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  1. Skittles and cookies, Milk and honey. we got it to have fun and entertaining:)
  2. Considering WG didnt listen to the majority of the playerbase. Automatic Consumables makes tactics go away. BB any form of logical sense of gaming. When making an extra button to switch between squadron and ship DOES NOT make the game more difficult. Players should be able to have more of that interaction. AA rating is heavily nerved compared to what we have now. AA is only for self defence and thus CV's will become more powerfull then they currently are. Yes im a CV main and yes i do like the global change idea though it really needs some minor tweaking.
  3. Hey Contender,


    seen your message looking for clan.


    If u have time/willing feel free to join me/us in [OverPenetration] Solid group. Not the best, but far from the worst ^^

    Takin it easy with friendly and reasonable skilled people


    Tty later.



  4. yohane1

    Collectors edition?

    What is the thing about collectors? Are collectors going to test ships too as mentioned earlier?
  5. yohane1

    Will *edited* my account

    Attention seeker it is. Can simply uninstall and leave it be. But no..
  6. i can confirm. Nishikino is the only weeb.
  7. The embassy of TTT has openend where you can request trainings etc. https://discord.gg/bQKuu32
  8. yohane1

    the "carry harder!" thread

    I guess im alowed to place this over here..
  9. yohane1

    Making a complaint against wargaming staff?

    Tbf, premium time is a counter on your account specific. So unless you can prove you had time left theres honestly nothing to do against it. In the log of WG there's written what time you had left tho. So they can verify that. Premium time in Warships is continued eventho you are offline tho. May be something you didnt know tho.
  10. hi, if u're interested go at our disord and talk to a commander of the teams ;) @xoverx81
  11. yohane1

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Clanpage is unavailable the entire week already. PS: im clan owner/commander 2. Reproduction steps Happened last week. Did nothing special. Open clan tab. 3. Result Clan page cannot be loaded. 4. Expected result Opening the clan tab with all its features. 5. Technical details Didnt get error.
  12. You are welcome. See you around on the battlefield!