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  1. I was hoping there will be again perma camos discount, but it seems WG doesn't think this give them any profit.
  2. tom_kat

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Of course they want more and more and more money, companies first objetive is this. It's no accident that they moved from Belarus to Cyprus so the compay pay less taxes, f.ex. The problem is that they released multiplatform games so they can reach more players, so they could have more opportunities of getting incomes, so they can hold this business longer. But as you say: this acts should not be done this way on this days.
  3. tom_kat

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    It's perfectly legitimate for Wargaming to try making money. I spend by myself some € because I trusted in WoT and WoWs and just wanted to reward the developers work. Latter, when I suffered all the Chrysler, SirFoch, Obj264-4, and bot/gold spreading, I left WoT and focused on WoWs, hoping this game won't ends the same way as WoT. We all have seen where this game is going to be. And, let me say, the problem is our, because if we don't spend a single cent on it, Wargaming must change it's way of making money.
  4. Let me ask... Where are the TX premium camos discounts?
  5. tom_kat

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    Well, today I was on rank 2 with 4 stars left to rank 1. And AGAIN dropped down to rank 4 with 14 stars left to rank 1. If I'm calculating right, this is the 6th time this happens to me this season, and I'm on a 300+ battles more since I first reach rank 2. It is absolutely absurd, ridiculous and denotes a huge amount of things wrongly done in the design of this season, starting for the fact that playing ranked battles is no fun anymore (ofc I'm talking by myself, as a CA & DD player).
  6. tom_kat

    Ranked Battles Season 10


    Well, been playing some matches of this season and I can say: - As other seasons, matchmaker do whatever it wants to provide you an unbalanced match. Your team can overwhelm or be overwhelmed. Not an even match within +50 played. - Radar ships everywhere. Last season you can easily take 4 dds 2 cas and 1 bb on your team. This season you can have max 3 (wich it's ok) and 3 radar cruiser. - The Stalingrad makes a BIG unbalance. - It's so awful that when you played a ranked battle you, or some of your team mates, got game crashed. So... not very happy about it. But it's just my opinion.