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  1. MoveZig

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    T1: No idea, basically haven't played them since I started. T2: Never really play them, but gonna say Jurien. T3: Varyag. If only for that pretty Pacific camo. T4: Dugouay Trouin (probably butchered it). Kind of a poor man's Nurnberg. Armor scheme has an interesting effect on gameplay. T5: Murmansk. T6: Duca D'Aosta. Fast, versatile and has interesting torps. T7: Not a lot here but pre-buff Yorck. I liked having the choice of flat or high shell trajectory. Now it's just a German CA with slow turrets and slightly stonger HE. Bleh. T8: Eh, nothing I like here. I think I'd love Irian though. T9: Dimitri Donkey. A lot of speed and utility, plus half-decent torps for once. T10: Salem.
  2. MoveZig

    What do I do with crowns?

    They'll get converted to 8 florins each, probably with the update on Thursday.
  3. MoveZig


    Well I got it, and I'm a fan. I consider it very powerful vs. other cruisers and some BBs thanks to the bow armor + superheal combo. RN CLs have the superheal too but the bow is so very soft, you can never tank with it like Salem can. Salem can bounce Bismarck/Monarch/French 380mm AP all day, let alone cruisers, and when they switch to HE, that's when the heal really shines. Of course, the drawback is you have to use DFAA, which almost never gets used. How I wish for a catapult instead, I mean look at all that room back there.
  4. MoveZig

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    I doubt many good players bother with Newport, especially outside of divs. It's tougher and less rewarding than Aegis and Narai. Also the FPS lag bug is really bad there, my framerate completely tanks on the last spawn and I get sound glitching too.
  5. MoveZig

    [Poll] AA sector reinforcement, are you using it efficiently?

    For early-mid RN BBs where the AA is pretty much all 2-2.5km, I think it's best to just have it off. Always use it on DDs and CLs.
  6. MoveZig

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    2: V-25, I suppose. Don't play t2 though. 3: G-101 4. V-170 5. T-22 (Yeah, I like torps, can you tell?) 6. Fushun (DW torps are just overall better in my eyes) 7. Gadjah Madah 8. Hsienyang (I'm sure I'd prefer Asashio if I had it) 9. Chung Mu 10. Because nerfed YY sucks monkey ****, I'll have to say Z-52.
  7. MoveZig

    old WoWs music

    When/where did this play?
  8. MoveZig

    Most underrated cruiser?

    ''Huangmeh'' does not deserve the moniker unless you just care about guns. The stealth, excellent handling, creeping smoke and powerful AA at all ranges are overlooked. Sometimes it's the finer points that make the ship, not just the damn DPM.
  9. Bad news as far as I'm concerned. I'm annoyed at the whiners who didn't want their obviously OP premium touched, but also disappointed at WG for not offering full refunds for the sake getting this nerf through. Yeah, it would have cost them but like they said, it's largely down to some old premiums that haven't been in circulation for a long time.
  10. A lot of people know this already, but if you're like me and you won the Great Gorgon camo for Shokaku and promptly forgot about it because you don't play CV, you can get yourself a cool 5k doubloons, assuming you have the 210k or so FXP and 12m credits to get the ship. NB: You'll get the creds back but not the FXP, unless you already had it when the rework was launched. A lot of thanks to u/Catch022 on the subreddit for making me aware of this.
  11. MoveZig

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    I don't mind, personally. It's harmless filler. Eventually they'll run even out of napkin doodles and the content will dry up. Better later than sooner. Besides, some of my favorite ships are ''clones'' and the differences can change things up a lot. Anshan's torp range opens up a whole different playstyle. Sometimes you get the same ship with very different national flavors, e.g. Jervis vs. GM. Ironically even though you list Musashi and Yamato, everything I've heard about the ships says they play the same. Just Musashi gets bullied more easily by CVs.
  12. Well, I'll give WG props for pressing on with something that's good for game balance but bad for their relationship with some of the whales. If they want to do their customers right though, there should be refunds, at least in doubloons.
  13. As a DD main, I'm fine with it. DDs can do so much more than BBs. They can spot, they can stealth-launch, they can cap and smoke up capping ships, they can get around faster. Doing damage and tanking it is the BB's job description, and they should obviously be better at it than anyone else.
  14. I haven't been around quite long enough for the time before built-in SA was a thing, but based on what I remember of WoT's cryptic and unintuitive spotting mechanics, giving SA to everyone was probably the best thing that ever happened to WoWS. Similarly, I think CE should either be given to everyone or to no one. It's too much of a must-have for DDs and cruisers. There should be no must-have skills.
  15. MoveZig

    Nations & first Ships for a Newbie

    Honestly, as a DD main, I recommend getting a 10-point captain with Concealment Expert if you're going to play DD. It's a must-have to do your job and be competitive vs. DDs that have it. If I were to start a new account and wanted to play DD, I'd first get to t6 with any other ship type and get a 10-point captain from the Operations. If you want a good versatile DD, I recommend German, UK or Panasian lines. Most Japanese have slightly subpar guns, while USA start out as close-quarters brawlers and thus not recommended for new players. Truth be told, Panasia has a couple of bumps in the line that can be problematic too.