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  1. lafeel

    What about Black Destroyer

    Just a friendly heads up, referring to something as a "Black Destroyer" might not be the best idea...
  2. lafeel

    Remove detonations!!!

    In his defense he did say he needed sleep. Even more so than he first thought it'd seem. ;)
  3. lafeel

    Udaloi Concealment

    Has been that way since it was added to the game, so it's clearly intentional. And not off the top of my head, no.
  4. lafeel

    Remove detonations!!!

    92000 flags per battle? That's a new one. ;)
  5. lafeel

    Remove detonations!!!

    Maybe try asking nicely next time and they might be more inclined to listen?
  6. lafeel

    Is Agir Still Worth It? T9 Gneisenau?

    Still very much worth it if you ask me. Although I may be slightly biased due to having, until recently (cancer got him) a uncle by the same name.
  7. lafeel

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    The automatically resetting ones, you don't even SEE the star to view them.
  8. Just a quick warm up session (10 games) as I hadn't played in a month, still got it apparently.. EDIT: Played a another four to test something out quick, this was easily the best out of them.
  9. lafeel

    Why does Groningen not have a Radar?

    Because she's a EXACT copy of Friesland, except in the Dutch tree, while Friesland is remaining in the EU tree. If she had radar instead of hydro she'd no longer be a exact copy.
  10. lafeel

    Borodino OP Russian and moans

    Rarely do myself, so I wouldn't know, but that would be the best place to test that theory.
  11. lafeel

    Lock on bug back

    For it to be back, surely it'd have to have left, and from what I have heard it never did.
  12. lafeel

    Borodino OP Russian and moans

    Could always do a training room..
  13. lafeel

    Missouri only available in 0.10.7 or not?

    They haven't said, but from what they said it sure sounds like the answer is a no.
  14. lafeel

    Borodino OP Russian and moans

    Pretty sure you can citadel her with 152mm guns, 180's certainly.