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  1. which premium ship?

    I would like to second this. If you can make the slow poke early tier USN bb's work for you the Arizona and you should get along just fine @powerfullblackmr_tr
  2. Nerfed Jap carriers

    Could be wrong, but I do belive IJN CV's have not been nerfed. Sounds like you got strafed, just as @Azalgor said.
  3. My tin foil hat is squeezing my skull

    Don't need to be skilled to have luck, unless your name is Isamu Alfa "luck is just a another one of my skillls!" Dyson.
  4. which premium ship?

    Well even if you buy a ship "too early" and realize this soon, you can always go back to her at a later date when you have more expirience and or a better skipper.
  5. And, presumably, isn't PVE, which resolves this by 100% mirroring the team compositions.
  6. Don't look at me, I can't explain that one either. Although to be fair it must be pointed out the Emerald is already pretty stealthy for a t5 cruiser..
  7. Also, as itself a former prison ship the Nuevo can not be all that popular in Argentina while we're at it. (didn't we have this discussion in the last thread on this ship)
  8. So you want WG to not only buff all the other tier 5 cruisers, but also have to adjust all the tier 4's and 6's as well, seeing as they would have to to keep everything in balance instead of just nerfing one ship? And people call me a special snowflake at times. You sir are, quite frankly, a entitled *edited*
  9. Suspect you are not alone in this. At least the first part. Whether you're alone or not in the second is rather hard to say seeing as nobody has gone out and agreed on here (afaik)
  10. And that is precisely why it is better to nerf the one that's performing better than the rest than to buff the rest. But mr @Butterdoll doesn't want to hear this.
  11. I absolutely love my Bertin, but will be the first to say this nerf was well deserved. She is the strongest tier 5 cruiser in the game currently. And it is always easier to nerf the odd one out rather than buff the rest. Also: what else were they going to nerf? Armor? Nope, she doesn't have any. In fact her armor is so bad that giving her more armor would actually be a nerf not a buff. Mobility? Due to above it's the one thing that keeps her alive. Therefore any Bertin nerf had to be to the armament.
  12. Help

    Pretty sure that both the ones in the video I posted, and the one that @K82J posted blow that out of the water.
  13. Is that a joke!?

    That still does not answer the fundamental question: What was the OP doing going in that close? And if he can't HIT those two at range, then the issue is not with the ship, but the player.
  14. Is that a joke!?

    Then there's the matter for the ID to even hit him with those secondaries he has to be what..5-6km away, absolute tops, with all possible skills and modules? EDIT: 6,3km, with both secondaries 2 and AFT, that's the absolute maximum range of the Iron Dukes' secondary battery.