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  1. Team Reports

    You do realize that to report the entire team you would have to report yourself as well right? After all you were just as much a member of the team as any other player on it.
  2. The first review of Musashi

    Well, LittleWhiteMouse certainly has her..opinion on the matter https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/148281-premium-ship-review-musashi/
  3. Personally I don't think she's a bad ship at all. Now whether I will keep her or not remains to be seen. :P
  4. kutuzov spotted in smoke

    Oh there's no denying it is a mixed blessing at best, but it was a point worth raising non the less.
  5. kutuzov spotted in smoke

    Except it's also a buff, as the Kutuzov herself also had her own fire duration reduced, lets not forget.
  6. Decided to go for a couple more, and I am glad I did. Got this in the second.
  7. Game 1: No I swear, I was not on the "sink 1 bb and win" mission. Game 2: One of the weaker tier 6 cruisers eh? Don't think that enemy Kidd would agree with you..
  8. Safe bet, that is. And of course the OP will not see that his decision to retract the funds will have had anything to do with it..
  9. New North-cape-containers in shop

    You'd be guessing correctly.
  10. Not sure if this was my best, but it sure stood out.
  11. Scharny Scharny Scharny, oh how I love thee.. Oh and as a bonus, a pretty good QE game.
  12. Scharnhorst showing (again) why I love her.
  13. DON'T trust the auto pilot

    No I don't have problems with the autopilot. Mostly because I don't trust it, and therefore never use it :P
  14. Highlight of a pretty good day actually.
  15. A terrible idea, as it'd make the lives of the ships that do have terrible aa a absolute living hell. You try playing three games in a row in a Perth where you had a Ranger on your team with NO fighters and see how YOU like it before making a crazy suggestion like this.