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  1. steveraptor

    General CV related discussions.

    Meaningless information because there are not enough sample/battles.
  2. steveraptor

    I purchased the Graf Zeppelin... Was it wrong?

    Not really. The facts speak for themselves regarding enterprise as well, under capable hands its completely overperforming other tier 8 CVs. And this is why it got removed from the store. Kaga doesn't come even close to the level of killing power in each of its planes compared to enterprise.
  3. steveraptor

    I purchased the Graf Zeppelin... Was it wrong?

    You can try hard and make any CV work, Saipan is a worse Lexington in every aspect, it doesn't have any real advantage over Lexingon. Everything you perform in Saipan you can do twice as better and easier In Lex. Enterprise is completely broken on fundamental level, which isn't fixed by a patch or two, hence it was removed from the store. Enterprise is OP because: - Kaga-like reserves and regen - AP bombs - Fighters - Large squadrons - Best torpedoes at their tier - Excellent rockets - Literally 0 weaknesses
  4. We are getting close to patch 1.0.0. I wonder if WG plans anything special for this patch. What do you think?
  5. steveraptor

    I purchased the Graf Zeppelin... Was it wrong?

    Honestly, none of the current tier 8 premium CVs are worth buying, they are either gimped, nerfed versions of existing tech tree lines or straight up weak. Also, specifically Saipan, which is a such a huge trap, effectively a completely nerfed Lexington in all regards in a disguise that makes you think you get "quality" at the cost of high penalties, which in fact you get nothing and pay for it in huge penalties. Kaga is somehow the only one that can be considered because it offers different features (4x torp drops, HE bombs), and is fun to play in randoms from time to time. However it is nowhere near as competitive as Lexington and Shokaku. Enterprise don't count because you can't buy it anymore.
  6. steveraptor

    Shokaku good?

    Among the dominant 3 CVs at tier 8 with Lexington and Enterprise, that sits WAY above everything else. Be mindful however that in ranked its not so effective at ranked 5+ games due to constant massa spam and your AP bombs being effectively useless against those. Lexington is the best pick if you want to advance ranked 5-1 consistently, or in general for all ranks (you also need to be a good CV player ofc, this applies for everything I wrote, Bad CV player will fail in any CV and will have no influence in the game). Kaga is garbage compared to the top 3, don't even bother with it.
  7. steveraptor

    Graf Zeppelin Nerfed into Oblivion.

    At this point the ship has nothing to offer except secondaries and mediocre torps that are still nowhere near the power level of Shokaku and Lexington torps.... What a bargain for 14k doubloons, I really feel bad for all those that bought that carrier.
  8. steveraptor

    Graf Zeppelin Nerfed into Oblivion.

    Its horrendous, I tried it out in CW yesterday and bow/stern in dds you can, if you VERY lucky, get 1k damage, most often you get 726 damage or nothing. Considering how easy it is to turn into them or out, it a huge nerf. Same goes for cruisers, they are no longer reliable "finishers", even bow/stern graff spees don't take more than 1.5k damage.
  9. steveraptor

    Graf Zeppelin Nerfed into Oblivion.

    Don't count on it, they will probably miss/ricochet off the roof.
  10. steveraptor

    Graf Zeppelin Nerfed into Oblivion.

    Asking for CV buffs in this forum. Pretty ballsy. Anyway, if memory serves, the talk here was that the change to the reticle will actually be a buff to all CVs, except TiTs and yada yada, glorious non-sense. Btw Ryjou rockets are also pretty trash now, especially vs DDs. So...have fun hunting broadside cruisers I guess? At this point people should be allowed to ask for a refund on their GZ, I have never a seen a ship being butchered so hard over multiple patches.
  11. steveraptor

    No sirens for the Stukas?

    This is actually pretty dam good.
  12. Was hoping to use my coupon for Erich, but seems that i can't since you can't use it on a bundle.
  13. steveraptor

    WG RN "heavy" cruisers

    EM has little value on Goliath, i don't think its worth the 2 points: Assuming you use reload booster on slot 6: Goliath traverse time is 20.7. So, 180/20.7=8.7 degrees/second. Adding 0.7 of EM to this means an increase of around 8% to turret traverse, so...meh... PM is very solid though. Overall solid build, i run exactly the same except Vigilance instead of PM+EM.
  14. steveraptor

    WG RN "heavy" cruisers

    With the last 3 points you usually have the choice between: 1) Vigilance 2) BoS 3) SE out of the 3 I found out Vigilance to give the best value, because i had plenty of games where I was kiting ships with enemy DDs on the flank harassing with torps, vigilance + 6 rudder shift gives you plenty of time to dodge them when needed. YMMV ofc.
  15. steveraptor

    WG RN "heavy" cruisers

    It trashes any Russian cruiser in a 1v1 trade-off including petro, the tight dispersion at long range is great for punishing bow-in playstyle, which is how those ships generally play. The general rule of thumb is that any ship that can't overmatch Goliath upper belt is more or less easy food in a direct trade. The only cruiser which gives Goliath a run for its money and is more difficult to trade with is Venezia.