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  1. Segal's departing

    Warner possibly owns the rights to the film and therefore any images or depictions thereof. So they might have woken up to WG using the character... still Ill miss his mug and brilliant voice acting lol
  2. Segal's departing

    Sounds like lawyers and money became involved.
  3. Why can't Edited Cruisers shoot HE?

    As Long as I can be CPO Pertwee it's a deal...lol
  4. Why can't Edited Cruisers shoot HE?

    noting like a bit of the ol' SwaziPoison to wind you down at the end of the day .... aah the good old days growing up in Africa.
  5. Why can't Edited Cruisers shoot HE?

    I didn't know that there had been a change to the ammunition on German cruisers. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    LOL.... WG and reasonable customer service cannot be in the same sentence, especially in the EU. Paris office efficiency FTW ;)
  7. British Destroyers and more Events

    I for one would welcome the inclusion of the Swiss navy as well as those of Czechoslovakia and Rhodesia.
  8. Karl Fairburn destroyed the all missiles/bombs and wiped out the design and development team (Andreas Kessler and Heinz Böhm) in Sniper Elite 4 so there are none left to supply WG... sad
  9. Windows 10 ruins his game

    Use Linux then, cant see the reason for this post.... So back in your box penguin fanboy.
  10. October event calendar

    It seems to me the reason that we don't get the events or community information in a timeous manner is simply because they don't have a clue themselves what the events are going to be. These things are probably thought up and written down on the back of a fagpacket on the day during the morning commute. Many years ago my teachers would mark my homework efforts with red pen and a comment 'See Below' The current late and afterthoughtish list of EU events should get a 4/10 with a comment of "could try harder"
  11. October event calendar

    mmmmmm... cake
  12. October event calendar

    Give em a break guys, the EU HQ is in Paris, they are still out to lunch. (got to remember that work life balance)
  13. October event calendar

    Only after 10 days we get this. It would have been a little more courteous / thoughtful to the EU community who have been anticipating the publishing the calendar in order to prioritize events and finances if this update could have been made sooner (perhaps the 2nd). BZ
  14. BrasilSpecial ability: The BrazilianResult: Once activated the stern of all Brasilian ships increase in size and the seaweed on the hull is trimmed into a special pattern that allows for increased speed and penetration. Argentina1. Special ability: The JuntaResult: Once the Junta is activated the player that initiated the activation has their doubloons are devalued by 80% and all Argentine ships turn to invade the closest small islands. 2. Special Ability: Hand of GodResult: Once activated the next salvo whether on target or not are mysteriously directed to British ships as citadel hits. (this is generaly considered to be cheeting if any other nation tries the same thing). ScotlandSpecial Ability: Ye-all-right JimmyResult: Once activated all Scottish ships will imediatley stop attacking the enemy and turn on each other depending on wether they have red, white and blue or green and white flags.
  15. What music do you listen too while playing ?

    None, as I only know two pieces of music. One is 'God Save The Queen' to which I stand and salute and the other one isn't.