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  1. Monalie

    Bug Reports

    Since 0.8.0 I have found the port interface to be extremely sluggish. Any simple action, like adding a flag, seems to take so much longer than previously.
  2. Monalie

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    Interestingly I just put a ticket into support, and I got a reply (usual generic copy/paste reply) but almost immediately the client started to download.....................Did someone forget to switch it on?
  3. Monalie

    Public Test of Update 0.8.1: Round 2

    Can't even download the PT.......problem at WG end!
  4. Monalie

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    Thought I would try again this morning, but I am afraid the problem still persists.........stuck at 9%. Some kind of explanation would be helpful.
  5. Monalie

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    Same problem here regarding the install. Get so far then...... "unable to complete install" .
  6. Monalie

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    I like the change to the radar location, however I'm not sure 6 seconds is enough time to get speed up and 'get the hell outa Dodge' before you are visible to all..................however, we will have to wait and see.
  7. I realise a lot of people don't like Standard battle, but what if they removed Domination mode? There would be less pressure on DDs to 'race' to cap points, the ships could even act like 'proper' fleets. Just a thought.
  8. Monalie

    General feedback

    I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a little confused re the new Captain respecs. Is it worth using Concealment anymore, assuming there will usually be a CV in the game?
  9. Monalie

    General feedback

    Extend the free Captain 'respec' until the end of February....at the earliest. I feel there will be a lot of tweaking by WG which will necessitate changing Captain's specs quite often. I see we are to get another respec in a couple of months.............I'm afraid that just doesn't help. If you get it wrong now you have to wait two months to rectify it.............no use at all.
  10. Monalie

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    When does the free Captain 'respecs' finish?
  11. Monalie

    Alex Allison

    I just saw The Audacious being tested, so maybe not too long.
  12. Monalie

    Disappointed with an update. Is refund possible?

    Contact support and they can restore your Asashio B, as long as you have the credits to pay for it.
  13. "Up to three carriers may be matched to a team for battle.".................Seriously????????????
  14. Monalie

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    Belle Epoque containers are a useless compensation..........should have been Santa containers.