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  1. Explain this before I lose my s**t

    I save them for easy Operations. Infinitely less aggravating.
  2. How many French BBs did you get?

    Absolutely none in 24 containers and I really wanted one, meanwhile players who did not care got 2-3. This is why it's a bad idea to have luck-based events.
  3. After I lose the next battle

    I don't know why this is but every Cesare I've seen had some pro-level player driving it. Often topping the board at the end. Guess a mid-tier Italian ship doesn't have as much potato appeal as a Derpitz.
  4. Very disappointed

    Yeah, the camos are from the collection, the ship was from the campaign. Same for DoY, except that comes with its own permacamo (I'm assuming, I sure didn't put myself through that whole grind...)
  5. 30 seconds into the game and detonated

    Good news, especially for DDs - full-health detonation will be impossible as of 0.7.2. I can't remember the figures but you'll have to lose a chunk of health first.
  6. Very disappointed

    The games remain the same, cards are randomly drawn from a standard deck. There's also an element of skill. With lootboxes you don't have the faintest idea of what to expect, except by letting enough people buy them so that you get a large enough sample. Even then, there's nothing stopping the seller from altering the drop rates on the fly. It's insanely one-sided and anti-consumer.
  7. Are we saving him or is he saving us?
  8. Very disappointed

    True, it's aimed at the impatient. The people who buy dozens of boxes hoping for a t8 are the ones who make the dough, I'm just collateral damage. And hey, I'm not just going to dump on WG today. The Chinese camos we were given are... rather nice, and I did get a week of premium from a SC, just in time to farm Aegis.
  9. For DDs: My first 14 points are PM, LS, Vig or TRB (depending on if the DD turns on a dime, some are more sluggish), RL. Some Japanese and USSR also basically require EM. RL is a contentious skill but in my mind there's no doubt as to its usefulness for DDs. It's useful in practically every match where you have to deal with enemy DDs. BBs can use it too, especially the ones with atrocious turret traverse like some early Brits, and the more static bowtanking BBs like Nelson. Everyone sings the praises of CE for BBs but in small low-tier maps with often 2x CVs, it's very dubious. It is much more helpful late into high-tier matches when the DDs are gone and there's often no CV at all. These also tend to be more open or at least have open expanses with no cover for CLs to use after seeing a BB at 12km.
  10. Very disappointed

    God, I wish the EU or some major country would require companies to reveal the odds on paid lootboxes. Even if you don't like regulation, you have to admit it'd be a pro-consumer move. If a business is making more money off the ignorance of its customers, that's unethical. Even with gambling, you know the odds unless the game is rigged. Yes, a chance. Per container. Based on precedent from the collections, I expected it would add up to near-100% chance to get one ship by the time you collect every container, and remember this is about a 10- to15-hour grind for most players. And every time you open a container only to find junk, your heart sinks ever lower. Point is, it's not fun, it's aggravating. And for a game, that's a cardinal sin. If they said outright that the chance was , say, 3% per container, I'd probably still have tried my luck but with adjusted expectations, and it would not have been so frustrating. Lootboxes are like going to the cinema and having to blindly draw from a bag mostly full of tickets for The Garbage Pail Kids, until you get the ticket for the movie you actually wanted. Unless the rewards are all of equal appeal, but let's face it, here it's about the ship missions.
  11. Very disappointed

    What bothers me is how cynically WG have tried to cash in on my hype for the line, and wasting my time in the process. I wouldn't have done these tasks if I thought I'd end up without any of the ships, even just the t3. I put my faith in WG that, like the collections (until this last one that is...), you're virtually guaranteed to get it done for free as long as you don't waste your duplicates. But no, they intentionally made the chance so low that you can end up with none of the featured drops. Even the collection this time is cynically designed to have an estimated 27% completion rate, again I'm sure with the intention of getting impatient people to buy lootboxes. Here's the funny thing about all this: if they'd just offered early access to Bretagne for 3 bucks, I would have bought it. But between this utter waste of a mission chain and the RNG nature of the paid boxes, I won't be spending any money on WG for a while because I'm quite disgusted with them right now. The subreddit has people who bought lots of containers and didn't get the ship they wanted. Never mind my 3 bucks, let's fleece these people who want Richelieu right now and will gamble hundreds of bucks on it.
  12. Very disappointed

    This is the first time I can recall that WG has linked a major event reward to pure RNG. I spent hours upon hours doing the Vive La France missions (likely over 20 including the first mission chain) and not one container had even a single BB mission. It's obvious why - get disillusioned people to give up and buy more from the store. But the way this has been handled, I'm less inclined to throw money at WG because they just seem to be getting greedier. It's true that the game is free-to-play but there's another resource called time, and I'll never get those frustrating hours back. All I wanted was one single BB mission, which were dangled like a carrot only to be withheld so I'd spend money instead. I've seen a lot of scummy anti-consumer industry practices, and this gambling lootbox stuff is one of the worst.
  13. Thanks. Well, if it's all garish cosmetic stuff, I think I'll keep hoarding.
  14. I totally forgot about Yamamoto, and thought HSF was purely a paid thing. Do they have any good rewards? They don't even show up in my Collections.
  15. I see it like a piggy bank, one day I'll crack it open. On the downside, I can't be aware of changes to drops. I'm still working under the assumption that TYL is the best container for FXP since they nerfed Signals crates.