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    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Seems perfectly legit... Or at the least 3 out of 4 of my games played on that map yesterday were almost exact copies of that. Well except, that I usually ended up a dead guy on the other flank after a desperate delaying action. Frustrating as he*ll, but then again perhaps I just haven't discovered the obvious strategic genius behind it, which seems to be clear to everyone else?

    New players to the game!

    True dat. Sadly it seems that somehow having free access to daddy's wallet (or even one's own) does not automatically grant intelligence. Or else we'd all be ruled by 'stable geniuses' by now.

    New players to the game!

    One of those days eh? Oh well, that can't be helped sometimes lad. I started my games yesterday with an infuriatingly solid 10-game one-sided blap-massacre-parade losing streak before it got a little better. Made new record BTW, I was the last one left alive after mere 1 kill and 5min 23secs played - WOHOU! Don't ask, I have no idea what happened there, but it suffice to say we quite deservedly did not win that one. But yeah, I guess that's what Free-to-play Massive Multiplayer and all that so-forth crapola really means. You may end up getting teamed with Pro.Unicorns or just a bunch of kindergartners borrowing daddy's "boatsy game" OR any da*mn combination thereof, in-between or besides. You never can tell. So we just have take our shot, try the best we can, agonize over it, have a Valium and a beer and hope for the best, then try again. I mean it's not like WG could magically just program away the stupidity of mankind, eventhough we might occasionally wanna hope so.

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Well done all around I'd say. Told you we'd make it good this time, Hehehe! Good thing too, we also had quite a horrible weekend this time.

    What Do You Guys Do With Your Free XP?

    Mostly, I just hoard it for "emergencies" when promoting my Commanders. So if a tiny bit is missing from the next level (10 points, for example) I will use a bit of free XP to fill the gap. I also use some, in order to complete research either in terms of ship modules or new ships. Bought Musashi as well. Currently back in hoarding stage, will keep at it until X-mas and see what comes up to use it for. My target is 3M free XP for by Holiday season (have now some 2,4M).

    Spotting... when sunk.

    Simples..> You just were not quite dead yet, that's all...

    This is not right.

    Welcome to the Jungle Lad!! We're glad to have you with the rest of us, hehehe!

    Viribus Unitis

    Yupp, just like he said. But of course... A very, VERY SLOW Light Cruiser with no AA (just think of her as a tier 5 Katori but without the gun range advantage).... Excellent guns tho so you can expect to do plenty of damage when given the chance. Stealth build is recommendable, it is really of no use to put any skill points on AA so the best tactic is to try and avoid CV attentions all together. Failing that, marry the nearest Texas, keep it between yourself and the enemy planes and you'll be just fine. I love this ship, actually. Challenging, but not impossible to play, even in 2 CV games (if you get lucky, but get focused and yer ded pretty da*rn quick). A must-have for all hardcore masochists.

    Italian cruisers rudder?

    That may be, but in practice (when I am actually playing the game) I do not get noticeable frequency of rudder breakages on those other ships (even Aoba, which I think is strange TBH) and so I have chosen not to take it. However in Furu, for one reason or another, that tends to be a frequent occurrence. This probably has much to do with the fact that, due to shorter gun range, with Furutaka you have to operate within short 12-13 km range, while with the others you get to be a bit further away (14-15km) and consequently suffer fewer damaging hits on those parts. This choice has noticeably improved my success in Furutaka while having no noticeable effect on the performance any other ships. So that's the approach I'm taking on Italian Cruisers too.

    Italian cruisers rudder?

    Personally I have mostly taken "Last Stand" skill for DD's + Yubari +Kuma + Yahagi + Furutaka and that's about it methinks. Sure you will get a few rudder breakages in other ships too, but it is quite infrequent and I can use the points on something more optimal instead (usually, but not always, it's Adrenaline Rush for my Cruisers - 203mm ones anyway). I think I will start by not taking it for any and see, what the performance is. If rudder breakages reach a critical point (nearly every or every other game or so), then I will consider taking it on a ship-to-ship basis.

    Wishlist WoWs 2020


    Wishlist WoWs 2020

    I might have one... Tone, pretty pleeease?

    Stat padding

    The best tip I can give you about stat-padding is to FORGET ABOUT STAT-PADDING ALTOGETHER! That'll just make your head hurt, spoil your fun, causes incontinence, alcoholism, warts, impotence and generally saps your will to live AND on top of all that, it just bloody well won't work. For example, if you get the brilliant idea to play Tier 1's to "seal club" the noobs for an easy and fast stat improvement. You'll immediately discover that there are also 23 other utter pillocks who had the exact same idea and so both team consist of only seal-clubbers with all the incompetent ones stuffed into your own team regardless. Also, stop blaming "bad teams" no matter how tempting that would seem and accept every defeat, as a personal failure regardless of how well you might have done personally. Because you can always do better and blaming the team will only serve, as an excuse not to learn anything new. It may be your team mates are all Unicums just having an off-day or they might be a bunch of 5-year olds just borrowing their daddy's computer, who knows. Admittedly, some teams might occasionally be bad but whether that is regardless of me being in them OR because of me being in them is always highly debatable and therefore it is best not to waste any thought on it. Just concentrate on thinking what YOU could have done better and nothing else and you'll continue to improve for sure. So simply play whichever ship you enjoy the most playing, because chances are that if you like it, you are also going to be fairly good at it and the stats will follow (VEERY slowly though). To give you an idea how slow it is going to be -> I have now roughly 53% WR (started up with a measly 38% after first 900-1.000 games - Don't wanna talk abbouttit) and some 16.000+ games played, so if I want to get it up to 60%, I would have to play 16.000 more games with an average at least 67% WR all the fu*cking time... Maybe I could do it or maybe not but what's the point? I am satisfied that my Little Winkie is large enough as is and I'm not interested in bragging rights anyway. So Yeah, nevermind obsessing about all that, life's too short. So why do that to yourself? You'll just be miserable and end up posting yet another "I quit playing because this game sucks"-thread in this here forum.

    National voiceovers

    Hmm, now that you guys mentioned it indeed maybe a good time to check my settings alsol, just in case. Might well explain why my Atagou's Jap Commander has suddenly learned to speak Russian...

    WG - Something has to give....

    No worries Lads! I'll get someone on it right away!!