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  1. BiL

    Collector's Club Launch

    Thank you for the gift and the recognition.
  2. BiL

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hi, I would like to join the raffle. Thank you all for your kind offers. Happy holidays to all !
  3. BiL


    I refuse to read it since we are on the English Speaking Forum.
  4. Try to set graphics settings to whatever fits to you, low-med-high without customizing it and if the problem still exists and if you have time, try to uninstall the game and re-install it from scratch, it helps sometimes.
  5. I would like to thank all these prize sponsors and especially Shaka_D for my gift. Best wishes to all for a happy new year filled with health and happiness.
  6. Great way to express your holiday spirit, lup3s and Nethraniel thank you very much for your holiday offer and your generosity, count me in please. Good luck to all. # lup3s, thanks again for noticing that I didn't post a reply.
  7. Great offer guys ID: BiL Ship: Molotov Best luck to all.
  8. BiL

    A Very Fond Farewell

    Farewell mate and remember every ending has a new beginning. Godspeed.
  9. BiL

    Goodbye friends

    Farewell mate and good luck.
  10. BiL

    WG: Stop fixing "fixes" and reverse mistakes

    @ Terendir +1 mate, I really liked your post, but I doubt that WG will ever admit their mistakes and roll back. Just check what happend to WoWP, they had a perfect title, a good playerbase and boom one day one patch and ... disaster. Ofcourse they never roll back things, never admit their faults, didn't listen to the community and now they have a ~1000 playerbase and unlimited bots to play with. It seems to me that they are trying to make as much money as possible before their game titles expire due the shrinking playerbase.
  11. BiL

    Bad news from America...

    Watching the way that WG handled issues like that in WoWP and ofcourse completly ignoring the community over there with a result to loose all of their playerbase I'd say that they won't do a thing either here. Maybe we can take some action by setting a specific date, preferably a weekend, to stand off from playing the game if they don't take serious action on solving such issues. But this requires fully cooperation from the active community of WoWS so to indicate them that their salaries depends from satisfied customers.
  12. BiL

    0.5.6 loud buzzing from video card

    I agree with EsaTuunanen and ZombieCheeze, it sounds like coil whine, try to disable the Vertical synchroniztion and give us more detail about your GPU and your PSU.
  13. BiL

    File System and Installation Feedback

    I didn't noticed either a big impact in loading times using an HDD, I didn't compare it with my SSD cause it was already fast enough.