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  1. LuzPT

    APR Kongo

    What's the interest in the ARP (not APR) Kongo if not for the anime deal? I seriously don't see why people do these missions or use the ship if they don't like it...... Idk what to think about someone who comes here to complain about a deal made between two companies to advertise both their products and also to complain about a ticket response that's totally legitimate and far more than he actually deserves.
  2. LuzPT

    Project R Results

    Glad your first post was a complaint..... There's people on the same boat as you that enjoyed the event and didn't complain, why not join them?
  3. LuzPT

    Kamikaze R to buy on EU?

    The article announcing the ending of project R states it will be available for purchase, soon. And the Reward thread states so as well.
  4. LuzPT

    Three Kamikaze R spotted in game!

    Last time I went to a cramped space with a BB I found another BB and rammed him.
  5. LuzPT

    Project R Results

    Congratz and happy bday.
  6. There's a thread in the mod forums about it and another one in this section as well http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/43965-wg-developer-released-a-smoke-boundary-mod/
  7. LuzPT

    Project R Results

    The event was to bring new players, maybe it did just that and if they wont a Kamikaze it was within the rules. Just stop questioning everything regardless if you won or not. Water under the bridge m8.
  8. LuzPT

    Project R Results

    Just because you didn't win doesn't mean it was a fabrication or a cheat. Chances to win were more than enough.
  9. LuzPT

    Project R Results

    Just Ctrl+F the Spoiler list on the first post and see if you have your name,
  10. LuzPT

    Project R Results

    It does say ill have a chance to buy it eventually besides i did get to have fun participating so no worries.
  11. LuzPT

    Project R Results

    Ah, I didn't win, kinda disappointed - really wanted a nice bday gift. Nice effort everyone.
  12. LuzPT

    Kamikaze Lottery

    Well, if they don't give it out today I hope you get lucky tomorrow. Unless you have the 260 pearls... Also, thx @EsaTuunanen and @ZombieCheeze
  13. LuzPT

    Kamikaze Lottery

    I think it's one of the best camos out there.....unfortunatly im stuck in the lottery. It's my bday so fingers crossed I get lucky =p
  14. LuzPT

    Project R is up on EU

    I was expecting a front page article to be ready at to be launched at the click of a button but i guess they wanna pull out the numbers first and keep it to the forums.
  15. LuzPT

    Project R is up on EU

    36812 pearls left. Regarding the manual gifting.....well I don't mind the slow awarding but i would like to know if I was one of the lottery winners or not so I would probably appreciate it they sent an email saying like "you won the kamikaze r, please be patient as it will be in your dock as soon as possible" rather than waiting and waiting....