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  1. BDubzZz86

    Casual Player loking for new Clan

    I sent you a DM mate! Smooth sailing
  2. BUMP: Still LF more active CASUAL captains!
  3. Hey buddy send me a PM if you'd like! Even though we are NL based we all speak English and are internationally focused!
  4. BUMP! Happy New Year everyone! We've given ICI Gamers a revamp; removed a lot of inactive members and are looking to get 2020 started off good by setting up a clan battle team! If you're interested and meet the requirements join the discord server or reply to this forum post! Happy Sailin'
  5. [ICI] The Institute for Casual International Gamers Who are we? The Institute for Casual International Gamers (or ICI Gamers for short) is a multi-gaming community founded in 2013 by a small group of friends. If you are the type of person that doesn't want to commit to one particular game for a period of time but, rather, play a variety of games then we might be the home for you. "World of Warships" is a title that we've been playing since the beta days with a tight group of people. What are we about? The thing about ICI Gamers is that we are definitely defined as a "fun" community as is. This doesn't mean that we don't want to do some of the more serious things like Clan Battles but we emphasize fun and just fun banter/chatting. The chatting part for us is more important than the actual activity in-game. We understand people might have a wife/kids/school/other obligations that prevent them from gaming 24/7 so this is definitely not a requirement. Having said that we like to get to know our members in somewhat more detail and we believe that talking to one another over voice comms like Discord is the way to go. In order to join us there are a few minimal requirements/things to note such as: *We use Discord (click here to join) *Captains must have a minimum overall WR of around 48% or higher (and be showing signs of wanting to improve) *Captains must have at least one Tier VI non-premium ship *Captains must be willing to use Discord when they want to division. Let's face it; The game is more fun when talking to your teammates instead of having a silent potato team *Be polite/respectful towards other players within and, more importantly, outside our community *You must be at least 21 years of age *Preferably based in either GMT/GMT+1/GMT+2 timezone Member capacity: 22/40 (NOTE: We are looking for active VOICE members!) What can we offer? *Often great humor and some random banter *Active team play in divisions *A vibrant International Discord community Current Clan Bonuses: Our hours of operations: When are we online? Well the most active periods on Discord are: Sunday - Thursday: 19:00 - 23:00 GMT+1 We're also, generally, online in the weekend but these times vary due to real life obligations (which is fine) So have you read all this and are still interested in joining? Feel free to drop a message here in this topic or send either me (BDubzZz86) or Linkaex a DM here on the forums! LAST UPDATE: 31-12-2019