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    I Currently Have 666 Royal Tokens...

    I Currently Have 666 Royal Tokens... Nice! Just keep that number for 6 more days and you'll receive a free talking Chucky-doll, select items from Prada, all Seasons of "Lucifer" on CD and a free 1 year membership in the Church of Satan. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    ☆ Solution to the CV problem! ★

    But what happens, if my consequent CV-gamingdata then proves all of these assumptions to be completely false?
  3. I'm not complaining lass. What are you talking about?

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    732 tokens so far, I think I'll do just fine from now on...

    minimap idea

    Fair enough, why not? And while at it, make it so that at the end of each game, we could have a minimap screen showing the locations of all surviving ships in both teams to all the players (including the enemy). Just so we could finally know where the heck that one last blasted DD had been hiding all the while...
  6. Hehehe lad! Seems like you learned an invaluable lesson then. I play mainly Cruisers myself and can confirm (have learned this through bitter personal experience), that ANYTHING, which has the word "Cruiser" attached to its ship class, be it Light Cruiser, Scout Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, medium Cruiser OR Battle Cruiser has all the armor efficacy of a block of melted butter against a Battleship hit of any tier. Cruisers are NOT the ships you can use for bow-tanking at any time. You have to use its speed, stealth, agility and all available cover to AVOID GETTING HIT in the first place. Because whenever you do, it's gonna hurt like hell. That is a given. Also, angling only works against smaller caliber guns, even if you are a professional fisherman. So be smart and don't even try, problem solved.

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Hhey! On the positive side though, you must admit that the enemy never too A4. And that's what really counts!! ... Trust me on this one, I've lost innumerable amounts of karma making comments like: "You'll never take A1, Bwahahaha!" to the enemy team in the game chat, whenever my own team turned out to be campers... A Fun troll though.

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    Oh you know, the corporate hide is quite thick sometimes. So often it is necessary to use an elephant gun to kill a mouse in order to make a dent in it. Companies have a strong tendency to attempt to muffle criticism - Just try to use the word "deathtrap", when assessing one of GM motor vehicles and you'll see what I mean. So they may go overboard, but that is just a device to get someone to listen. Hence it is all acceptable. After all, once you begin censoring, it will end up increasingly silencing all contrary opinions, no matter how civil or well-meaning their intent. That is why it is called "Freedom of Speech". It is good for everyone to be able to hear it and decide for ourselves (and for companies to be dragged screaming and kicking on stage to listen to them or else it would not happen at all).

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    Criticism is not hate lad. It is needed to expose the flaws and weaknesses in order to get those fixed at some point. In any commercial enterprise, if you depend only on internal feedback, where sycophants and "yes"-man usually top the cake, you will sooner or later go badly wrong in thinking that you are doing everything right. In offering much needed criticism, the CC's are doing invaluable service both to WG and to us players and we are lucky to have it that way.

    Deliberate Teamdamage? How to get the offender banned?

    Weel, should have taught his parents to use a condom, but since it's obviously too late for that now the second best option is to open a ticket with WG support (remember to attach a replay) and hope for the best.

    AA builds worth it anymore

    MAA on a DD? A fascinating idea! I've never even considered this a possibility. Methinks I'll just have to give it a try to find out what happens.

    AA builds worth it anymore

    Well, it all kinda depends on what you hope to accomplish. If your question actually means: "Will AA build give me complete immunity from Air attack so I can go yolo and blap CV's at will?" then the answer is a resounding "No". CV is the king and can kill you regardless. BUT If your question is: "Can I be more useful to my team, by choosing an AA build?" Then the answer is going to be an emphatic "Yes". By a smart use of your DefAA and Catapult Fighter consumables, as well as speccing your ship to full AA you can boost your team's overall AA effect to such an extent that the CV will not be able to get any attacks through to target, if you are within AA range of its intended target (this including frequent use of sector reinforcement at opportune moments), or are the target yourself, but of course you still need the others to assist your own AA if targeted - I usually also save the Catapult Fighter consumable, for when I get targeted. This is a good build to protect you allies with and when used correctly can render the CV completely impotent against yourself and those ships you are escorting / being escorted by. So team-playwise this is a useful choice, whenever there are CV's around. Of course, all of this kinda depends, if you can play "team" and be there for your mates when needed or not though. So in short - Do you "Need" a full AA build to fulfill this AA support role, well No, but it does make you more effective in it. PS, This said, I do not see the "manual AA" or whatever it is called now as too useful and it is definitely overpriced at 4 skill pts anyways so I have not taken it for any of my commanders, though I have been tempted. Anyone who has actually tried this out?
  13. WOOT?? Oh well, then I guess he kinda deserves the spot in a kinda specially twisted and perverse way for sheer grit and perseverance. Personally, I could not manage even half a dozen Coop games in a row or even during the same day.
  14. And so yet another cunning plan comes to fruition...

    Is fire prevention skill worth it ?

    Weeel, I guess the answer to that question would mainly depend on how much you enjoy being the BBQ.