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    on a carrier, launching planes at ya
  1. Navel Gun sizes in inches not mm

    Nonsense I say! We need everyone to measure everything in shatments. #MakeShatmentsGreatAgain
  2. Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    This one very much sums up my feelings. Not just that. Who knows how much information the client is receiving for this skill to work. What if a mod appears that also gives you the range, etc. That would be a major consideration also.
  3. Festive Cheer Prize Draw #2 - Try Your Luck!

    Very generous, thanks!
  4. Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Wow, nice one guys! ID: jeff_peters ship - Molotov if possible.
  5. Anyone who believes that Horten 229 was a stealth plane is [edited]retard.

    1. AnuSuaraj


      It kind of looks like the B-2 jeff. Coincidence? I think not...

    2. Shepbur


      But the history channel said it was because it was made of wood and had black radio wave absorbing paint on it!

  6. Clicking is love, clicking is life.

  7. Division Sizes

    I have no friends, cancel divisions plox.
  8. Need OP bodyguards. Pay is low but at least hours are long.

    1. AnuSuaraj


      Pay is low but at least THE hours are long.

    2. _Grim_


      If payment is in burning carrier wrecks,you got yourself a deal.

  9. Terrible suggestion. Why not make all ships premium then? Also, in need of serious history lessons. Yaks were far from outdated and Bismark was nothing special.
  10. Dady's home.

    1. X101


      I hope you know how to swim :)

  11. playing WoWS - TOGE edition

  12. Applied for the second time. Y U NO WANT ME WG

    1. AnuSuaraj



    2. X101


      You must keep stronk faith!!!!!

  13. Resident Evil zombies. It's enough that they got hold of the rest of the ships in my team.
  14. Whaaat?

    1. AnuSuaraj


      You've undergone a sex change operation I see...

  15. One Welsh farmer to another: "so my girlfriend asked me how many sex partners I had before her." "I started counting them, but then I fell asleep."