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  1. Campbel gets US smoke, so I'll be happy to deploy a 30% bigger screen and reload it 10% faster.
  2. Just going up to t5/t6 may give some false impressions though. Pensacola is a whole different beast from Cleveland, Yorck isn't the spammy parer-citadel monstrosity that KB/NB are.
  3. Wish we'd get to keep the DDs, why go to all the trouble to design them and make them functional, and then miss the opportunity to please players with free premiums? Looking forward to the commander. I can only put him on the Campbel for now but hopefully we'll get a full line this year. Hope he gets a different voice that doesn't sound... off... like the standard one. Oh yeah, press F to pay respects to Shiratsuyu.
  4. I would say skip to t6, especially if you don't have a 10-point captain with CE. The first few can work, but are awkward as hell without CE. Actually so is EG and LM but at least those can sort of work as gunboats, unlike all the previous peashooters. V-170 is fun to play if you like torps, but it has the issue of being in a tier with a lot of CVs and small maps, while having terrible guns, no AA, and one of the worst smokes in the game. It's like all the weaknesses of US DDs without the things that make up for it. You can stealth torp, that's their flavor, but that doesn't work when you're being permaspotted by planes. That's an issue in higher tiers too, along with slowish maneuvering, but at least those have decent guns. The bad smoke and lack of AA is why I dropped this line, you're too vulnerable to aircraft, and not just bombers but anything that keeps you and your torps spotted.
  5. It's getting buffed pretty bigly in 0.6.8. - 115s torp reload down to 92s on Hull B.
  6. It is, on the other hand, within torpedo range. Surely you can see the problem when it comes to BBs that get some of the best HE in the game. Only consolation is the lack of aircraft. At least, I'm sure as hell going to assume you can't have radar + aircraft. Then again, they'll probably do a prem that has both.
  7. if there's a downturn, you can probably put that down to the lack of new content this year. Operations are nice for some, but I suspect a gimmick to most. The Bismarck campaign was a filler update, 0.6.3. had practically nothing that stood out. The biggest thing this year has been French CLs, not really a country or shiptype that excites that many people.
  8. I'm honestly surprised they're nerfing Shira so hard and leaving Aka, a very capable DD, untouched. I don't think Shira deserves it at all, not having smoke is going to get you killed time and again. Shira is slow, torp-dependent and has little AA, so without smoke a CV can counter you just by leaving a squadron over your ship. You can't torp, hide or run. At that point you'll be wishing you had Aka instead. And if you choose smoke instead of TRB... again, why not play Aka instead? Just what are they thinking?
  9. Really? That's just silly. Unless it's hardcoded or something, there's no good reason not to allow people to do the doubloon conversion thing even if the ship has the same discount ingame.
  10. That's not mutually exclusive with what I'm asking though. You can have both ingame and online store discounts at the same time. That's what I'm saying, give people options or some like me will be unable or unwilling to spend. And if it's a question of incentivizing people to spend on the online store, they can throw in some extras like signals or camos or what have you. I wouldn't complain if I missed out on those, as long as I got the ship at the same price ingame.
  11. Yeah, I was afraid this would happen. The discount I want, but can't pay with doubloons (I was going to add some to my existing balance and buy it ingame). Makes it even worse that this is happening during the French weekend event when Dunk would normally get a doubloon discount. So, no money from me, WG. I'll also buy fewer doubloons in future, for obvious reasons. Either let us spend doubloons in the website or have the same discounts ingame as on the website. This just devalues doubloons and limits the customer's options.
  12. As I feared, it's only on the webstore and not for doubloons. If that's how it's going to be, I won't be buying a damn thing in this sale.
  13. So we're getting daily discounts starting in 2 days... cool, but what I'd like to know is, when a daily deal begins will it last until the end of the sale or just 24h until the next one begins? Personally I'm hoping for Dunq 50% for doubloons. Not 50% off some overpriced bundle. It would also be good to have more ships available for doubloons, I'd shell out for Perth for example, if WG just let me buy it with doubloons.
  14. Staggering incomptetence on Operations too. How does a team of 7 t6s lose 2 ships to a Myogi, Aoba and Minekaze? How does this happen most of the time? What's going on?
  15. What is the reason to split the webstore from the ingame store, and not make doubloons spendable on the webstore? Especially considering that the premium ship selection ingame is much more limited than on the webstore?