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  1. Mahakmar

    British Cruiser pain

    Sadly you are just gonna be cannon fodder for most other cruisers-dd-battleships in royal navy cruisers atm , gotten up to the leander then i get faced vs cruisers-battleships having 3-6 km range advantage vs me , yeah fun times are not here
  2. yeah how about just plain no, as for kills who cares its a team game, one side win other looses
  3. Mahakmar

    German Cruiser Feedback

    this view is with catapult fighter parked and random happening , and as for saying that aint flaming that is the definition of flaming, you are just using oh this aint flaming "but" then sorry excuse Back on topic i changed from hydrocaustic to catapult fighter first fight i had in the roon earlier today
  4. Mahakmar

    German Cruiser Feedback

    and another one, sorrry about the large images
  5. Mahakmar

    German Cruiser Feedback

    yeah ill try get a screenshot next time i get it with the roon
  6. Mahakmar

    German Cruiser Feedback

    ok gotten into the roon and its like tier 5-6 rear guns packing a punch , however its like most german cruiser made of glass and prone to citadells like mad However dunno if its intentional when using the roon i get like a arty fire mode increasing my range by alot and its alot easier to place shots, it vanishes on random and goes back to regular aiming, any other roon captain have this happen ?
  7. Mahakmar

    German Cruiser Feedback

    i found that once you hit tier 8 people are more reluctant to play aggressive so thats when hipper is struggling , guessing its the cost of 8-10 repair that makes people more defensive , i do some good games with 200-300k credits and sometimes i break even. Lets see what 0.5.1 brings but till then its grind towards hindenburg ,gonna have roon in few fights then getting experience with that, lets just see what they do with german cruiser line, but as of now its a unforgiving line that we have seen many try to play but due to their weaknesses is now only to the most intrested/new players, just hope this aint a future on dd and bb when they come out german line
  8. Mahakmar

    German Cruiser Feedback

    Hipper can excell in defensive mindset, try teaming-go with a few ships, stay abit behind as most see german cruiser they will target you due to weakness , they will wreck havoc on cruisers and dd with he shots if you can hit them center-citadell, if all fails just rush them with a slight angle and pray while shooting with front guns charging them , if you get them turning back and running you done your job and hopefully rest of the team sees the oppurtinity to start firering on the targets running/focusing on you
  9. Mahakmar

    Border "fix" annoying surprise

    well at least now the skating dd-cruisers-bb will be history-alot less forgiving, no fun seeing a ship skate down the side shooting like mad not caring if they are on the sides, now people have to watch out rather then rushing to a side and skate down the side
  10. Mahakmar

    You Like Open Ocean Map?

    not a big fan of it, when it comes into my game i just go YOLO and charge
  11. Mahakmar

    German Cruiser Feedback

    and people stop discussing off topic stuff please
  12. Mahakmar

    Is this all we are geting for German Cruisers 5.1?

    well they sure need to do something, german cruiser are simply not good enough vs their counterparts , lets hope 0.5.1 the line gets bit better as of now im loosing my will to play but yeh premium = grind it
  13. Mahakmar

    German Cruiser Feedback

    Actually the ap ammo in hipper is decent , just horrid prone to citadell hits all over, did a 29k damage on a hipper head on -.- just have to adopt a serious defensive gameplay as tier 8 its pretty hard vs higher ups atm Another edit due to the nature german Ca-Cl is atm its usually the first ships to be targeted and killed cause you can pretty much hit them anywhere and citadell stuff , im just grinding german as i got 15 days of premium after that runs out then i will consider if its worth to even try with german cl-ca and the grind-pain the current users are experiencing and beeing guinea pigs for the company , i predict they will be balanced slowly but that on the cost of alot of players gone bored with german line and will wait for the next "new" toys
  14. Mahakmar

    German Cruiser Feedback

    Well gotten into the hipper and its a glass cannon that when you get shot almost every angle get a critical hit , get the rudder -20% time cause this thing turns like a turd good side fast turret turn (well grinded in the yorck anything is better) speed is ok , guns are lower arc and better to shoot with but high detectability
  15. Mahakmar

    German Cruiser Feedback

    Best advice with tier 5-6 play them they as support, go for DD (as you got insane fast guns) cruisers if they are preoccupied with another target (kinda cheap but no choice) if you get spotted first in a german ship turn and run as most of the community see you as a free kill if you expose the broadside