF, repair speed, gun range, AA, etc etc.