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  1. McLeod

    Halloween Replays

    Has anyone tried uploading replays of submarine games to replayswows.com ? Tried ealrier but it doesn't seem to work. Had a nice 450k damage 5 star run and wanted to share it lol
  2. McLeod

    [-GOD-] Grumpy Old Dudes

    -GOD- Is open to new grumpy old dudes! Looking to just chill and play the game and get the benefits of being in a clan without the hassles and stresses of clan battles etc, then look us up.
  3. McLeod

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    Yeah I've just noticed that after the last container, my bad lol
  4. McLeod

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    Coal Port OK I've upgraded the coal port 3 times and it is not increasing the amount of coal we get at all. Anyone else experiencing this ?
  5. McLeod

    Bug Reports

    Same here
  6. McLeod

    Update 0.7.9 PTS - General Feedback

    Yup got kicked as soon as my second battle ended, annoying as wanted to see results/missions done etc lol
  7. McLeod

    Did the server just burp?

    Can't even log into the portal or the shop, even though I'm logged in here lol
  8. McLeod

    Give back option to hide "arp ships" etc

    Check your graphics settings, there is now a slider for Increase UI scale
  9. McLeod

    Anniversary Event

    I may be mistaken here but I believe the containers in the Arsenal are the ones from last Anniversary, hence Festive 2017. Such as the Bismarck and Dunkirk ones etc they are giving us the chance to buy older things and complete previous collections if we missed it before.
  10. McLeod

    Was Salem price ninja raised this update?!

    Still the same price 240,000 Coal
  11. McLeod

    Resource Containers

    Ok I thought resource containers were a good idea - get more coal etc, sounds great eh. Trouble is you don't get anymore coal in them than you do from the other containers. The very first one I opened contained 3 x 400 coal - excellent. Since then I've had 1 container with 2 x coal and some free xp and every single other container has had just either 1 x 400 or 1 x 450 coal, the other 2 hings are just flags or free xp. This is just the same as opening a flag/credit container. I think the drop rates of coal in these needs to be increased drastically.
  12. McLeod


    Lol - Patch day goes without a hitch. Day the missions and goodies start - computer says no! hopefully just a short downtime. Thing that bugs me is that the main website alwasy says the server is available with xxxx amount of players, at least keep that synced with server guys.
  13. McLeod

    Crash Tester Achievement

    I just got this achievement whilst doing Narai in my Scharnhorst. I had just killed a DD with my main gins and then detonated another within a couple of seconds with my secondaries, I was not in the port area - just outside. Could be to do with double strikes or detonations perhaps. Link to replay and screens: https://replayswows.com/replay/16048#stats
  14. McLeod

    connect issues

    Well after so many years of giving us dates and times and drastically overestimating them, it would have been nice if they had got one right for once. Also they can't even sync the server with the sever info on the portal, as of now it says available with 51 players online.
  15. McLeod

    connect issues

    So a 15 min fix been going on for over an hour now ?