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  1. Oh goody, another event that uses RNG for its rewards. Count me out.
  2. Oh we lost, I didn't know what would happen if the team dies and the objective gets done simultaneously, so I threw the dice. I wasn't going to 1v1 a Colorado with a KGV at 20% HP anyway.
  3. MoveZig

    AP being basically useless

    If I can overmatch the target with AP, I use AP. If not, and I don't have the reload speed to exploit broadside opportunities, I stick to HE. There is more to it - the more friendlies are shooting at the target, the more appealing HE becomes, for overwhelming the target's DCP and repair ability. If there are CVs, HE also helps them out.
  4. MoveZig

    Pizza Navy!!!

    Sounds like a delicious meal for CVs.
  5. MoveZig

    Yoshino or Salem?

    Depends on your preferred playstyle. Yoshino has to do the rear-line fire support thing at least until the BBs are whittled down, while Salem can be more aggressive and has shorter range anyway. So Salem has the DPM advantage at mid-range while Yoshino wins out at long and close range (if you can hit with the torps). The 27mm bow on Salem makes it bowtank-capable against 380mm AP while the superheal gives it a big edge in cruiser duels.
  6. MoveZig

    Armory available but it looks empty

    You don't need the ingame browser, I use the web version. https://armory.worldofwarships.eu/en/
  7. MoveZig

    Why run at the end?

    Dreadnought + Fireproof achievements.
  8. MoveZig

    Upcoming Monarch citadel nerf

    Small correction, that's before the CE nerf for BBs. I think it goes to 11.2km now.
  9. MoveZig

    Upcoming Monarch citadel nerf

    I think it has the best concealment in its entire tier spread (with the upgrade and CE), but not by much.
  10. MoveZig

    Coop vs Random

    - I think being interrupted (door, phone, whatever) is a non-negligible possibility and don't want to screw over 11 people. - I want a quick match. - I need wins. - I need kills. - I need torp hits.
  11. MoveZig

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    Why would it have German Type 1 camo?
  12. I've stopped my grind for Benham. Not because I couldn't stand it anymore (though it certainly is a relief to not have its hand on my throat every day), but because I found out that Benham's AA is absolute garbage-tier and also, according to the Armada video, the permacamo is only +50% EXP. It's my own fault, really, for not doing my research. I didn't want to get too hyped, but assumed that, being USA, it would at least get kinda-worthwhile AA like C-hull Mahan. No. It's worse, even in absolute numbers Mahan has it beat, and that's one of the weaker specimens in the line. I can get torpboats that aren't quite as spammy, but are more self-sufficient, tougher and have better utility. I don't need a one-trick pony. Special-mod Z-52 is my new target, and this one I can get at my own pace. I'll spend the tokens on camos instead.
  13. MoveZig

    Hyped for Friesland? / Any Info

    It's still WIP, but in the initial announcement, they said that in order to fully upgrade a t10 ship, you'd need to grind a line (of the same country) from t1 to t10 4 times. So expect heavy-duty grinding to get any high-tier prem in NTC.
  14. MoveZig

    Upcoming Monarch citadel nerf

    I'm always leery of heal buffs, because afaik repairing can also reset damage saturation. As for the cit nerf... it could have been a nightmare on t7 and below (see Nelson), but I expect on t8+ it usually won't matter (as long as you angle even a bit) except vs. Musashi + Yamato.