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  1. FireRM

    Unique commanders

    During the recent Q&A on the official WoWs discord server, WG replied that had they thought about having a discount coupon for commanders, then their starting price would be much higher. So no coupons for commanders any time soon.
  2. FireRM

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    I am slightly more concerned about the fact that we are getting yet another CB season in one month's time, with a tournament aimed at competitive clan play (KoTS) between, just for good measure.
  3. FireRM

    I get it now! It all makes sense!

    This needs to be turned into a mod.
  4. The economy went downhill when the premium camos for TX's were introduced, taking the MM for all tiers with it. When players can stay at TX indefinitely because theres no harsh economical punishment, but rather make money on top then the players get rich and the middle to higher tiers stagnate, while those who want to stay at say T6 or T8, will have to be uptiered most of the time, creating a lot of frustration at the same time. On the other hand, when WG nerfed the gains of camos/signals per daily container, or when you get directives that give you 1 signal, people come to the fora and complain. In the meanwhile, we get regular threads where people can brag about how much credits, FXP, signals, camos and other resources they are sitting on. I know theres not one mind or one opinion in the community, we also need to understand there's always the other side of the coin, and WG have to look at both and make a decision. So which one is it, increase price to pay for free ships to go along with the huge inflation, or nerf the free resources you get while playing the game, that will eventually help you get the aforementioned free ships.
  5. FireRM

    Will you complete directive 2?

    Completed it without even realizing.
  6. FireRM

    moar clan brawls plz

    title says it all, 5 hours of non-stop fun
  7. FireRM

    Clan Battles Matchmaking and Balance

    I just watched the stream, 4 torp kills, you are lucky they brought a GK and not another dd...
  8. FireRM

    Supertest FAQ

    affirm, ST is closed for applications at the moment. Nobody knows when it is going to be opened again. PS: The answer can also be found in the FAQ, in the very first post of this thread.
  9. FireRM

    Clan Battles Matchmaking and Balance

    Meme comps are just that, they also swing heavily. You could have just as easily beat them and then laugh about it on TS about "that funny comp" you just played against, but you lost and chose to post about it instead of moving along. It is the start of the season and trollish compositions during the first couple of days are almost a mainstay, a tradition, until clans figure out what the meta is or until they 've had enough fun and with the rest of the season ahead of them, decide to get serious.
  10. Really good work OP @Koruption What I notice, and you briefly mention it in the beginning of your post, is that there are not enough players with the required amount of battles in the ship, because it is fairly new, and fairly rare, albeit it, you have reasonably tried to balance this out. The number one argument so far about the Stalingrad has been about top players of top clans or veterans of WoWs (going back several Ranked seasons) or a combination thereof having access to it, which will likely skew the results towards the higher end of the spectrum. Now with the new CB season running, as well as the large influx of steel by virtue of missions and campaigns, a lot more people are expected to get it, and have actually done so, as we can witness in other threads. Admittedly, some of the new Stalingrad owners may also be experienced players and veterans that simply just missed out on one CB season, or a few ranked seasons, but I would wager that the vast majority of the new players are not of the same calibre. To reaffirm if this argument stands or not, I would like to draw a parallel to the likes of Alabama and Alabama ST. Not a lot of background information is needed here, the ships are exactly the same bar for a large cephalopod on the sides of the latter. However the former is a premium ship available to everyone, and the latter is only given to a select few Supertesters. Now, supertesters are not all super-unicums, some of them are, but most of them are not, something that makes sense, because you wouldn't want to balance ships around the elite 1% of the playerbase, you can look up some of STs stats if you so wish. Now if you compare the statistics of the two identical ships, you will see that the ST version of the Alabama greatly outperforms the regular version. Yes, the number of battles played in the ST is a fraction of that of the Alabama, however I would argue that even if the ST owners played the same number of battles as the regular version of the ship, the stats would generally stay the same. I theorize that this because of a much smaller, controlled group of people (who also happen to be very experienced) that are given access to ship, rather than the general public. Exactly the same thing that is happening right now with the Stalingrad. So I would wait for the number of battles played in the Stalingrad to pick up and then use the OPs tool to make comparisons again.
  11. Yes, they sabotaged themselves in this one. They buy the De Grasse, an example I actually wanted to use before I watched the rest of the video, with dubloons from the Tech Tree, with 120 containers remaining. Then he opens a container with a De Grasse. The same thing happened to the Anshan, the Dunkerque and a couple of others. He also opens a Monaghan towards the ending of the video, although he dropped one in the beggining of the same video. So this is explained because he stacked his containers. So the better half of the video can be explained by watching this video alone and by possesing a fairly good understanding of how the system works. The beggining I cannot explain by watching this video alone, we have insufficient data, but given their lack of understanding of how the system works, I am willing to bet that they did something off-camera (i.e. buying ships from the tech tree with containers still remaining) that explains it, rather than WG pulling a fast one.
  12. Okay, I see what is he doing. Later on in the video, he uses the gold he got from the "duplicates", goes on the Tech Tree and buys as many of the Premiums available there as he can, in order to game the system and make it drop him a Missouri. All that while he still has 120 crates left to open. This is pretty clear why it will not work. What happens earlier is still not clear to me. If he did something similar off-camera then we know what happened.
  13. My personal experience is the same as @Kysmet above. What I do not understand is the following, even if the problem is indeed the stacking of crates, something which is evident in the video, it is suggested that e.g. the Okhotnik is already in the account, even with battles played, assuming this is correct, that means that it is not in one of the other crates in the same batch or other batches. Why does he get it the second time? Shouldn't the re-roll select a ship that is not there? The same thing happens with the Okt. Revolutsya further down the video.
  14. The OP is correct, I went and watched the video in question. It would seem that WG has indeed changed the award logic in the middle of the sale and without notice which would be deplorable in my view if proven to be the case. What I don't get is the following though, in the video he draws a Roma from a normal container, then he immediately proceeds to draw a supercontainer with an Okhotnik inside which is then converted to doubloons (bottom right). So it seems that the re-roll is still working by virtue of the fact that he got a supercontainer and not a normal santa crate, albeit the re-roll gives you a ship that you already have. What gives?
  15. Nobody is forcing you to grind these missions if you don't want to do it. Everyone has their priorities in life. What I do not get is the mentality that "I have to have it now and not a second later!" (in the case of free xp ships, a.k.a. "have you seen the price tag on that, make it cheaper!") or "I have to have it, make it easier!". Which is what we see now with the paid campaigns for steel.