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  1. My experience is I don't get firespammed much in OR, people seem to generally know how resistant it is. Then again, I do play in the late hours when the most of kids/working people have gone to sleep. So I feel FP may be overkill, so far 5 DCP charges have been enough for matches.
  2. Wondering what builds players are using on OR. I have so far: PM EM Vigilance, SI RL I'm torn on whether to get BoS or CE. The reasoning for BoS being it helps to put out single fires that I don't want to use a DCP on. It would also let me squeeze in PT along with AR. I know a lot of players swear by CE on everything they use but so far I've avoided it on BBs because these are the ships that should be taking hits for their team. And besides, OR is right smack-dab in the tier bracket where CVs are most common so CE will often go to waste because of planes.
  3. As a DD player, I enjoy high-tier battles more because there are a lot fewer planes on average. But for whatever reason I burn out pretty quick and go back to my t6-7 comfort zone. Maybe it's the atrocious t8 MM.
  4. They do have the flavor of being absolutely worthless in any match with competent enemy CV(s). Particularly if you use their unique consumable. And given that in mid-tiers you can have two CVs per side, I wouldn't even bother with those tiers. I'm sure it's a better situation in the higher tiers except, oh wait, that's where you get BBs with hydro or radar and soon DDs with radar. I really do think the high-tier PA DDs will be better at stealth torping, especially Chung Mu, leaving IJN with no real advantage. Yeah, they can launch more often (only with TRB) but they rely on walls while PA have a much better chance of hitting with a single launcher just by the sheer stealth of their torps. They'll be better for staggering launches to maximize chance of a flooding that sticks. Vigilance and Target Acquisition will be less useful against their torps because it's a much smaller detection range to begin with. And they won't be completely worthless when spotted by planes or radar - their own radar is still useable when spotted, unlike TRB.
  5. It's just a metric that is considered the best indication of skill at the game, though I say that's a flawed concept. If you're a half-decent DD player, you're gonna have at least a couple more % than a half-decent BB player. You just have more influence on the game in a DD in Domination, which is most matches. My damage sucks at under 30k but I play DDs responsibly, going for the caps and not yoloing, and guess what? I have 53% despite doing some of the least damage, being helplessly inaccurate with guns in games, and playing on a satellite connection with 800ms latency. tl;dr: play DDs sensibly if you want to boost WR. You could also go sealclubbing but that's the evil way to do it and not good for EXP gains. After 4k matches it takes a lot to put a dent in it though, so who cares. It's just a number that some people take too seriously.
  6. Saw some datamined info that IJN BBs maintain more accuracy at range while being less accurate at short ranges. That's your sniper line if you want to do that, but it's not usually a good tactic because you're still letting your cruisers down by hanging back instead of taking hits for them. Not to mention, you're doing less damage and are less able to contest objectives than if you fight medium-range. So if you play IJN, don't make it your dogma to snipe. It's nice to have good long-range accuracy, but most of the time you shouldn't go out of your way to use it. ... but if you want a ship that's basically forced to snipe when there are BBs around, get Nelson. Great guns, pretty accurate and strong, but the entire ship is designed so you never have to show much side to enemy ships, and to punish you if you do. It's also risky when bowtanking at close range because the front armor sucks pretty bad too. Definitely a ship where you hang back until enemy BBs are under control because you just can't afford to get flanked by one. Dunkerque is similar, I believe.
  7. Was WGEU the only region that thought it would be okay to have weekly missions where most of the playerbase wouldn't get past Stage 3? I hope so, those missions were frequently awful with stupid requirements like ramming or targeting specific nations.
  8. Eh, I don't mind being in a +2 match. Means less personal responsiblity placed on me. Also, hardly any CVs up there. Plus, don't you get better earnings for damaging higher-tier ships?
  9. Your team can certainly let you down on an individual match. But the larger your sample size gets, the more incredible it is that your teams are entirely to blame for constantly losing. Even if it's true that ''most players are horrible at the game'', remember that teams in this game consist of either 12 ''horrible'' players, or 11 ''horrible'' players... plus you. If you're so good, you should be a positive influence on your team and should have a positive influence on the outcome.
  10. Nope, my bad, I guess it's just 5 containers in total if you five-star it.
  11. 3 cont. per day + 2 cont. one time for 5-starring it, looks like.
  12. 1x Nassau Camo 1x Bismarck Camo 15x Halloween 2016
  13. I don't know what kind of story mode I expected from a game about WW1-WW2 ship battles but probably not a steampunk thing based on Halloween. I hope they go the TF2 route with this, adding comics, videos and expanding the PVE modes. Maybe someday we'll even learn who this mysterious General Quarters is.
  14. So, is bowtanking still enforced by the game's meta after the citadel lowering? I watched WG's own Armada video on NC where they explicitly instruct players to bowtank with it. Not a fun playstyle to me, I'd prefer more of a battlecruiser experience. Should I aim for Amagi or Iowa for that?
  15. Am I to believe that UK BBs have less deck protection, including the citadel, than most cruisers? I'm seeing only 32mm + 19mm or so for all of them in the high tiers. Is this historical? How do you justify putting more deck armor on a CL than a BB?