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    Hehe @Procrastes true dat... It seems that it is better to use HE with Mikasa that even try AP. I have tried both alternatively just to find out what works and HE just tend to do more consistent damage (well, IF it hits of course but anyway).
  2. How many French BBs did you get?

    Yeah, I have the exact same problem. I blame a corrupt RNG and rotten MM.

    Yeah @Reckie, but strangely a huge sideways dispersion seems to be a thingy too (well to be fair not always, but it still happens too). That is the most annoying one, vertical dispersion I can understand at the least (not necessarily handle, but just to figure out why it is there).

    I have hit something too, but mostly it has been at secondary or close range - But at max range usually entirely something else than what I originally aimed at. It is quite incredible, how 2 shots fired by 2 guns located in the same turret and presumably pointing at the same direction can disperse SIDEWAYS so much that they miss an entire Battleship at 5km range (one goes before the bow and the other just behind the stern, so i guess the aim is good).

    WOOT? You actually hit something in Mikasa?

    Hehehe! But sometimes perhaps you should tho... In my earliest potato days. I once torp'd our own Fuso with a Minekaze with a flawless 6 torp salvo from 1,5 km behind it because I was too busy with Goggles on looking at enemy ships far behind it and simply "did not see it". And in any case Fuso way too small and quick isn't it? Totally WG's fault that one, they should have made it bigger. All 6 hit tho I daresay that the Fuso, quite unsportingly, failed to properly appreciate my impeccable accuracy. After that I decided that the best way to make amends was to be of no further user to my team and conducted a mindless suicide charge past the Fuso's sinking wreckage right into middle of the enemy fleet beyond. It was quickly all over and our team was short 2 ships instead of one with just 4 minutes into the game. ACED IT! Ahh, the good old days... But not to worry, my spotting abilities have since considerably improved, while my torpedo accuracy has simultaneously decidedly declined.
  7. Reporting system

    Yupp, same here. I generally don't chat at all anyways (until after I am already dead), unless something like "gg" or some such anyways but hey, that's beside the point eh?
  8. Aor carrier follow a ship

    ??? A most interesting thread, please DO let me know how it develops... A note to OP, it would indeed be very useful, if people could actually see the text.
  9. The way I see it, they could make it work and it shouldn't even be too difficult either. BUT it would require some game adjustments. First, Kitakami, just like CV's or ships equipped with radar, should be limited in number per team. Only a max of 1 Kitakami should be allowed for each team - No need to mirror it tho, so if the other team will not have one, I think they might not complain about it too much. This would ensure better gameplay balance and avoid the 3 Kitakami-fail divisions which otherwise would be inevitable. The ship itself should be made explicitly, as a flexible Torpedo Specialist (of course) and as such, have the ability to use both DW and regular torps at will and thus be able to change them with each reload just like changing between HE and AP ammo. I accept that the range and speed of torps (torps type) should be set before the battle. Its guns should be rapid firing either 140mm or 127mm DP (as was originally planned). But I mean actually rapid-firing and not the usual IJN BS to enable it to at least hold its own against overly pushy DD's. Consumables should be smoke (Perth-type), Defensive AA and Catapult Fighter. This was basically just a modified Kuma, so similar-ish concealment (perhaps something like 8,5-9km) with basic 12km/67knot tops would be sufficient (9.6 with Torp Acceleration). As modules, besides the standard it should also be able to mount the "Aiming Systems Modification 0" to give some extra accuracy and range. Speed should be set at 36 knots. AA should be set at maximum she carried during the war (well, let's face it, it is IJN so even at its best it will still be rather pathetic). AND to provide some additional flexibility and usefulness to this ship (and I put this forward with great hesitation) a Radar - She had one installed during the war anyway so it is justifiable. IJN, so perhaps a rather short range one 8,5km or something. It could be shorter range but slightly longer duration to provide some limited detection and scouting capability to this ship. Let's face it, something that is strictly a one-trick pony will get old pretty quickly so minor changes to enable a ship to do also SOMETHING else that its dedicated No1 role are necessary to keep it interesting in long term. In any case, I would buy it just for the collection and probably play it too though not necessarily with very high expectations. Hehehe!
  10. The Language Barrier in game.

    Not necessary I think, they know that everyone does not understand already. Just chatting with other people of the same origin at the time. So you are not even supposed to understand it. My friends also do it, if they suspect there to be other Finnish people in the opposing team just to fish them out, you know. TOTALLY LEGIT.

    Weel, he might have just used his repair and could not. Sounds more likely to me. But otherwise @wilkatis_LV is right, always best to keep a little distance and not to superglue the goggles on your face.
  12. Again MM..

    Hmmmh... Oh, in that case I'd prefer wine, it ages better.
  13. The Language Barrier in game.

    OH NOES! @Excavatus You have Created a Monster!!!
  14. Explain this before I lose my s**t

    NAAH! Of course not. I had some 75% winrate last Saturday, but while it went well (did not screw up ... much) I certainly did not carry the team to glorious Victory every bloody time either. But that's the way the cookie crumbles. You'll soon be getting some undeserved victories also, no worries.