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    T6 DD for coal - yay or nay?

    All of them are good ships, you won't be disappointed in any. Well, excessive potao'ing on your own part notwithstanding, of course.
  2. I was in an Atagou? Huh, was under impression that I had take the Mogami the entire game . Ssooo THAT right there explains why I seemed to be firing the guns so darn slowly... Hheheheh! Should pay attention to those things sometimes I reckon. BTW well done. Really? Did I get you in the end? Damn, I thought I had missed you after all. Oh well, the one that magically got away then. Good game tho.

    Forum game "back in my day"

    Well, back in my day, when I first began playing WoWs It was possible to end up stuck on and island with a Mikasa while in-between 2 enemy Myogis and secondary-dueling them to the death (I nearly almost practically won, if only they hadn't used their main guns too). Both of them consequently also got beached on the same bloody reef and then were torpe'd by one of our nearby DD's so that counts as a win for me right? Fun times!!!
  4. Hehe... Yeah, I got reported today while in Ibuki (and being the last surviving member of our team) for having dodged some torps from an enemy DD - So I was surrounded by 3 DD's and an Alsace. Asashio, Z'44 and Friesland (yeah, sadly we had one of those teams who cannot shoot at DD's). So apparently my offense was to bring the Alsace to within 153 HP of dying (he escaped by going out of my gun rage and felt that I should have shot the DD's instead of setting fire to him but hey 153 HP???) and still surviving the battle. REVENGE!!! So I was reported (how do I know? he put it in chat since I was clearly cheating and could not possibly survive such a situation without being a hacker). Well, TBH I was surprised myself but anyway. It was a fun game. Unfortunately, the Alsace also survived.

    Fun is no more, BORING!

    Oh dear, but fret not I know a VERY GOOD Goat Simulator you could buy for small change. Loads of fun!! Other that that you could just adapt and learn how to deal with it. Many others already have, you know. Personally I kinda like it all, though bringing all my 19-points commanders up to 21 is a drag, So just stiff upper lip and sh*t lad, you can still make it - Not to worry. Not the end of life anyways.

    Maintain aim while on free view

    Dude...: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Controls Ctrl+X: Armament: locked on bearing. The armament (main guns or torpedo launchers) is locked onto a point relative to the ship. Do not forget to press it again to release the lock though or your shots into another target will miss horribly. AND ABOVE ALL, READ THE WIKI AND PROSPER!!!

    Smaller Teams for Random Games ?

    Hell no, if anything I would like to see BIGGER teams, definitely not smaller. That is why they have ranked and Clan battles don't they? Make a mode for fleets of 18-20 ships each!!!

    Should i start playing in Randoms?

    Understandable all that. But yeah, you really should. Coops get boring after a while and if you really want to learn how to play randoms are the way in. BUT start low, tier 2 and up from there. Do not just jump in to high tier right away to get yourself insta-killed, that is both not fun and also gets you easily abused by the rest of the team. Well, that is no fun either actually. Anyway, start low and as you begin winning (and learning more) try higher tiers DO NOT RUSH IT! Higher tiers does not extend your manhood any, it may actually do the exact opposite, if you become the bane of your team. Slowly and carefully does it much better. DO NOT STAY AT SPAWN POINT this will make you lose more games than win and will make you VERY unpopular. So nope, do not start at tier 6, that will not be a good idea, you will immediately bump into people who have 10.000 more games than you and they will wipe the floor with you - Getting no chance to enjoy the game at all. That is just no fun. Low tiers teach you a lot and when you advance slowly you will get a chance to learn the tricks and tactics needed against other players. Playing against other people is after all completely different from Coop and pretty much nothing that you learned up to now will be a good idea in randoms. If you can, division up with a friend, who is more experienced (in randoms specifically) and can advice you along the way. If you have no friends, ask me (or someone else in this forum) and I'll div with you for a few games to get you started. But yeah, by all means go random. It IS the best way to enjoy this game and not get bored, just do not bite off more than you can chew right away (and starting at tier 6 is exactly that) is all I'm saying.
  9. Really... IF you played randoms complimented by bots, please try again and this time make sure to target the REAL players first instead of trying to get easy kills by ignoring them and targeting bots first. If you were playing Coop.. Please learn how to play (we will help you, just ask for tips). It is not hard, bots always go straight for you and do the same thing and repeat the same every time. So you will ALWAYS KNOW WHERE THEY ARE GOING TO BE!!! The rest is up to you. Please do this lad, you can master it! You are our only hope for the survival of humanity!!!
  10. Hhhheeey! I was gonna say that!
  11. I was wondering the same thing mate. But keep trying though. Problem is some people take this WAY too seriously I guess. I mean, it isn't like anyone ACTUALLY dies or anything. Hehehe! That said, I do admit to getting rather seriously peeved on occasion myself, especially after persistent losing streaks involving plethora of absolute potato teams. But yeah, on those occasions I will just take a break for a while while regaining my sanity and continue later. But yeah, those are just temporary fallacies, not something I would entertain while sober anyway.
  12. Well, yeah it will surely get him blacklisted by the lad he is contacting but I seriously doubt there will be any other outcome. But then again, you were just trolling him right?
  13. Mate... No one needs a 21 point commander to win. What you need is competent team members and to have some of that ability yourself. If you know how to play, you can get a good result with just a 1 or even a 0-point commander. If on the other hand you don't, you will still lose even with a 21 pointer - That is not going to help you any. For example. The commander skill that increases fire chance (and there is only one of those skills), only increases it by 1%. That does not guarantee a fire in every salvo, far from it. It means that if normally you would set 8 fires per game, you can now get 8-9 (perhaps). When the average fires are at 7-8 per game (if a good one), you would still get just 7-8 fires in most games regardless of this skill or 8-9 when lucky (depending on ship, its base fire chance, number of guns it has and the number of hits you can score per salvo -> No nit=No fire). So that win had nothing to do with Commanders or their skill points BUT had everything to do with the opposing team being composed of better players than the team your son was in.
  14. Happened a few of times, BUT on the couple of occasions I can still remember we had a very good CV player to assist and keep the enemy DD in check (well more or less). So yes, it is possible but losing all your DD's first is definitely a bad sign.
  15. I have rest all and re-skilled only the 21 pointers and a few others I plan to play on weekly basis, so of my 172 commanders perhaps 20 are skilled now, the rest I will do whenever I get to it. No hurry.