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  1. Charaid

    Public Test 12.3 - General Feedack

    Got the Daisen but it's not available to participate in battles. What's the point?
  2. Charaid

    Public Test 12.3 - Bug Reports

    Any reason why after getting the Daisen you cannot play it?
  3. Charaid

    Dry Dock: Colbert

    You can get the Colbert in the Research bureau.
  4. Charaid

    Wows is going well

  5. Charaid

    Free gift for filling in surveys, where ?

    Same here, logged in and got nothing.
  6. Charaid

    Player Support

    Managed to fix it, though it seems to happen after every update.
  7. Charaid

    Player Support

    Is there any reason why when I click on the 'Player Support' tab it appears in either Russian or German? This is constantly happening, I even try using different engines ie. Firefox, Edge, Chrome....same result every time. @Seraphice
  8. Charaid

    Guide to Collecting Holiday Gifts!

    Well over 12 hours now, still no captain. EDIT' Decided to click on every window that was already open, open another tab and 'hey presto' the last window opened. Weird or what?
  9. Charaid

    Guide to Collecting Holiday Gifts!

    Same problem here, tried all the suggestions but still no pirate captain.
  10. Charaid

    Do we no longer get birthday stuff

    My birthday was on Monday and got the SCs and coupon on Tuesday.
  11. Got my birthday gift, many thanks.
  12. Well it hasn't restarted yet, I didn't get anything today.
  13. Charaid

    Guide to Collecting Holiday Gifts!

    Mine is already filled in, so don't know what the requirement is for it. What does it say to open the window?
  14. Charaid

    Guide to Collecting Holiday Gifts!

    HOLIDAYSONTWITTER opens another window