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  1. BDubzZz86

    Looking for a home.

    Hey buddy, I sent you a PM! Hope you find what you're looking for
  2. So guys... Where's all my new captains at!? We're still recruiting for ACTIVE VOICE users!
  3. BDubzZz86

    Emblem / Insignia - a possible combination?

    Like you are sure this has been said before by WG you mean? If so do you have a link to the post? I'm quite curious because I'm sure you could block certain (forbidden) insignias to prevent abuse.
  4. Hey Captains, I'll keep this fairly short as the title is pretty self explanatory. There might have been a topic on this already but if not let this be the start of one. Has WG announced anything in the past about possibly adding a sort of emblem / insignia combination? I'd very much like a patch with the clan tag on it, for example, and instead of the current variety of emblems they have add an insignia over it. I believe this would add some nice, but simple, diversity to the customization of your "tag". Dubz Out!
  5. BDubzZz86


    Hey @Linkaex - well done man. The "recent" stats are always more important in my opinion. I think most people felt like tomatoes the first few hundred battles they played (unless they were active alpha/beta testers) so as your overall is always slowly, but surely, climbing then you are performing well. You're an ICI role model
  6. BUMP: General note - NON ICI Members are also welcome to join our Discord and just hang out - division up if one of your clanmates isn't there!
  7. BDubzZz86

    Looking for an English Clan

    Did you make a choice yet buddy?
  8. BDubzZz86

    Looking for an English-speaking society

    Sent you a PM buddy! Hope you find what you're looking for
  9. BDubzZz86

    Looking for a semi-serious Clan!

    Likewise; sent you a PM buddy Enjoy your Sunday evening
  10. BDubzZz86

    Tier 5 nearly 6 looking for a clan

    PM sent buddy!
  11. BDubzZz86

    Looking for an English Clan

    Good day to you captain! I've sent you a PM
  12. Hey there buddy - I sent ya a PM
  13. BDubzZz86

    Looking For a casual clan

    Hey there buddy i'll send you a PM!