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  1. MoveZig

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    And here I thought I'd actually get to play subs on the 27th. Turns out it's behind more RNG lootbox nonsense. I know RNGsus is a fictional comedic entity, but this company's dedication to tying random drops into every aspect of the game is downright cult-like. Remember when you could do mission chains to grind out event ships instead of having to farm lootboxes every day of every week and hope you won't get **** drops out of them?
  2. MoveZig


    Feels great to me, possibly OP. Not that I've played it all that much or have any other T10 BB. But it almost seems like it has too much going for it. Awesome guns, amazing turn rate, supercruiser-tier concealment and AA that tells CVs to **** right off. Only the armor and secondaries suck, and the latter should almost never come into play anyway.
  3. Eh, I struck out on this one. Arizona, Warspite, WV or T-61 would have all been good, but I got Mutsu. Glass-cannon BBs are not my style at all, so I doubt I'll ever play it. I'm certainly not taking it to pvp to be bullied by CVs.
  4. I'd say it worse than gambling, at least if you only want one specific drop, because there's no oversight for the drop chances. You have no idea what the odds are, they're whatever WG wants them to be and they account to no one. If you're really okay with whatever drop you might get, then it's more benign than gambling.
  5. MoveZig

    Italian cruisers are HERE..

    Playstyle sounds tedious and the ammo type boring. No utility, no AA, just wasdhax with LMB taped down, and pop smoke when targeted. Only the torps stand out, and for that I'll stick with Aosta.
  6. MoveZig

    Update 0.8.9

    It's nice that they let you predownload but it's kind of moot if you then have to download more when the update is actually released.
  7. Oh goody, another event that uses RNG for its rewards. Count me out.
  8. MoveZig

    Italian cruiser Line - First look!!

    To me, it just sounds like yet another fast HE-spam line (but with built-in IFHE), the only difference being the panic button. Bleh. No utility, no AA, just tape down LMB and wasdhax anytime PT shows more than 0. Somehow with SAP they'll manage to beat the French line for one-dimensional unengaging playstyle.
  9. MoveZig

    Upcoming Monarch citadel nerf

    The cit nerf doesn't seem to mean much, at least at short ranges. Got like 10 perfect broadside hits and nada. If it can be citted, it's only at certain ranges with a full broadside.
  10. MoveZig

    How do you think the game should be funded

    AFAIK they've implemented a freemium model, and also their player numbers have dropped a lot.
  11. MoveZig

    How do you think the game should be funded

    As it is now, but without the ''surprise mechanics''. Let the customer know what they're getting, that would be a given if these companies had any decency.
  12. MoveZig

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    I badly want them as a more tactical class. As the saying goes, a DD main is just a wannabe U-boat captain. But it would necessarily completely change the gameplay for everyone, even things such as spawns would have to be reworked. It would be the most radical change in the game so far and would make the infamous CV rework look like a minor tweak.
  13. MoveZig

    A few thoughts on this French DD event

    But it's the other way around, if you're lucky you get a DD mission and subsequently republic tokens. If you're unlucky, well tough tiddies. At least in gambling you know the odds, here they don't even tell us what the drop rate is so we can make an informed choice for our time and/or money.