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  1. Aaahhaah! Thanks, I did have a slight suspicion it might just be me being Daft. Thanks for confirming that. This topic maybe closed now. Sorry for the bother.
  2. Hi guys, just noticed something odd. After battle summary does not show the FreeXP bonus, I should have received as a result on mounting the "Primordial Annihilator" camo, it was the same with my New year camos as well and it also seems it is not crediting any also (should have +200% FreeXP bonus right?). Am I the only one or just missing something here (screenshot below)?
  3. It really depends on the ship. I have Main Battery in all my IJN Cruisers since they tend to have painfully slow turret traverse. Also Pensacola but for most of the others I have chosen the Aiming System.

    THE most incredible ROFLSTOMP

    Yeah, I wonder if it's the map or what brings bad karma like that... Just today, same map, also epicenter - I was trying to get to the cap circle in the middle while in a furious firefight with a flanking enemy Bayern, Guepard and an Aoba was sniping at me (I was likewise in Aoba). Just got the Bayern torp'd and lit up nicely with 3 perma-fires. was still in (relatively) good HP myself and was pretty pleased with it so far when the game abruptly ended right before he would have died at under 6 mins time played... Why? Well, It seems the entire team had inexplicablyvanished, I was the only one left alive and the enemy had already capped all the rings. I have no idea what had happened, since I was the only one in my flank while the others Lemming'd to the opposite corner and apparently died there, which all left me rather busy, but still... AMAZING!! Prolly should watch the replay just for kicks.

    RADAR JAM Device

    But... We already have one, it is called "Cooldown time". Very effective, just use it to your advantage. Totally works.
  6. Oh I am not commenting anything on desirability of such, just guessing it might be the reason for it that's all.
  7. Well I noticed the same also, but given that this is supposed to be an experiemntal game mode for TESTING purposes. I'd suspect that Yes, it is intentional indeed. Possibly due to the fact that they expect people to potato a LOT (I know I did this morning, hehehe) so mebbe that's why.

    Matchmaking and other grumbles


    Do you have problems on the server?

    Oh it is a larger issue then... Fiddlesticks, in Ireland, same happening here too. A few freezes during games and kicked out once. Will wait a bit before trying again.

    Why don't allow team up at Rank?

    Simple answer. Ranked is intended (no comment on whether this actually happens or not, you understand) for displaying INDIVIDUAL player skill. Therefore, in this context, buffing your apparent performance by teaming up with others could actually be considered cheating and is therefore undesirable and runs clearly contrary to the entire purpose of having "Ranked" battle mode in the first place.
  11. Of course it is lad, why the heck not? I had the dubious honor of witnessing my Division mate sink our Clan Leader in a heated torp duel just the other week, when his division ended up in the opposing team (our team won in the end but it was a close call, phew). Fun times.
  12. Bumped into our esteemed @Excavatus this morning. Was just getting started in my Seattle, sinking their team's Fletcher in the middle under heavy fire , when his division mate rather abruptly blasted me out of the water with his Grosser Kurfurst, then in turn getting burned to a crisp by some of our other Cruisers. Brother @Excavatus was just play-testing his super-duper secret Shishikiki (or something similar) so we did not talk about it and had the dubious honor of being the last one alive in their team after a valiant but ultimately futile struggle, as their right flank had collapsed quite early on. Good game from both of you lads!

    Impossible to play this crap game

    Yeah, Sith like that happens every once-in-a-while. That's a given. Just came out os a losing streak myself, but this weekend was good, I seem to have ended up in those teams opposing you for the most part, heheh! But hey yeah, many 7+8 minute games, where the opponent just got demolished in exchange for 0+2 ships of our own. Annoying too, TBH, since I most enjoy games which are even, tight calls but hey - Whatever happens to be queuing at the time eh? Well, just hoping it's not the same bunch of kindergartners borrowing their daddy's computer for "boats-game" I kept having previously, of course...

    What I am doing wrong ?

    Yeah, Yahagi is a difficult ship to play. Not impossible, just difficult and using long range torps in any ship requires careful planning before you launch or you will end up team killing someone. Try to go to a flank, where there is no friendly DD in front so you would face only BB and other Cruisers, which will allow you to use your concealment and torps to the maximum effect. Guns are actually OK, but need IFHE to do some damage. You can take down enemy DD, if you get the chance. Speed is also an advantage, when shifting positions. Success in this ship is very situational. It is possible to have very good games occasionally, but you have to learn to play extremely carefully at all times, since you have a giant citadel and no armor to speak of (DOH!). All that said, I have mostly enjoyed the challenge but I'd put Yahagi firmly into the hardship-category of ships gameplaywise. Use island cover as much as possible, when shooting so you will not get immediately citadelled and try to start some fires. Torp any smokes, where enemy is hiding, but get to close range before you do it to reduce the chance of hitting own ships (keep in mind, that enemies hiding in smoke cannot see out of it, but need others to spot for them, this may provide you opportunities). Avoid shooting torps from maximum range, unless there are absolutely NO own ships anywhere nearby, who might turn into them.
  15. Point? Perhaps this: In any case this never bothered me much and I have 154 Detonations under my belt to prove it.