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  1. Yes it is just like the World of Tanks one. It's good as there is a decent population, its bad because like the world of tanks one some players from RU take exception to people from NA and EU playing on it and team kill you at start. They think they own the server or something. Happened to me 4 battles in a row last PTS so I just gave up.
  2. Yeah this bugs me as well. Also why can't we dismiss them ? seems a bit silly. Even worse is that if you retrain them to work on another ship you cannot get rid of the crappy anime voice - it's really annoying. Tried every setting for voices and it just stays the same. Also if you use an ARP ship, they no longer have their crappy multicoloured camo but we are unable to put on normal camos - why they are stopping us spending money on camos for these ships baffles me, not very like wargaming lol.
  3. I had the same issue and it persisted even after the patch. I was advised to check my firewall settings, I created a rule to make sure that worldofwarships.exe had full permissions for both up and downstream traffic and hey presto it all works now. try that.
  4. Well Wargaming you have done it again! On the portal the conditions for the Ships and Tea mission stage 5/5 says that it's over any number of battles. But as you can see from the shots below - in game it says that it's in 1 single battle. Seriously how hard is it to get the information correct ?
  5. At least you can get your inventory to load. Mine just just with the spinning loading icon indefinitely.
  6. ah right, thanks guys :)
  7. Think I may be missing something with this so called special captain. I got him and he is supposed to come with Jack of all trades, expert marksman and smoke screen expert. He comes trained on the Black Swan but with no skills showing active and if you select expert marksman for example it will subtract 2 points from his total - like any other captain. How is this special ? Am I missing something obvious lol
  8. Did you get the crate before the patch and then open it after the patch ? Seems likely as the contents of the crate are determined when you receive it - not when you open it.
  9. Lucky you, I've just uninstalled the game, re downloaded it fresh and I still get a critical error and it wont even install it ffs. Well deleted all the content, cleaned the reg and restarted and it now seems to be installing - only 10 gb to go lol
  10. Well I'm having to do a complete clean install, little patch caused critical error and wouldn't even update. Tried deleting preferences - same issue, tried deleting mods - same issue. So now I'm sitting waiting for a 4.8gb update runing at 3.9 mbps on a 200 mbps connection lol
  11. Critical error when trying to update cant do anything now.
  12. Ah cool, thanks guys will give it a go :)
  13. Right just took my Dunkerque out to do the above missions - The Colours of Dunkerque. The first one is earn 2500 base xp - in game it does not specify 'In a Single Battle' like with other missions and on the website it clearly says over any number of battles. Problem is I earned 1300 ish base xp in my first game with it and the mission shows no progress at all - indicating that you need to do 2500 base xp for stage 1 of the missions. This is either a bug or miss information - which is it ?
  14. Hi, I've been playing since the pre-cbt weekend tests, only play casually now and got about 1200 games since launch. I'm a Brit and in my 40's and could do with other people to play with - not sure if I want to get into the whole clan thing again either. I've been playing every single line that's come out (glutten for punishment lol) so I've only got up to mainly T7 in ships, T5 in cv's (not that fussed about them these days). I do have Bismarck - thanks to campaign and other high tier premiums such as Atago, Missouri, belfast etc - got lucky with the xmas boxes a bit :p Also my WTR is about 1180 - which aint too bad for being solo most of the time in T5-T7 ships mainly. If I sound like the kind if guy you want to div with then pm me or something. Cheers Mac.
  15. 0.6.6

    1. DescriptionWorldofwarships.exe crashes on launch 2. Reproduction stepsJust run the launcher and workdofwarships.exe will crash 3. ResultCannot play the game 4. Expected resultBeing able to play 2nd phase of test 5. Technical detailsNo python logs are created Crash folder