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  1. Had honour to play with man himself...

    I was wondering the other day where he was, I am happy to learn that he is still around.
  2. Z39 in Shop

    so... I can have two unique commanders for every nation in my port. Interesting...
  3. How dare you. It is quite clearly a Phalanx CIWS:
  4. Always a pleasure to meet an old friend. Nice game!
  5. Clan wars, thank you Wargaming

    I am delighted with CBs finally being implemented in the game, I believe that a lot of players were in need of some clan content, especially the ones with a competitive mindset. At the same time, I am satisfied with the final standings at the end of the season, I think these represent clans that were above all consistent in their gameplay. After all, we are all affected by randomness -be it in the sense of dispersion, map rotation, spawn location within those maps, as well as opponent selection, bad beats, disconnects, players losing interest or simply being unable to attend for various personal reasons. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone else who reached their limit, especially those who went beyond what was originally anticipated from them, I am talking about the "non-traditionall" clan names here. See you all in the next season.
  6. this is why i dont play zao anymore

    This has nothing to do with the Zao and this is nothing new either. T10 is designed to be economically unsustainable for extended periods of time for almost everyone in this game. This is to counter all the people that want to play T10 and only T10, and is trying to force you to play other ships of lower tiers too. Then WG released the premium camos thus rendering the whole point moot.
  7. This is getting [edited] old WG

    Affirm. This is how I understand it too.
  8. This is getting [edited] old WG

    It has been said before that some people have had it happen to them. WG was looking for people that had this happen to them and asked them to come forward with data, I am not sure what has ever happened to that, but I know that in the recent Q&A they said that the signal flag brings down the detonation chance to 0, ignoring the other signals that slightly increase it (or something to that effect). So you are right, with the signal alone, you should be well guarded.
  9. This is getting [edited] old WG

    If you got detonated while using a signal, I am truly sorry for you. But at least you are aware of their existence and the fact that you should be pretty much running them all the time on your DDs. At least that is what I do, and that includes CA/CL too.
  10. This is getting [edited] old WG

    My main class is a mere 800 games apart from my second class, which incidentally is the same case with you. I am not sure what you are trying to say here. Any particular reason why you are not using signals or modules yourself? Maybe you could have brought that astronomical amount of 31 detonations in over 4.000 battles down to something more easier to digest, so you know, you wouldn't have to come here and talk about my stats and stuff.
  11. This is getting [edited] old WG

    Funny how perspectives work, I just posted a counter to that. Read two above.
  12. This is getting [edited] old WG

    I am not defending anything, I just dont subscribe to whining for known game mechanics. It is right up there with "my BB gets set on fire every second salvo, plz nerf!!11!!one1!1" The whining is also excacerbated by the fact that contrary to radar, or stealth firing, or whatever, there is a counter to it, pretty signal flags or modules. WG is working on it, sit back and relax until they come up with something. If we decide to pay attention to everyone that comes to the fora and cries because of a game mechanic (any game mechanic) then we will have nothing else to do.
  13. This is getting [edited] old WG

    Valid point, until you realise that detonations are not as frequent as stealth-firing was or getting radared is (literally every game).
  14. This is getting [edited] old WG

    When will people realise that they will never get sympathy in the forum for being detonated. It is a game mechanic, it is staying, use signals or the module and get over it.