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  1. lafeel

    Mainz and Odin....No thanks

    Which, for a 15cm cruiser, is actually pretty darn fast.
  2. lafeel

    Alaska Build.

    Can't go wrong with a straight up stealth+survival build, just don't bother with Survivability Expert.
  3. EDIT: how did that happen, I only hit the button once.
  4. Pretty nice games, if I do say so myself.
  5. lafeel

    Captain bad advice

    Could also try a different code than the first one..
  6. lafeel

    Captain bad advice

    right here just paste them into the window
  7. lafeel

    Captain bad advice

    Go here , use some of the codes (all worked for me last night) and it should give you up to 8 free containers. Even one will start the collection nicely.
  8. lafeel

    Fredrich der Grosse ifhe?

    Completely agree, I'd take Fire Prevention as the 3rd T4 skill to improve her survivability instead @Admiral_Oily_Discharge EDIT: Or BOS+JOAT, that'd help too.
  9. lafeel

    Mainz and Odin....No thanks

    Actually, if you want to be technical Graf Spee was never a "Heavy Cruiser", in designation or otherwise as she was sunk while still categorized as a Panzerschliff (Armored Ship) Also, this isn't about what the RN called them, it's about the treaty categorization, which is generally considered the most appropriate one to this day. Also, by your logic Germany didn't even HAVE destroyers till the 1930's because until that point they'd all been classified as torpedo boats.
  10. Have a trio of sixteen pointers, but I'll spare you the screenshots as last I heard not everyone likes the port UI mod I use. :P
  11. lafeel

    Mainz and Odin....No thanks

    Sorry, but this is utter *EDITED* The guns are precisely what makes a ship a heavy cruiser or a light cruiser. So saying that Mainz is a "heavy cruiser with light cruiser guns" is 100% inaccurate. Calling her a Hipper with 15cm guns however is 100% accurate.
  12. lafeel


    Or just find a another way to get your stars, speaking as someone who got through the entire campaign using just missions 1 and 2 of each part.
  13. lafeel

    Mainz and Odin....No thanks

    And isn't hampered by Mogami's legendarily awfull torpedo arcs should be noted.
  14. lafeel

    Any ETA on Odin and Agir?

    If we knew, we wouldn't be allowed to tell you..plus some of are waiting for the Siegfried instead.