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  1. Next week I think, if you go into the event menu and check other operations it says in there.
  2. At the end when Rasputin spawns only have 1 guy in circle plus the dd's coming in to chain smoke the trans. If you have too many in circle it will move too fast and the final Zikasa's and or Rasputin can easily get into the circle causing the Trans to stop. Also you could end up doing what we did and having the Trans escape with full hp but not being able to kill Rasputin in time because the Trans was going too fast lol. Ended up with 4 stars.
  3. Yeah it's hard to convey sarcasm in a thread title I suppose.
  4. Getting one of those other 3 would have been nice, as I have them already so would have got some gold or credits lol
  5. The other day I was pleased to receive a super container as my 2nd daily container reward. Expecting to get the usual 100 flags of which I had hundreds of already or another Spotter plane upgrade I opened it without any great expectations. Imagine my amazement when upon opening it I saw the little ship sitting on its stand - holy crap I got a ship I thought, wow, unbelievable, amazing! Then my eyes settled on the name of said ship and my heart sank, for my lucky prize on this day was none other than the mighty Krasny Krym!! I'm happy to get a ship for nothing but in this case I must admit to being happier to get the 10 point captain that comes with it lol.
  6. Thanks for the interest guys, as soon as we have spaces I'll fling an invite your way
  7. Hello there, invite sent
  8. Invite sent
  9. Invite sent
  10. Application accepted, welcome
  11. Application accepted, welcome
  12. Application accepted, welcome
  13. Application accepted, welcome
  14. Welcome to the clan fella
  15. I'd like to know this too as can't find anything in game apart from paying to edit the text of the logo and name.