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  1. MoveZig


    Feels great to me, possibly OP. Not that I've played it all that much or have any other T10 BB. But it almost seems like it has too much going for it. Awesome guns, amazing turn rate, supercruiser-tier concealment and AA that tells CVs to **** right off. Only the armor and secondaries suck, and the latter should almost never come into play anyway.
  2. Eh, I struck out on this one. Arizona, Warspite, WV or T-61 would have all been good, but I got Mutsu. Glass-cannon BBs are not my style at all, so I doubt I'll ever play it. I'm certainly not taking it to pvp to be bullied by CVs.
  3. I'd say it worse than gambling, at least if you only want one specific drop, because there's no oversight for the drop chances. You have no idea what the odds are, they're whatever WG wants them to be and they account to no one. If you're really okay with whatever drop you might get, then it's more benign than gambling.
  4. MoveZig

    Italian cruisers are HERE..

    Playstyle sounds tedious and the ammo type boring. No utility, no AA, just wasdhax with LMB taped down, and pop smoke when targeted. Only the torps stand out, and for that I'll stick with Aosta.
  5. MoveZig

    Update 0.8.9

    It's nice that they let you predownload but it's kind of moot if you then have to download more when the update is actually released.
  6. Oh goody, another event that uses RNG for its rewards. Count me out.
  7. Oh we lost, I didn't know what would happen if the team dies and the objective gets done simultaneously, so I threw the dice. I wasn't going to 1v1 a Colorado with a KGV at 20% HP anyway.
  8. MoveZig

    AP being basically useless

    If I can overmatch the target with AP, I use AP. If not, and I don't have the reload speed to exploit broadside opportunities, I stick to HE. There is more to it - the more friendlies are shooting at the target, the more appealing HE becomes, for overwhelming the target's DCP and repair ability. If there are CVs, HE also helps them out.
  9. MoveZig

    Pizza Navy!!!

    Sounds like a delicious meal for CVs.
  10. MoveZig

    Yoshino or Salem?

    Depends on your preferred playstyle. Yoshino has to do the rear-line fire support thing at least until the BBs are whittled down, while Salem can be more aggressive and has shorter range anyway. So Salem has the DPM advantage at mid-range while Yoshino wins out at long and close range (if you can hit with the torps). The 27mm bow on Salem makes it bowtank-capable against 380mm AP while the superheal gives it a big edge in cruiser duels.
  11. MoveZig

    Armory available but it looks empty

    You don't need the ingame browser, I use the web version. https://armory.worldofwarships.eu/en/
  12. MoveZig

    Why run at the end?

    Dreadnought + Fireproof achievements.