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  1. Perth is a pretty decent ship, I've had a one for a while now.
  2. Sure you can request this, but I seriously doubt you will get it in this case.
  3. Has to have been this game right here
  4. Was thinking that, but now I think he's just trying to be cute. And I am pretty sure this is a terrible idea business wise, which is of course why WG will never do it.
  5. As I recall the game opens them for you if you don't open them yourself.
  6. You have until the daily reset each day.
  7. No, you're not. Although I would have preferred her sister, I will happily purchase the Abruzzi.
  8. To be fair, even 26-27 knots feel fast compared with those USN slow pokes and their 21..
  9. And that advantage is why I love my Kongou, and never feel more comfortable in a tier 7 game than in her.
  10. Couldn't resist any longer, and got the skin myself. Must say she looks absolute bad @ss, both in port and in battle.
  11. To be fair, as I recall 20mm also have a bit longer range than those 13,2mm ones (2km as opposed to 1,2)..