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  1. Z39 in Shop

    From what I've heard, it's basically a downtiered Z-23. I mean, okay. Put permacamo on Z-23 or LM then.
  2. Achievement rewards?

    The operaton achievements don't give signals. I wonder if they increase credit gains or if they're just trophies you pile up. I'm split on this. I've concluded Signals has about the same value as TYL. At least TYL doesn't drop the worthless Type 1/2/5 camos, has a chance for actually good camos, and also won't drop freaking ramming signals and flooding duration signals. It's not much, but almost all of it is useful. Also, about 1/8 chance for FXP.
  3. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    I'm 95% sure now. In this battle a enemy DD got disabled but stuck in smoke, we didn't kill it in time but did prevent enemies from breaking through. We still got the Hiryu, and no Lex or Izumo in sight. Also, it was literally impossible to get 5 stars after that, we did all the other objectives. But maybe Zuiho doesn't count, for whatever reason.
  4. So i thought i'd give this game another go.

    I wouldn't play a t8+ DD anymore, period. WG stick radar or hydro on every ship these days. Well, maybe that's okay for Khaba-types.
  5. Ship Selection based on Play Style

    Germans are the best at short-close range because they later get either torps or hydro, + good secondaries. Besides, the main-gun accuracy is atrocious and getting citadelled is an alien concept to them. Japanese are not recommended for close range because they lack most of the above, but Mutsu has torps, so does Kii (both premiums) while Nagato is, I hear, viable for a secondary build. French get good secondaries from at least t6, and Lyon is very scary up-close. US tend to have garbage secondaries and bad side armor. I wouldn't go brawling with them, you're supposed to bowtank.
  6. Cleveland - Tier 8

    So I read Cleve will be able to match its detection range to its radar range? Great, another high-tier radar terror to make torpedoboats even less viable.
  7. Ship Selection based on Play Style

    If you want armor and speed, go for t8-9 French BBs. They can do up to 36 knots, faster than various cruisers. Of course, they turn much worse than cruisers but accelerate faster than any other BB when Engine Boost is turned on. Drawbacks? Well, Richie's firepower seems a bit anemic. Alsace corrects that with 50% more guns at the expense of stealth and some turning ability. The armor is not horrendous, in fact they both lend themselves to bowtanking, which is very good indeed against the AP of most BBs (but not vs. Yamato, Musashi, possibly Republique). They're more vulnerable to HE spam from cruisers, which is where that sharp aim will be needed. The AA is good if you invest in MFCAA, which makes you more self-sufficient in a match with CVs. Now personally, I don't recommend sniping in a BB as a playstyle focus - you want to get as close as you can afford to tank damage and deliver more reliable hits. But if you want better ranged capability, Japan and France are the ones to look at. Nelson is one where a passive, cautious playstyle is basically enforced until there are no more BBs around that can exploit the massive citadel.
  8. which DD line to choose? DD questions

    You didn't say what playstyle you want with DDs. The general gist of it is: - US: fast & furious brawling up to at least t7, after that you can stealth torp as well. Middling stealth ( bad at t7). Floatiest main-gun shells in the game barring maybe some 100mm low tiers. No good at DD combat past 6-7km, but you get that sweet island cheesing potential. From t6, option for Def AA instead of Engine Boost. - Ger: Dedicated torpboats up to t6, then anti-DD brawlers with decent torps for bigger prey. Get hydro at t6. - Japan: Stealthy torpboats, mainly. TRB is an option, it's a quick reload for your torps but at the expense of smoke. Which makes you very vulnerable to CVs. - PA: Mostly hybrids with anti-BB focus. Only ones to get radar from t8. It's cruddy compared to the cruiser versions, but you can ruin a capper's day with it because you can use it from well outside your detection range. Just hope there's no competent CV on the other team, because you're giving up smoke, something that goes well with the mortar guns. - USSR: Just turn your brain off and hold down LMB at the nearest target while randomly mashing WASD. The alternate line is more interesting, they're a bit more torp-friendly with better stealth (except Udaloi) and get Def AA as an option instead of Engine Boost.
  9. Question about cruisers

    I though Jerries were brawlers from t8+. Dat AP, hydro, torps and low cit are perfect for smoking out DDs and overpen-trolling BBs in close combat.
  10. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    Actually, I'm pretty sure it's tied to killing the first 3 waves within the time limit. Even if you prevent a breakthrough, the Lex and Izumo will not spawn unless you kill all the bots in time. Instead you get the enemy Hiryu, and at that point you can forget about 5 stars.
  11. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    This was still not 5 stars, and people were all trying. The third wave requires near-perfection, it's clearly too much even for a competent PUG most of the time.
  12. The Reason why people dont play CV

    For me it's the strafing. If I'm gonna play a top-down RTS, I shouldn't need twitch skills. It should be about decision-making, calculated risks and husbanding of resources. If the lines played like t4/5 with some more tricks later on like manual switching of HE/AP bombs, I'd be playing them.
  13. Defence of Naval Station Newport

    I think the teams have gone downhill since yesterday. AFKers, suiciders, people who go on the wrong side of islands... This right here only got me 1 star.
  14. Where to even start?

    Here's a great source of information. If I was new and trying to decide on a ship line, I would try out different kinds of ships, see what I enjoy doing (e.g. stealth torping, tanking damage, shooting over islands, brawling) and then look at the appropriate stats for each ship to find a good fit. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships
  15. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    I honestly haven't had a problem with Newport. In around 20 times, I only ever once got less than 3 stars. I suspect the 200% brought the tryhards out of Ranked for some farming. It's hard to actually fail this mission , you even have a heal spot and bot reinforcements if things go bad. Now, Ultimate Frontier, that one's way too hard for randoms.