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    What's the deal with open flanks?

    Our battles have a plan??

    What's the deal with open flanks?

    Yeah, Colonello is right. In this kinda situation you just have to stick with your flank and try to make the best of it as much as you can. If you are in a FAST ship (near or above 30 knots) you can consider changing flank, if needed. What I usually do (I mostly play Cruiser nowadays) is to try and see how the team distributes itself and then go to support the weaker flank in hopes to help hold them off until our lads on the other flank can gain an advantage. This naturally does not always work, but it does give me lots of opportunities for dealing extra damage and with a bit of luck (and hopefully some decent players on the other flank) could turn the tables and result in friendlies winning the game. After all, it does not matter if you die at some point - Just as long as you have managed to hurt them more than they've hurt you.

    It's Crazy but... HEY!! If it works...

    I tried this out and it is brilliant. Cannot believe I did not think of it before and just stuck with the standard LC build instead, what a waste that was. I have now re-specced all my Dutch Cruisers accordingly (those that have airstrike that is). Thank you so much for pointing this out for us!

    It's Crazy but... HEY!! If it works...

    Hmm, I might try this out myself actually...

    It's Crazy but... HEY!! If it works...

    Oh yeah, BTW this is not intended to be a Gorizia-thread. The idea was to present some of the more "Speshul" builds any of us might have put in our ships and what the outcome was. My Gorizia stuff is there just to give an example (and an explanation why) Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your opinions on Gorizia anyways, no harm done.


    Personally I most resent the moving islands, which constantly plant themselves in front of me when I'm in a tight spot even-though I could swear they were not there a few seconds ago...
  7. I counted 53 but I could have missed a couple, not quite sure since I got a bit confused (not good at math)...

    It's Crazy but... HEY!! If it works...

    AWW! Spoilsport...
  9. So, I've been kinda slacking off on this forum bit for a while so I thought I'd kick off a new topic for a change, please post your craziest ship / Commander skill combos here just to give us all some food for thought. I will start off just to give an example: Soo, GORIZIA, the unremarkable premium ship most of us just love to completely ignore. Same, as Zara, but no torps, poorer gun performance somewhat better AA and a hydro) Yeah all that is kinda nice but I always felt it doesn't make up for the loss though, in other words useless... Well, then I decided to try something out. My thinkin was that since guns, slightly unimpressive as they may be are the only means Gorilla can make damage, why don't I throw all traditional convention into the bin and attempt to stuff every possible gun buff into it and see what happens then? Well following is the result in a nutshell: Well, the modules I picked are fairly standard, no biggies here, except perhaps the scout plane module.. And now the Commander skills (Yeah it is a 21-point commander - I have some 48 of them so decided to spare one here). The result is a CRUISER with 15,6km concealment, 44 second smoke (50, if using signals), 13,8 sec base reload time as soon as anyone is near enough to see me (which is whenever I a, near enough to shoot at anything) and 5555 SAP base damage with 54mm armor penetration. Well the results then? Current stats (well, I did some 60 games or so before being frustrated to the point of doing this so they are not conclusive, of course). My damage in this ship nowadays has increased to somewhere around 50-54.000 on an average game with no heroics to mention of and the upside is that it will reliably deliver the 3000-5000+ damage on almost any battleship or Cruiser I meet, same also to DD's and if I score multiple hits the going gets even merrier. One of my favorite ships now- Whenever I feel suitably masochistic, that is. SO WHAT\S YOUR STORY MATIES??
  10. Bumped in brother @Excavatus , who had somehow stealthily sneaked aboard the same team in his detestably OP Molotov. I was an good game and one of the highlights in the otherwise horribly tedious losing streak that was today's gaming. He was the the best, of course and even I managed to get some results in my Helena this time around. WOHOU! Thanks for a good game !!!

    my game account is hacked !!!

    Yupp, I had exactly the same issues last Saturday... Then on Monday I discovered culprit was the 1liter of Vodka I had the previous evening.
  12. Dude that is all wrong, you should play Coop when there are no other human players there. That will guarantee you to be number one in the team. Winning is not required anyway.

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not really an achievement of mine but... Just had a game with a very "speshul" MM. We had 1 CV each side, 1 DD each with the enemy DD being Asashio. Soi far, so good right? But, get this... ALL the remaining ships on both teams were Cruisers (no BB at all). We never saw the Asashio during the entire game, but yeah. Our DD being Kidd I cannot really blame him for an early rage-quit either... I am fully prepared to pay good money just to see the expression on his face when he first saw the matchup though. Almost felt pity for the little nipper there for a moment (sadly I am not really a great humanist so this moment of weakness did not last long). For a while there I had thought I was having a bad day, but this totally made up for it. Things could always be so much worse.

    Turrets & Torps ready but won't fire.

    My theory (so I might be totally wrong) is that this happens, when you are turning the ship while firing and the Turret/torp traverse cannot quite keep up with the your phase of turning the ship. Yes, it shows green but the dratted thing(s) just won't fire. Usually goes away if you steer straight for a second. Of course, needless to say, this usually happens in tight situations so steering straight for a while might not be a survivable option but that is another story then. Oh well...
  15. Ahh, so it was you. I should have known.