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  1. It's a mixed bag, I treat them like this: Farm all day every day: Aegis, Hermes, CB, Dynamo Play when I don't feel like doing PVP: KW, Newport Avoid almost completely: TUF, Narai, Raptor. The first is just complete chaos and too hard, the latter should be doable by the average PUG team but then they go chasing the secondary objectives, fail to regroup and get destroyed. There's an idiotic ''anything less than 5 stars is a waste of my time'' mentality. Well, suck on 0 stars then.
  2. OP Tier V Cruisers?

    I know Kirov and Omaha suck while Emerald can be good in expert hands. And I mean someone with excellent awareness, a high-skilled captain, knowledge of armor models and skillful use of torps. It's a high-risk, high-reward ship, same for skill floor and ceiling.
  3. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Eh, the rewards are pretty naff. I still plan on playing it but I doubt the rewards alone will be worth the time investment. Unless it's actually easy to rank out.
  4. Correct, I don't have money to burn and I'm not buying anything blindly anyway. I have to know what I'm getting. I've bought premium ships, plenty of information there to make an informed purchase. There's also something quite disgusting about not getting the random reward you grinded for with your limited time (possibly spending more time on the game than you would have otherwise), then spending actual money and still not having any guarantee that you'll get what you want. Something is deeply wrong with that system.
  5. Errrrr..... what just happened to wows?

    This here made me cringe. Even if you don't sign up for it, you're subjected to this macho nonsense.
  6. Why's everyone defending this RNG system that allows luckier players to make more gains for less effort? Lootboxes suck, they're designed to drain your wallet dry. At the very least there should be a loot table for those things to show us the exact odds. Then we can make more informed choices as to how to spend our time/money.
  7. 127mm HE vs. high-tier armor

    I should have been more specific. Can it pen 25mm without IFHE?
  8. Does it need IFHE to be effective? What can it pen with and without?
  9. Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    Easily that permacamo from the winter campaign 2 years ago - Type 12? Plus the very similar New Year camo. These are the only ones that actually deter me from using them because of how gaudy they are. I don't really hate any others though that Christmas one (not Frosty Fir, the older one) comes second. The camo equivalent of an ugly sweater.
  10. Nah, they're both stupidly grindy and with otherwise unreasonable tasks often locked by tier/type/nation. Besides, t8 is outside my comfort zone.
  11. Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    It took about 25 containers to get the Acasta mission.
  12. Sovereigns only for 0.7.09 then

    So will Sovs be back for the last month of the event? I've missed out on Warspite otherwise.
  13. Do you want a coal / free xp destroyer?

    Yes to either, as long as it's a proper, honest-to-Gaben torpedo-carrier that gets by on cracking keels. Not just another gun-oriented ship like nearly every god**** thing in the game.
  14. How fast is your "Free XP" gathering?

    Always collect Resources containers. Not only do they have a decent chance of 500 FXP but are much more likely than Signals containers to drop Papa Papas. Not to mention the coal, which has already eclipsed FXP as the new premium-ship resource.
  15. Salem?

    I see, I was going by LWM's review. which are usually trustworthy. Maybe it's just outdated.