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  1. I still want Brisbane, but looking at recent monetization, they'll probably try to sell it for a bajillion dubs to whales before it's up for coal.
  2. MoveZig

    Errm..help, pretty please

    I got to Elbing, and I had to drop the line for exactly this reason. These should take up a cruiser slot in the MM, not a DD. Your options are to adapt to the challenge of capping at the start of a match vs. actual DDs; figure out alternate ways to play early in a Domination/Ranked match, no doubt while your teammates spam you with demands to go cap; or just drop them like I did.
  3. MoveZig

    Premium Pass

    Out of curiosity, what do you think of Omono? Looks trash to me, like a sidegrade to the t6.
  4. MoveZig

    Gokase permanent bonus...

    I got it. Since I also got lucky getting the Takahashi permabonus on the first draw, I'm gonna have permabonuses from t5 all the way to and including t9. Eventually it's worth it if you main that line including regrinds. But yeah, it's a complete waste on ships that you just throw onto the pile and then only play for snowflakes.
  5. MoveZig


    7 days prem.
  6. MoveZig

    Patato ship Worchester

    It irks me that the premier island-camper doesn't get a spotting aircraft (for the top-down view) even though there's no logical or balance reason why it should be mutually-exclusive with radar.
  7. MoveZig

    [POLL] Will you buy the "Premium Battle Pass"?

    I may buy the current one for 2500 dubs near the end. I may not buy the next one because I don't want to pay for lootboxes as the top reward. I feel more positive about the Battle Pass than buying premium time, which at this point to me as someone who started in 2016 comes down to faster creds and FXP/RP (which are now also in the BP). I wouldn't pay for BP and dockyard in the same month unless they both had tempting ships.
  8. MoveZig

    Is there a way to play w/o subs?

    Ranked works too for the moment. Neither CV nor SS at the moment in the Bronze League. Probably CVs after that, but still no SS.
  9. MoveZig

    Next Battlepass Final Reward

    I'd rather have a ship, an interesting one, rather than a bunch of surprise mechanics. If lootboxes are going to be an integral part of BP instead of premium ship rewards, I'm going to be far less inclined to buy it. Tokachi doesn't look like anything special, but it's still more appealing to me than probably mostly signals, econ boosts and prem time from the Satan Crates. Even if I did get a prem ship out of them, there's no guarantee it's one I'd like to play.
  10. MoveZig

    What is the hardest ship to play?

    CLs as a class, and Omaha-class specifically. All the things that keep an Emerald alive are not present on Omaha. Most t5 cruisers are crunchy BB treats, but I think Omaha might be the worst. PA CLs are also hard as a line, very situational. They're great if you only have BBs and radarless cruisers in front of you, but with enemy DDs in the way these CLs become miserable to play.
  11. A bunch of freemiums (Musashi, Alaska, PR, ZF6 (?), JB, Somers, Benham, probably a few more), but the only one I regret not getting is Smaland. Also, why are people talking about Bogue? Didn't it get removed along with all the other odd-tier tech-tree CVs?
  12. I thought the dockyard events were this game's version of a battlepass - free and premium players do the same grind, but paying players get exclusive rewards along with the free stuff. So whatever, same as the dockyard, I'll put money into it only if there's a premium ship that's interesting enough. Not powerful, but mechanically interesting/different.
  13. MoveZig

    Which research bureau DD??

    Recommend against Druid unless you have experience with AP-only cruisers (playing them aggressively, not just smoke-camping) or at least Friesland/Groningen, and you enjoy those. The key point to keep in mind is that, despite its reputation of being a "DD hunter", it can't actually hunt DDs on its own unless they screw up. It can't catch up to them or outspot them. So unless you have friendly radar or CV, a skilled DD player will just keep you spotted form stealth, and then torp you out of your tiny smoke when you consequently get 2/3 of the enemy team shooting at you. Personally, I just can't make it work. Despite its damage potential vs. DDs, I absolutely dread meeting them because I know they'll have the initiative if they have even a couple of braincells. Against some potato that sits in smoke or tries to shoot at you while broadside, Druid does good work, but this is t10, not t4.
  14. MoveZig

    General Submarines related discussions

    The stubborn refusal to give Okhotnik and Leone ASW airstrikes is weird to me. The given reason is historical authenticity and that those ships didn't have ASW, but then they give e.g. PEF an ASW airstrike with flying boats that didn't exist before it was scrapped. I think they just don't want to bother balancing an ASW airstrike on a DD just for those two.
  15. I'm burnt out on the game after playing it almost daily since 2016 (barring one year hiatus) and actually think subs are an addition that's going to refresh my interest in the game somewhat (even if it's horrible for the meta and community, which we'll see). At the same time, I've found other games that work well enough with my craptastic internet, so I've picked up War Thunder for naval and Enlisted for ground battles. In short, WoWS is mainly going to be World of Submarines now for me unless a mode/event requires a gunship. Maybe subs will ruin the game like many here think, maybe they're a nothingburger like RPF/RDF/KI/RL turned out to be, but either way I won't be on the receiving end.