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    Oh and Star Trek, of course.
  1. bulletbill56

    Closed Beta Survey

    Mmm, very specific questions... Finished it anyway!
  2. bulletbill56

    passive players

    I'd rather them hang at the back using their range then go full steam ahead into the enemy destroyer's torpedoes...
  3. bulletbill56

    Give me key plis

    Just stay active on the forums and follow all the latest news and announcements, it'll be only a matter of time before everyone can get on, but begging on the forum for a key won't get you anywhere.
  4. bulletbill56

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    I've had the one where the ship just stops for no apparent reason in the water, no momentum slow down it just stops to 0 in a second.
  5. bulletbill56

    Bomb damage Versus Torpedo

    Pretty hard to miss with bombers...
  6. bulletbill56

    Am I the only one who is getting some really bad ping?

    I would switch your broadband provider as soon as possible!
  7. bulletbill56

    How was your 1st Day New Beta Testers?

    Just got two tier four ships!
  8. bulletbill56

    Just downloaded the closed beta client

    Probably after everyone else's applications are sent
  9. bulletbill56

    Musashi wreck

    That is some really amazing footage, nice.
  10. bulletbill56

    90mins documentary from national geographic

    Ah, already seen it; thanks for post anyway though!
  11. Dynamic weather? - Or random weather in certain maps.
  12. bulletbill56

    The Streamlined Battleships

    Now there's a ship!
  13. bulletbill56

    Dedication to Yamato

    Hmm... Now what about a lifesize Lego battleship Yamato?
  14. bulletbill56

    World of Tanks Generals - Closed Beta starts

    Ah details...