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  1. gmomkey

    0.9.4 - General Feedback

    I am a little confused . in game I have this But I have not got this package only got the Mikoyan with the tokens . Am I missing something ? I have checked my e-mails just in case I have been gifted it . but no I have not . ???? @YabbaCoe Have you any Idea ??
  2. gmomkey

    Game Frozen in Ranked

    Yep me too last night I was Streaming at the time , so it was a little embarrassing . and yes some compo would be nice .
  3. I don't know if this was reported last night . but . I went in to battle on the EU Server for my first ranked 16 battle and this happened . I was frustrated to say the least , I was streaming at the time , couldn't leave battle as that would be a desertion and I would go Pink . . not good example to my followers . I hope it wont happen again . So I went over to the NA and spent the evening over there , Fingers crossed it will be better today .
  4. Yeah I know . . we Shall See . . . cause if they don't move they will be the best target . . . . I can hear their tears from here . .
  5. @Pikkozoikum Awesome Feed Back hun . nice one .
  6. this could be true . . but . . they are a company and Need us to have Fun so we open up our wallets , so they can pay their employees and we can have More Fun . its a circle of business . Happy customers = more money = more products = happy customers = ..... Etc .........
  7. so the game will change slightly . . the meta of just hiding at the back until all lighter vessels are sinking is over . it could the BB job to back up the lighter vessels and help protect them from the menace of the deep
  8. may be but as the majority of us are . . well having very long weekends ( COVID19 lock down ) . it is now the weekend every day . so there are more people on line playing and they have more time ( Mostly ) so lets be honest . . it is the best time to test . and I hope every one does test them . the more feed back WG get , the better for our Fun . Stay Safe Captain
  9. On the PTS here is a little heads up on Subs . it's not totally comprehensive as they are Still a Work in Progress . Everything and Anything Can Change .
  10. gmomkey

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    Yes we did . every time WoT changed the line we kept the tank we had and got the replacement . . Except for the WT E100 . . . Oh I miss her
  11. gmomkey

    Submarines: How to Play

    Hopefully very soon . if we go by all the last PTS times should be this Thursday . . . if we are lucky and the wind is in the right direction . Stay Safe Captains