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    WG for the love of serb, nerf lighning

    NoNo man, that cannot be done. Not yet anyways, this is a new shipline so they are SUPPOSED to be OP. At the least for a time until most people have been induced to grind them. RN DD's will be nerfed later on, when the next new ship line will be released. Then they will be the ones, which are OP for a time and so on and so on. Have patience and you shall receive...

    Doubloon deduction

    Oh just your standard General Melchett exclamations compilation, as would be appropriate...

    Doubloon deduction

    WOOT? Wussallthisnowthen, thennow?

    Tier 10 only brackett

    Weel, I play mostly tier 8 Cruiser myself and I do not have any issue about ending up in tier 10 games 40% of the time... All it means is that I'll be getting some extra XP bonus for being the bottom tier. SWEET!! But of course, just as long as it doesn't happen ALL the time that is... Hehe!

    Joke, joke...

    Jokes? @thiextarHmmm...: How about this one: "Mikasa features highly accurate main guns, good speed and maneuverability as well as preferential MatchMaking..."

    Remove Friendly Fire Damage!!!!!!! Plz Now!

    Yeah, me too. There should be no penalty for secondary damage either??? Now I am confused...

    Joke, joke...

    I do not see how this is a problem. Half the time they will be saddling the enemy team anyways and since I'll be driving a tier 8 Cruiser I'd much prefer facing a tier 10 potato BB rather than a Unicum. Of course, it hey are in my team things might get a bit awkward, but hey "Ship happens" so there. I'll feed those lads to the enemy Yamato first and be the last of my team left alive then. Fair enough. Bound to happen sometime, that's why they are called "Randoms".

    The destroyer limit - not working AT ALL

    Shoot! You're right of course. Totally forgot that too. Yeeah, there's gonna be a plaque of DD's all over the place the entire week now then. Oh well, guess I'll have to take my Cleveland out for a bit of spin then. RADAR SHIPS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!

    The destroyer limit - not working AT ALL

    Hhheey! Still, it HAS been worse... Was in a 23 BB match once, long ago, in a Hipper (Mountain Range map, tier 9-10 mostly)... Can't say I enjoyed it all that much. BUT mercifully I did not have to suffer for long.


    Chasing a Zao with an Ibuki? @hogger4169 Hmm.... If he just went back to concealment that would mean that he had deliberately delayed firing his guns while further away from you than his spotting range and that can mean only 1 thing. He was planning to make a turn at first to one side and then to another to launch his torpedoes at you, before commencing firing again. Standard IJN Cruiser tactic, very effective on the unwary too. If you have a hydro mounted now is a good time to fire it up, if not then launch the Catapult Fighter or Spotter Plane ASAP because you can expect some 20 torps to be headed at your direction right now. If none of these are available, be very very careful or you'll eat one. And whatever you do at this point, try not to fire your guns anymore (this will allow you to become un-spotted while maneuvering) also DO NOT turn broadside towards the oncoming torps in a misguided attempt to change course, keep on going and concentrate on dodging those torps before anything else. In any case Ibuki is slightly faster than Zao so you may catch up with him later on, unless of course he is mounting a speed flag in which case you're out of luck.

    The destroyer limit - not working AT ALL

    EHhehehe.... Yupp, perhaps they accidentally got it reversed or then the queue is just that long. So yupp, just what he said then.

    Hopeless absurdity of it all.

    Ahh, that's your mistake right there lad. If you care for your sanity. Always make sure to quit while you're still ahead or take a bashing. BUT on the positive side. It could have been a LOT worse. You could have played 20 more games like I did last weekend (just because I'm an obstinate SOB, who NEVER learns).... When a losing streak comes onto you, the only thing you can do is to take a break and try some other game until it blows over and the coast is clear again.

    Picking caps in Domination battles

    Weel brother @lovelacebeer, it really depends on the map and situation (where the others are actually going) and so forth. I'm playing Cruisers nowadays for the most part. My chosen role is DD support, so what I usually do is to pick a nearby DD to follow, then go to whichever cap she is heading to (5km behind so I don't get spotted prematurely). Simple as that but of course I do keep an eye on those pesky BB's and if they suddenly abandon the flank and leave us all by our lonesome then it's perhaps time to reconsider. Warn the DD that we are alone and if strong enemies are spotted, hightail it outta there as quickly as possible. In some occasions I will try to go for a cap myself, if it seems there is no opposition (this is rare tho) or continue anyway, if it seems that there opposition is light or just equal to us. Well for the ost part anyways, but there are times when going for a delaying action is the best choice just to keep the opponent from flanking the rest of the team. There is no single concept that always works, but one must adapt to the situation and hope for the best. But MOST IMPORTANTLY NEVER TRUST WHAT THEY SAY IN CHAT without checking yourself, keep an eye on the minimap and see for yourself where the rest of the team is REEAALLY going, then adjust your gameplan accordingly. Blindly doing what someone tells you to in chat will likely get you insta killed soon enough. After all it's not their own ship they are sacrificing by trying to send you out on a suicide mission. And in any case always remember YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VOLUNTEER FOR IT, so make your own decisions just like everyone else. There may be some complaining or karma loss as a result, but it is better to have a good game than get insta-blapped just because you went to some cap on someone else's say-so all by your lonesome and got slaughtered on the spot. This is very much a team game, but that does not mean you should sacrifice yourself just to prove your loyalty or some such bullcrap. Keep in mind that you will always be worth more to your team while still alive and fighting rather than stone cold dead. Play accordingly and try to delay the dying-bit as long as possible, then do some damage (after all it is generally rather hard, although not all together impossible, to do any damage whilst already dead).

    CV rework - are they going to start at T6?

    True dat, innderesding thought... Though light carriers might have to be balanced against Cruisers or some such arrangement. But then again the difference could be that Fleet carriers be the surface ship killers while the escort carriers assist with air supremacy, spotting and sub-killing (with a dive-bomber squadron, which could also be used against other ships). Kinda like it really was at the time.

    CV rework - are they going to start at T6?

    I would not mind personally... It never made any sense to me to have 2 CV's in games where hardly any ship (Texas exempted) has worthwhile AA to speak of. Though it means I will have to re-spec my Yubari... Sniff!