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  1. mannen33

    im having a wierd resolution issue.

    </entry> </graphicsPreferences> <devicePreferences> <windowedWidth> 1280 </windowedWidth> <windowedHeight> 720 </windowedHeight> <windowedPositionX> 640 </windowedPositionX> <windowedPositionY> 360 </windowedPositionY> <isWindowMaximized> false </isWindowMaximized> <borderlessBehaviour> 0 </borderlessBehaviour> <borderlessPositionX> 0 </borderlessPositionX> <borderlessPositionY> 0 </borderlessPositionY> <borderlessWidth> 0 </borderlessWidth> <borderlessHeight> 0 </borderlessHeight> <fullscreenWidth> 2560 </fullscreenWidth> <fullscreenHeight> 1440 </fullscreenHeight> <fullscreenRefresh> 0 </fullscreenRefresh> <windowMode> 2 </windowMode> <monitorIndex> 0 </monitorIndex> <toggleBorderless> true </toggleBorderless> <waitVSync> false </waitVSync> <tripleBuffering> false </tripleBuffering> <aspectRatio> 1.7778 </aspectRatio> <userGamma> 1.0000 </userGamma> <colorblindIntensity> 1.0000 </colorblindIntensity> </devicePreferences> <scriptsPreferences> as u can see im trying to have a 1440p resolution but it doesnt matter if i manually change it in preferences it wont change in game. what more can i do guys?