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  1. USS Indianapolis, good at more than feeding sharks.
  2. Day 5: Opened all but two of the ones you can get from the missions, bought three in the premium store, bought another 10 in the arsenal. Result? Still whole lot of nothing.
  3. Acasta thoughts??

    To be fair, she's not exactly alone among the tier 5 and below DD's in that regard. Also, in regards to that final line, I have always said that "boring" is one of, if not the, worst things you can say about a ship in this game..
  4. Acasta thoughts??

    Maybe you should try to launch them at a closer distance, hm?
  5. Day 4: Taking a break, going back to it tomorrow.
  6. cossack captain skills

    Could do worse than use the exact same skills as you would for the Haida to be honest..
  7. Good ole Shiny Horse, doing what she does best.
  8. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Beliving that, just for one instant, that I'd get something in there that'd make up for getting jack *Edited* out of the RN containers so far. Of course not.
  9. Not happening. Not until WG gives me a one from a regular container.
  10. You quite clearly paid for those
  11. Day 3, close to 20 containers opened by now, result: Still a whole *Edited* load of nothing.
  12. Day 2, 7 containers opened, no DD missions yet. Will, of course, keep at it.
  13. a possible glitch?

    Basically the horn of my Imperator Nikolai doesn't work at all in port while the Rasputin camo is installed. Anyone know what gives, and possible fixes?
  14. Lootboxes!

    Wouldn't expect a discount such as the one currently on again till x-mas if that's what you mean.