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  1. Skip the German DD Line up to...

    It used to have worse concealment, that's why. It's a perfectly workable torpboat now.
  2. To me, at this point, credits are just a number. Unless you play t9-10 tech tree ships with prem consumables and without a prem account, you're not gonna have problems. And I have no issue with that.
  3. Wish List for World of Warship

    1. More coal ships. Katori, Perth, Huanghe, Hood are just some that I'd love to get. There's currently nothing I want but I'm hoping that will change. 2. More gimmix. I'm not kidding. The game has to either provide new content or new playstyles to keep me engaged and to fend off the burnout. They can keep adding new ships but unless they offer a new way to play, even that's going to get stale. New consumables, weird designs, subs, t11 missile cruisers, gotta keep it fresh somehow. Ops help a little but WG has a bad habit of making them too difficult and too limited by ship type, tier and nation. Like, why in the hell can't I bring my Yorck into Hermes?
  4. Kronshstadt. I'm asking your advice

    I guess it's similar to Germans in that your good ammo is dependent on getting broadsides. On the other hand, don't expect that German tendency to get overpenned. None of that. The cit generally holds up when angled, but broadside vs. BBs and you're back to port. It's not a brawler by any stretch of the imagination, the AP bounces on angled cruisers (except UK, I suppose), there are no torps and no hydro and the turret traverse sucks. It's a mid-long range kiter. The only thing you want to brawl are CVs.
  5. Operation "Killer Whale" is waste of time

    You should see some of the scores I can get in Aegis. Just gotta know the route and timetable.
  6. Operation "Killer Whale" is waste of time

    See, my experience is the opposite. I'll go to the cap, numpties go the other way for the Kaiser, time runs out and mission failed because the morons were on the wrong side of the map and I couldn't exit by myself. Both the players and the stupid 50% rule are to blame.
  7. Hadn't thought of that, but it's not always the case. In this match for example, we killed the installations and Liberty ships before killing the immobile harbor Kaiser, triggered the first wave before the Kaiser died, and the ''no ships must enter the harbor'' objective got done instantly. Yes, it and the Kolberg are the reason why this mess keeps happening. I've found myself in that situation plenty of times - sitting at the exit, unable to end it because people went for that damn Kaiser. Usually the CVs had died too, but in this case we had an afker and low health so I just dashed for the exit.
  8. You can kill both CVs from the middle. You don't need to send someone north for that. If anything, the BB didn't get to shoot at the second CV due to going up there for that Kaiser. And even if not, 3 stars is better than none.
  9. Sharks still winning?

    I'll tell you exactly what the problem was, having a collective requirement to get the reward. If they were serious about getting people into Eagles, they should have had personal objectives like extra rewards for reaching point milestones for Eagles. The way they did it, you could grind your heart out for Eagles and not get anything because they didn't win. I'm sure some people did, the poor suckers. What I did was log in the first day of the Eagles recruitment thing, saw that Sharks still had the lead, then dropped the idea of switching teams and forgot about it altogether. You know, when I read about Go Navy, I imagined there'd be two kinds of players: loyalists who go for the team permacamos, and mercenaries who side with the losing team for extra containers and less grind. Something like that, which encourages activity on both sides for different reasons. What we got was lame and has turned out even worse than predicted.
  10. KW should be the second easiest op. Easy in, easy out, 4 stars no problem. But no, there always has to be a tactical genius or three that go the wrong way for that one extra star, seriously jeopardizing the game in the process. If the game allowed you to exit with one person, then it would be better. But this situation is ridiculous and very common.
  11. Sharks still winning?

    So it's consistently every 5 games? Okay, that's still a time investment of potentially an hour and a half, depending on the mode.
  12. Sharks still winning?

    The recruiter thing can take a while to come up, I once got it after the second daily container. I play the game daily and even I am at 58 LP for Sharks. Not everyone gets 5 LP every single day.
  13. Should 7.8 even be called an update?

    They can do whatever schedule they want, but without new content they can expect a drop in activity, including from myself. Burnout is a thing and new content is the antidote. One easy way to make it better for me would be to add more ships for coal on the Arsenal. Give us more ships to farm for that haven't been freebies before.
  14. What was the goal of Raptor rebalance again?

    The one change I would have made would be to remove that first CV that makes half the team go chasing after it instead of staying with Raptor. Put it somewhere less out of the way.
  15. Did Anyone Buy a Ship With Coal?

    I caved in and bought Aigle. There was a mission marathon to get it for free but I'm allergic to 3-condition tasks as well as tasks that require cits or really any tasks where you go several battles without any progress, so I didn't keep up. There's nothing else right now that I want in the Arsenal. Hopefully they'll add one of the Ducas, or Perth, or even Katori. I expect to make 2k+ coal a day until the end of Go Navy. 3 team containers = about 1200. Then Another 800 minimum from 2 daily resources containers. Then there are the daily mission chains but who knows if they'll go into August. Not to mention the many containers I'll get with team tokens.