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  1. lafeel

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Surprise bonus SC while playing today. Sure, I can use those.
  2. Started late, so kept it short. Did get some good games in though while finishing off the first set of DY missions at least.
  3. Just because it feels that way doesn't mean it has. Just take a IJN gunboat line dd and you should be fine. EDIT: also if you think that's bad, you should try the potential damage one. In co op those pesky bots either don't shoot at you, or shoot you a little too well, especially in a cruiser.
  4. Ran into @Jethro_Grey while working on something in game earlier. Sadly it took two more games than I should have and the next three did..not go as well as that one.
  5. Short and, not all that, sweet day as it took four games to do what should have taken two, but got what I set out to get at least.
  6. lafeel

    BBs are coward in general and here's why.

    Speak for yourself mate. Sure she's not that accurate, but you do hit with her, and hit hard at that.
  7. lafeel

    Remove this

    Figured, but it also never hurts to ask.
  8. lafeel

    Remove this

    Intruiging. Any idea how you made them disapear?
  9. lafeel

    Remove this

    Presumably when you've received four tokens from missions and the packs are no longer available, yes?
  10. lafeel

    Remove this

    Should go away when the dockyard prebuy bundles are no longer available I do belive. Or you could (not saying you should) just buy them and make it go away that way. At least that's what sure looks like the culprit to me, because I've also literally clicked on everything else in there..
  11. lafeel

    BBs are coward in general and here's why.

    I mean it's not like you can gain at least 1600 coal each day by picking the more coal containers (and thats with only 400 per, with the remaining 400 coming from the daily mission) or something.. Oh wait, you can. (no offense meant, just saying there's not much point to brawls if you don't enjoy them)
  12. lafeel

    A little oddity with the Azur Lane port

    Was one of the first things I checked tbh. While not exactly game breaking that truly was a odd bug.
  13. lafeel

    BBs are coward in general and here's why.

    A BB only brawl is a camp fest? Colour me not surprised in the slightest. This has been blatantly obvious to be the case since at least CBT.
  14. Had better, had worse. Nice to have a new toy to play with though.
  15. lafeel

    Flandre vs Gascogne

    Since I actually have both of them I really should add my two cent's worth here. Honestly the Floundre is probably the better ship, but there's a big ole caveat to this: Namely the fact that Gascogne has the same gun layout as Republique, so if you want to get used to that layout before getting your hands on the Reppy your choices are really only the Gascogne and the Campagne.