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  1. BUMP: Tonight I'll throw my first stream online in a while. Hopefully online around 19:30 GMT+1. If you have Tier VI / VII / VIII / IX ships and want to join along come and say hi!
  2. Are you guys still active? If so .. what's your current active member base on Discord/in-game/etc?
  3. BDubzZz86

    Looking for mature English speaking clan?

    Hey there - will send you a PM soon buddy!
  4. I'm sure when he made the decision there will be a tag above his name
  5. BDubzZz86

    English speaking clan for casual playing

    PM Sent buddy
  6. Hey buddy - PM sent! Happy hunting!
  7. PM Sent buddy; have a good one!
  8. BUMP: We're sitting on 26 out of 30 members at the moment. Once we've reached 30 members we'll have no choice but to start making room for active people. NOTE: When I say "active" I don't necessarily mean "every day online in Ships" but I mean members that are more active in Discord (chat and/or voice).
  9. We play on the EU server mostly (at least for World of Warships). With other games it varies a bit.
  10. BDubzZz86

    Looking for clan (DK/ENG)

    We're glad to have you Power Suply! Have you sent in an application yet via worldofwarships.eu (or in-game)? If so let me know and I'll be sure to have someone accept your invite! Ahoy hoy!
  11. BDubzZz86

    Looking for clan (DK/ENG)

    Ahoy Captain! I have sent you a PM!
  12. BDubzZz86

    Looking for a Clan for Operations and more

    Hello there buddy, I sent you a PM! Hope you take a look at it. Good luck finding the right clan!
  13. Good luck with your finding a clan mate :-)