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  1. sagittarius_PL

    sound bug Cleveland

    I also can confirm that the bug with the gun fire sound has been fixed. I have checked it with "Freedom - Cleveland" and one other cammo. It is ok now ;-)
  2. sagittarius_PL

    sound bug Cleveland

    Same bug at my Cleveland since 0.8.1. What is more - this bug appear when I'm using "Freedom - Cleveland" perm camo. For one battle I have check Cleveland with other cammo (New Year Streamer I think) and I could hear gun fire normally
  3. sagittarius_PL

    Nowy Community Coordinator - Tricha_

    Witamy na pokładzie; życzę sporo cierpliwości i sprawiedliwości, ale przede wszystkim satysfakcji z wykonywanej profesji ;-) pzdr, sagit
  4. sagittarius_PL

    Musashi wreck

    Breaking news!!! If it will be confirmed I wonder what condition (damage) it has....
  5. sagittarius_PL

    Helen’s daughter

    Great post, and fantastic info about that interseting crap (+)
  6. sagittarius_PL

    Spanish ships & projects

    GJ - I am sure that if EU tree will appear in the game some of the ships above will be present in that tech tree
  7. sagittarius_PL

    The Person Below me (GAME)

    True. Over 20k battles. ;-) Preson below me in a WoWS Alpha Testes ?
  8. sagittarius_PL

    Polish Ship (ORP Grom)

    Grom is the ship which fits to WoWS very well (great ship with the suitable year of production and usage). I am sure it will be implemented to game: like You said as a premium ship, or.... maybe as a part of joined EU tech tree ?
  9. sagittarius_PL

    A Very short Video of the Nagato Class firing

    Great video, I have never saw it before. Impressive - thx for sharing
  10. sagittarius_PL

    Hood vs Bismark

    excuse me? where? there you have sth to read i think ;-) --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_battle_of_the_battleship_Bismarck
  11. sagittarius_PL

    Pre-RADAR Ships Camouflage

    Agree - that is the question numer 1: spotting system; after it it will be good time to ask about cammo
  12. sagittarius_PL

    Pre-RADAR Ships Camouflage

    Well, first time I see the "checked" cammo. I wonder if this pattern was really effiective... And.... I wonder what cammo paterns will be implemented in WoWS and what effect it will give to player ? (similar like in WoT) ?
  13. sagittarius_PL

    Imperial Japanese Battleship 'Yamato'

    Imho the answer is definitly "yes"; From one side the ship was potentially very powerfull (when facing enemy battleships), but from the other side all battleship were very susceptible for planes attack - so yes, it was protected. Sinking that huge and "powerfull" battleship was not only the military virtory but also propaganda success.
  14. sagittarius_PL

    Atago Class Guided Missile Destroyer [JMSDF]

    That is quite impoved verion of Kongo class which You described in other post - and I can see the similarity. Ship looks amazing and is very modern. I wonder how long it will stay in active service ? 10 years ? 20 years ? longer ?
  15. sagittarius_PL

    Akizuki Class Destroyer [JMSDF]

    Thx for sharing - my knowledge about Japanese modern Navy is little - so it is great to read something completly new. The ship is very interesting and looks great.