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  1. Why, did they change something? Last preview I saw, the only differences from normal torps were much better detection range and inability to hit DDs. Which, if you're relying on torps to kill DDs, you're doing it wrong.
  2. Man, who cares about money. Anshan gets 2x Free EXP, applied after the +50% EXP bonus. If you're serious about farming in the game and you don't want to fork over the money for a t9-t10 permacamo or Missouri, Anshan is a solid choice. Not sure why you'd prioritize credits over FXP, although Anshan isn't a bad credit farmer either. And it can of course be used as a trainer.
  3. Well let's see, what does USA get: - Inferior torps - Def AA consumable option - Good smoke And for PA: - Gud torps - No Def AA, just Engine Boost - Radar option instead of smoke Verdict: Go USA if you want a gunboat, PA if you want torp play. The radar will make up for not being able to hit DDs with torps (which rarely works anyway, it's a small price to pay for awesome detection range). Also, smoke is counterproductive for torpboats anyway since it broadcasts where you are. On the downside, if there is a CV spotting you, you're just as useless as a TRB IJN boat.
  4. I get 50k average on Strike Bogue, it's still workable but it definitely feels like they took the scisssors approach to balancing the lower tiers. Just take away a core feature, that'll fix it.
  5. I'm not sure what I got. Is the Restless Fire flag from there?
  6. I have an invite code that gives an Emden and some other stuff, no idea if can work together with the referral thing.
  7. Urgh, this is why you should never, ever brawl BBs with Nelson. Even angling can't save you from 400mms. Or, to be more accurate, the angling needed is just too specific.
  8. Honestly, every time I see a BB perfectly dodge 1.1km stealth range torps, coming from a favorable angle, I can't wait for the DW ones. I'll be saying this a lot.
  9. Mate, the thing costs 100+ bucks in doubloons. It already costs more than the super-duper ultimate collector's edition of a AAA game that you'll actually get to keep indefinitely, as opposed to a ''microtransaction'' in an online game. And in order to even get more than 10 of each of those signals from the current event, you had to already have put hundreds of hours into the game (you got 10 for each 1000 battles). So let's put things into perspective here. It's a great earner but it requires either ungodly grinding or 110 euros. It's not cheap.
  10. They seem to be in ''smoke is the devil'' mode right now, like they suddenly decided smoke-firing is the biggest thing hurting the game, months after they released something with smoke+hydro+radar.
  11. For me, the real loot of the event was the 50 of each special signal I got. Combined with 300% dailies and 24h premium, I farmed a good 90k FXP. As far as I'm concerned, that's quite generous. The permacamos are weird, like how did they choose those 4 ships? But whatever, not going to complain about free stuff even if I was left out of the t10 missions. I will say this though: it wasn't cool that they made the achievs so demanding and specific. Last year was better, anyone could get all the achievs with a bit of time and effort, and everyone got the same rewards.
  12. I remember this being by far the hardest scenario. Did they decrease the difficulty any since launch?
  13. New campaign gives more incentive to play t8+ and don't forget the current achievs either.
  14. It's too gimmicky to be consistent. It wants to fight at ranges where it can't keep up with the team (not that you're fast enough anyway), which leaves you vulnerable to bombers. You have to bowtank for dear life against BBs, which leaves you open to torping, which is a hard counter to your superheal. It can do good work if you're top-tier and you don't get targeted by decent CVs or torpboats. I'm sure Missouri is a better investment despite the price but if you like weird, gimmicky ships, Nelson has got you covered. I just can't justify the cost when Missouri earns so much more and is a better-rounded ship.