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  1. DDs: USSR. Not only is it the simplest playstyle but also suffers the least from lack of Concealment Expert. If I had to start my account over, I'd choose USSR, get to t6 and then 5-star Operations in order to get 10-point captains for other countries' DDs so I can have Concealment Expert. It's that important. BBs: Not sure but can't really go wrong with France. The first few ships are ho-hum bog-standard dreadnoughts. From t7 though, you should know a few things about AP mechanics and armor schemes because that's where the gun caliber becomes a bit deficient for a BB. Cruisers: they're the hardmode class and I'd avoid them unless specifically interested in them. USSR is fine, pretty much for the same reasons as the DDs. Kirov is a pain though. French have a similar playstyle but t3-5 have weird armor schemes that might teach you some bad habits that won't work elsewhere. Whatever you choose, avoid UK cruisers. They're meant for more experienced players. CV: Don't touch them yet unless you really want to. Everything you learn will be undone when the rework goes live in a couple months maybe.
  2. MoveZig

    PSA: Free santa containers

    50x Zulu Hotel, 300x Doubloon
  3. MoveZig

    Can't redeem the free Santa boxes

    So I logged in, saw the banner, clicked the button, waited a solid minute for something to load, which it didn't, and then closed the window. I hate the ingame browser, it's slow, it doesn't seem to make progress when tabbed out, and sometimes fails to load entirely. How do I redeem the free containers now? Why can't I just have them when logging in, or at least give me a button to press on my browser to receive them. Edit: I had to go to the Containers screen, press the Santa containers banner, press Log In on the top right, close the browser, press the banner again and then it opened the correct page to redeem the containers.
  4. MoveZig

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    I'd go with something that covers multiple things I might want to do. Brit CLs are like oversized DDs. Neptune is like a mobile no-fly zone if I want to focus on that, and also has one of the best torpedo armaments in the game if I'm in the mood for those. Then I can choose between smoke or radar, if I want to live dangerously. A versatile ship with only one rule: don't get hit.
  5. MoveZig

    Yeuyang post Nerf with Poll.

    I won't touch it as it is. Statistically, it's sub-t9 material now compared to Chung Mu. Apart from some minor things (HP, torp launch angles, radar duration), Chung Mu has it beat in so many other ways. Speed, stealth, torps, turret traverse, turret quantity. I swear, if they nerf CM to make it ''in line'' with YY, I'm not spending another cent on this game. Taking a bat to the DPM to make up for the radar being OP in a specific mode is amazingly incompetent to begin with, but they better keep it contained to t10. Hell, I'd rather lose the damn radar, it's going to be much more painful to use after the CV resurgence.
  6. MoveZig

    How much none converted ship XP do you have?

    I have 2m+ on Anshan alone. Damn I've played the crap out of that ship.
  7. MoveZig

    which IX premium money maker

    I wouldn't hold out for Missouri coming back. Alaska and Kron are likely to have the same earnings. Musashi is just a box with huge guns and nothing else of interest, makes Yamato look sophisticated. I say get one of the battlecruisers, but decide before Kron gets removed. Ah, but keep in mind Alaska is likely to be 1m instead of 750k.
  8. MoveZig

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.12 - Discussion Thread

    Oh hey, can we have the Santa horns again?
  9. MoveZig

    WOWS in year 2100

    Crossplay with World of Warplanes brings Wargaming's first PVPVE mode.
  10. MoveZig

    They did it again - OP Killer Whale

    Hate this op, entirely because of the ''50% of players must be at the exit'' rule. I can't count how many times 2-3 muppets decided to go after the Kaiser when the exit is the other way, or even stayed in the harbor.
  11. MoveZig

    WG I want fair play when you nerf a ship.

    I have good news for you. • All aircraft carrier commanders reset their skills. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/cv-rework-changes/
  12. MoveZig

    Nelson worth fxp?

    It's no different from other BBs in this regard. The real threat is BB shells to the huge citadel, which is not very well armored in the front and gets citted at all kinds of weird angles (barbettes?), especially in close combat. So it suffers even more than other t7 BBs (except iirc DoY and KGV) which all overmatch each other's armor, making them pretty soft by BB standards.
  13. MoveZig

    Nelson worth fxp?

    Yeah but the optimal playstyle for it is like a tank destroyer. Positioning is everything and you can't allow yourself to get flanked. And because of the low speed, what that means is you keep your distance. The superheal works best when you're eating HE damage and discourages fighting BBs where they can reliably pen you, or eating torps. So everything considered, to me, it's geared for a static rear-line playstyle.
  14. MoveZig

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    This is like the 4th battlecruiser-y high-tier premium we've seen this year. I mean, I like them, but give us a torpboat for a change.
  15. MoveZig

    Make Concealment Expert tier 1 or 2 skill

    I say just remove it, or make it so everyone has it by default. Needing a 10-point captain to be competitive as a DD player is one of the worst design choices in the game imo. Just imagine a newb who gets into DDs but gets constantly stomped and wonders why. Then they're told it's not their fault, they just need a t4 skill that's well out of their reach. When you have a skill that's considered a must-have by practically everyone on every ship, it's 1. restrictive on captain builds, and 2. unfair to new players. Just assimilate it like Situational Awareness.