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  1. As a wise man once said, the truth can never be repeated too often.
  2. Battleships are reduced to targets

    At least try and get your facts straight dude.. Actually the Littorio was pretty badly damaged as well, no surprise seeing as she took three torpedo hits in that raid, while the other two took one each.
  3. Battleships are reduced to targets

    To be fair, that one torpedo she took hit (and wrecked) the outboard propeller on that side, that is not a hit you can take and not head back to port to get it fixed. A graphic example of what a hit like that can do to a ship is what happened to the Prince of Wales.

    Obvious joke is obvious, don't even see the porpoise of that poll (pun intended)
  5. "Retarded"

    How about we just keep on reporting anyone who we feel has crossed the line in game for misbehaviour in chat and try to at least keep the forums civil, rather than this namecalling? (@both sides) As they say, two wrongs don't make a right.
  6. "Retarded"

    As someone who suffers from it himself I feel much the same way about people using Asbergers in the same sense. Goes for autism as well. And don't even get me started on referring to anything in a computer game as cancer. <.<
  7. Missouri gone for good?

    One wonders..
  8. Tbh, this applies to every ship in the game, not just the BB's, and can not be repeated too often: Know your ship. While we're at it, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of whatever your foe is driving doesn't hurt either.
  9. Remove it NOW

    They have to test it somehow, and the live servers is the best place to do so and get a accurate assessment of how well (or poorly) she will perform.
  10. Remove it NOW

    How does one remove something that has not even, last time I checked, been released yet?
  11. Richelieu vs Alsace

    Even that starts to fall apart quick with all the various factors not included in that calculation.
  12. Steven Seagall gone?

    Or (as I suspect): All of the above.
  13. Worse than that, it will take away any and all fun you were having before even faster than that.
  14. And the sad thing is, one game in pretty much ANY of the premiums in the game would have netted you the credits you needed.
  15. RN DDs - any info?

    Three actually. The tier 3, 5, and 7 are all RN ships. Respectively (WW1)R, Shakespeare, and N-class destroyers.