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  1. Actually they are following the same strategy as WoT: spamming new branches without being properly tested (as intended, they are broken and force playerbase to develop it fast before they nerf the branch just before the newest will come out). Not a single new map, as you said, since 2019, wich it's a shame... Well, it's their business and we, the players, are guilty of letting them doing so, just by buying all that stuff. The new ranked system is another mess. The rewards are completely worst than older ranked battles, and the system that is made to force people to play as much as possible, until they are carried to a win, a joke.
  2. tom_kat

    Update 0.10.5 - Bug Reports

    Since last past some friends and me got some problems with FPS. In my case, I had set the FPS to 60 always. Now they are going from 60 to 30 and up to 60 several times on each match. And yes, I have all the drivers up to date and I don't face any similar problem with the rest of the games I play.
  3. OFC, lots of money provides lots of chests that provides lots of Makarovs and some of those ships :P
  4. Yes, some will proof they are good enough and a lot more won't (and they will make the ranked mode unbalanced). If you look at any sport qualifiying round to ascend to upper leagues, the teams willing to ascend compete in the same league, not the inmediately upper... Maybe WG should recommend the UEFA, FIBA, etc what qualifiying is about.
  5. So, if I understand right, the WG logic is to put people from the 2nd league of football of any country to compete not only with themselves but with people from the 1st league, to ascend. And, if I can remember right, the old Ranked system was about competing from ranks 20-10, 10-5, 5-1, what is, in my opinion a lot more fair. As an example: 4 players willing to ascend against 1. The more I play WG games, the less I understand their logic. If there is any.
  6. Yes, of course. And that's why same rules on CW should be applying to Ranked. No, the triple Marceau is a common tactic wich is still allowed on CW, in Ranked I see it very rarely. BTW, I'm finding games like this very often. I don't understand the point: are these silver players qualifing to gold?
  7. Maybe I'm a weird player, but I tend to try applying same tactics played by my clan to Ranked, using in game chat to coordinate with my team. Although it's more complicated, it can be done. Ps: what about the triple Marceaus?
  8. Maybe for the same reason that you restrict certain ships on Clan Wars? Maybe to try make the game a bit fair? And this is applicable to the matchmaker, where you can find 4 radar ships against none and teams with less than 45% W/R against +55%.
  9. tom_kat

    Update 0.10.4 - Bug Reports

    Got several maps where I'm stuck with dds far away from islands... And now I got THIS: Totally stuck. You may see the weird angle on the ship.
  10. Just thinking on how they intentionally made worst the prizes for reaching rank 1 in comparison with old ranked system...
  11. tom_kat

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    So I'm understanding that you want screenshots of that so you could believe that this competition system does not have any sense and gives the opportunity to newcomers or bad players to be carried into Gold League. OK. Edit: just readed again my post, wich I admit could be missunderstood, and will try to reply with what I've wanted to say. Despite having an ARP Yamato, and a premium TVIII and TIX, and being this case a, as you say, rare exception, I wanted to point on the fact that this system does not reward skill or game knowledge, this system gives anybody the opportunity to reach Gold League just by being carried by nice teammates, so the more you play, the more higher you will be carried. And, right, I will be ready to make some screenshots when those exceptions appears.
  12. tom_kat

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Of course! Newcomers with ARP Yamatos. And much more on Bronze-Silver with Alaskas, Pommerns, and that stuff that close the gap between players with some experience (wich it's supposed to be needed to compete on ranked battles) and those ones whose buy It with money.
  13. tom_kat

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    That's right. PR is a measurement done externally. But what's yours is the knowledge of people that haven't researched any TIX, TX from techtree (Hello ARP Yamato!) and/or haven't played away from TVI (or mostly Co-Op) inside the Gold League. Letting newcomers, or people that just don't want to play away from low tiers, get inside to what (as WG said) "requires more effort and game knowledge" to players that don't match any condition but buy a ticket (a premium ship) impacts very negatively on ranked battles. And you know it.
  14. Actually brawlers BBs are useless. No point of pushing. No point of knowing the map and angle to hold a position. 80% of the team is almost border surfing and sniping, as the enemy does. If somebody up there in the WeeGee skies thought this gonna be good for gameplay, better for him/her to stop drinking vodka. This thing monetizes the effort made by the player knowing the game just for habilities that makes a situational-positional game into a shoot-the-duck kind of. Welcome to World of Coastal Batteries. And, by the way. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel CV's even more broken with the new captain habilities: I've had a buch of games since new patch with my Halland where a CV's destroy me with 2 squadrons and I managed to shot down around 10 planes. A nice add to the game will be a magic button that provides you the option to play CV's matches or not. I would love to see the % of players that won't want to.