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    Talk trash in white when losing

    YUPP! Just like he said... After all, just because someone trash talks in the chat does not necessarily mean you have to oblige and fall for it. Anyway, I rarely bother with reporting anyone, but in these cases I always make an exception.

    The hell is wrong with Hipper's guns?

    They will die on those torps just the same, you just have to plan more carefully... Rush them from behind an island cover for example to minimize the time you soend under fire. Other than that, mount some flags to increase your fire chance and burn them from a distance. Mainly I use Hipper against other Cruisers tho and try to avoid one-on-one contest with high tier BB's, at the least until there is own BB nearby to take the lead.

    Does this also happen at Tier X?

    Weeel, unfortunately there is a flaw in the plan, as they still allow people to play it instead of intelligent AI Bots so chances are oftentimes somewhat doubtful. But hey, perhaps sometime soon "a Smart" generation" of humanoids will finally be born and take over. Until then you have to take what you get and just try to live with it. You get the good ones with the bad, so develop your skill to detect idiot teammates as early as possible and glue yourself to the ones, who seem more rational. It occasionally works. If all else fails... Then repeat after me: "It's only a game, it's only a game, it's only a game"... Doesn't really make it any easier, but one gots to do SOMETHING to create a distraction from the agony. So might as well right?

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Hmmmh.... That situation somehow reminded me of the Allo Allo episode, where Colonel and Lt. Gruber successfully flattened Herr Flick's Gestaopo car whilst undetected in a Steamroller....

    This game is missing a little somthing...


    Is there a new mod which reveals position in smoke?

    WOOT? Learn? What sorcery is that? have you played Randoms? Have you seen how weird it is out there? Obviously Learning is a myth. Hehehe! But seriously yeah you are hopefully right, admittedly I have occasionally seen also others besides myself actually shooting into smoke with some success. Though that said, there are still also way too many players, who seem to regard smoke, as bullet- and torpedo-proof...

    Is there a new mod which reveals position in smoke?

    Hehehe! Well then, come play with me sometime. I do it in almost every game, often quite successfully too. lots of fun though some people (usually the victim) just can't see the humor value in it. Does tend to lower your karma but totally worth it. As said by others, if you are roughly within 10km from the smoke, it is quite simple to guess, where the ship is, especially if they keep firing from smoke regardless of whether they move or not. Did get a double strike last weekend with my Atago that way, when an enemy Edinburgh and Z-46 both tried to hide in smoke in a nearby cap (granted, they were both in very low HP at the time). Try it out, loads of lolz to be had there.

    Just how close do you have to get?

    Clearly your positioning was all wrong @ajb13 You see, it is quite irrelevant how close to the enemy you actually happen to be at the time BUT instead what really matters is how FAR away from a gobby, winded aand dead teammate with nothing better to do you are. Only increased distance between yourself and the protagonist can resolve this problem.

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    They probably had a cunning plan...

    Faildivs or MM anchoring?

    I can check, not sure if I do though, since I recently purged the replays folder (not sure if it was before or after this game) due to overcrowding of 1000+ replays but in any case we had 2 Tier 1's accompanying Mikasa and ended up in a tier 3 game just as always. But I will check, once I get back home. And yeah, before anyone says anything further. Yupp, it WAS as bad idea as ever - We got blapped and the team lost...

    Faildivs or MM anchoring?

    Yupp, tested this with my bro (who is a total noob) with a tier 1&2 div... Ended up in Tier 3 game just as always before. No worries.

    Isokaze and my run of bad luck...

    PFFTH! Amateur.REAL Men play at least 86 games with 36% WR before even noticing... The point, losing streaks happen. just 13 games is nothing, when you keep in mind that we have roughly 30.000 players, each playing perhaps a dozen games in a day = 360.000 games daily, statistically 11 lost games does not mean a pip. It may seem big to you, but in the overall numbers it hardly shows, just bad luck that's all. There will also be days, when you win most or all your 12 or 13 games and in most of them (if we are honest) you had nothing much to do with achieving victory but were just getting a free ride with the team. So take em' as they come, doing your best and trying to play well, is all that matters. My theory is that in roughly 1/3 of the games you basically will lose whatever your contribution. Similarly 1/3 will be wins, even if you went AFK the entire game (I have proof too, was AFK 1 game recently, as my computer crashed and voila, when I got back the game was won and I was pink - YAY!). In only the remaining 1/3 of the games your personal effort will actually make a difference either way, so if you potato you will contribute to your team losing it and likewise if you are awesome, your team will be that much more likely to win it. So it is best to take the WR with a bit of salt and instead focus on your own game performance, as shown by "Personal Rating"/ XP earned or straight HP damage output. There's no point in fretting over your winrate until you have played a statistically significant amount of games, so wait until you've some 1000+ games overall and at the least 100 battles in any particular ship before bothering.


    Ahh, rather surprisingly there is one actually. If you report the player in-game (right click on protagonist's playername in team list) - Choose the option "Misbehavior in Chat" and if the same player has also been reported for the same by other people in your team (no idea how many are required tho). He will apparently automatically get an instant chat bad for a time (24 hours or some such, dunnoh the exact details since I've never been banned myself), the only other requirement for this to happen is just that he actually has said something in chat (because, of course there are trolls and abusers out there too).

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    Well, as for myself. I always found that my winrate reflects my ability quite well. IE - I am precisely where i deserve to be. Sadly, this is not very high in the food chain and i would like to get to Unicorn-level some day, though this is not likely to happen ever, since I only play on weekends and thus the practice I get and resultant skill improvement is very slow and exceedingly hard earned. I do strive to improve though, just because on average I feel that it is somewhat nicer to be on the winning than the losing side of things. There's no need to obsess about it tho. I do not feel too bad when losing a game, if only I know I did reasonably well myself and of course any constant losing streaks still does annoy me just as much as the next guy and it is also nice to get some extra award (XP and so on) to commemorate the occasional win, nothing wrong with that at all. Naturally, there are people, who take this to another level and obsess about stats, but then again that is their business, it does not bother me. Each to his own, as they say and I hold no grudge against stat lovers at all. After all, I do wish I could some day match those shiny stats, even if that is very unlikely to ever happen, hehehe! While I'll settle for a slight improvement at a snail's pace for myself that does not mean I'd like to spoil the fun for others, so anyone who wants to can just go ahead and obsess about it as much as they like if that makes them happy.

    Matchmaking - more than t8 vs t10

    True dat. I remember 1 game, where someone in our team actually had the time to check all or most of the enemy team player's stats before the match started. Epicenter on, "Tears of the Dessert" map and announced to us in the beginning that since our team has all 50%+ WR players and the enemy mostly 40%+ WR lads - We are going to win easily. The results were quite predictable and we very nearly got our donkeys well and truly kicked, barely managing to pull a narrow win at the last minute, when our only surviving ship finally managed to sink their remaining 2 (who were luckily in poor health at the time). It was a close call tho...