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  1. episode 2 . Tier 2 and some more about your port .
  2. After my Son explaining that he was not sure of the UI in Port and all the settings and what they do . I thought I would do a little series for new players and returning players as so much has changed over the last year or so. Your comments are appreciated Captains . What did I miss and is there anything else you would like to see ??
  3. gmomkey

    0.9.1 PTS - Bug reports

    Ops that's what you meant . Thanks for the reminder . at least we know the mission setters are all ok . . Thank you @YabbaCoe
  4. gmomkey

    0.9.1 PTS - Bug reports

    and then there is this 80,000,000 Damage to ships in 2 and a bit days ? @YabbaCoe yeah WG could you have a word with the person who sets these missions please . I think they are a little Zero Slap Happy .
  5. ok so I did a thing . These are My Thoughts on the upcoming modules . Please remember these are a Work in Progress and Anything Can and Possibly will Change .
  6. gmomkey

    0.9.1 PTS - Bug reports

    I think someone got a little over zealous with the zeros This might be a little bit OTT guys . 1,000,000 Base XP . . in just 2 and a bit days . . Oh don't you just love the PTS Back to Testing
  7. gmomkey

    0.9.1 PTS - Bug reports

    Having a problem getting in to the test . WG Centre says Nope . . . . Ps I know this is all the right words etc ... but I can't even access anything .
  8. gmomkey

    Public Test of Update 0.9.1: Round 2

    Hows the Connection issues coming on ???? Trying to log in and the WGC says NO
  9. Loving the Ranked Sprint 1 V 1 challenge .
  10. gmomkey

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    Thank you for changing the server WG . managed 2 battles . thank you . now the time has ended . is there time tomorrow ?
  11. gmomkey

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    Well just had a Server restart . so am now still Queuing in a DD . and so is everyone else it looks like . Oh WG . this is a pain . I am going to try at 1AM GMT and see if I can get a battle or two . I'll be Back .
  12. gmomkey

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    well I had 3 hours for testing today and @MrConway @Sehales this happened we can't test when it's like this WG last night I got in it was 1 sub and 1 CL a side the rest were bots . but there were over 90 people in the queue . I think the MM is having a problem . Please can you do something .we are all tier 6 so to be honest there should be no problems matching us . I have been Queuing now for over an hour . I have changed ships and have tried all classes . . I think the MM is looking for other tiers ???? I now have an Hour and a Half left for testing and I am Still Queuing .
  13. Well an hour later and . . nope it's worse . over 87 in que and in queuing for 5 mins . . . I hope it gets better after a reboot . . if that's what you do between tests ? how long do we have on this Test ??? I hope to do some more tomorrow as today is unplayable due to the Que .
  14. Been on the test last night and this afternoon . all went well last night and for the first hour or so today but then the MM just wouldn't give us a battle . after waiting and chatting for a little over 20 mins with my chat . I decided to go for dinner and come back in a little while . I hope the MM is feeling better by then . .
  15. gmomkey

    0.9.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Morning . ermm This so are we going to get these ships to test and complete this mission ????? any ways . every thing is laggy . could be because its the PTS .. The port is slower than a snail and I keep getting lag spikes in game . and the after game results on the live server take an age to appear but on the PTS its even worse . this has been getting worse over the last 3 or 4 patches . I just needed to let you know so the Devs can look in to it .