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  1. Awww @Nechrom, there you go with that pesky reasonable logic again. Come on! Live a little, be unreasonable for a change. This is no way to start a proper termite... Err, formite or some such discussion chaos and mayhem...
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    Ahh @Dampfboot, so basically when pigs fly then? AWESOME! I can totally see that happening right away.
  3. I was once in a game long ago, when torp soup was considered an issue (well, it could still happen tho), where enemy team had 4 Shima's and a Kagerou on Northern Lights map, when we tried to push through the straight at C (standard battle). As luck would have it all the bleedin' Shimas were there - I tell you 60 torps are bad enough, I just barely survived (took 1 though) but our team lost 3 cruisers and 2 BB's to either torp damage or flooding in just those first few minutes of the game. The feeling of utter panic was quite palpable. We did not win... That was my first and last time joining a Lemming train without vewy vewy caaawefulll considewation.
  4. And now @kfa... Imagine the same 3 Kitakami division equipped with torp reload boosters, just like 1 madman suggested.
  5. Kamikaze R i love it

    @JaiFoh YOU NOTTY BOY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCUUw2PRxh0
  6. Yeah, it is OK for me too. At the least it resembles a camo. I mean.
  7. YEAH, YOU ARE WEIRD... But of course, I mean that in the best and most respectful way...
  8. Hmmh, yeah. I hadn't thought of that @Nechrom perhaps there is an an idea there. Her guns might be able to defend against DD in any case. I could live with that one.
  9. Yeah, ugly is it? Well, can't be really surprised there. I usually take the permanent camo for any ship, if I plan to keep it. But in case of Algerie i had to make an exception, have you seen that rubbish Blue perma-"camo" the saddled her with? I have no idea what the other French Cruiser camos look like tho, but this would seem to uphold the trend. To say it (the Algerie camo) is atrocious is an understatement and a gross insult to atrocious things everywhere. One would think they just ran out of effort and ideas, letting a 2 year old with no talent and only blue brush watercolor it or something... Luckily they now have a Camo-competition which perhaps can offer a remedy.
  10. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! NnOOOO! Stop giving them any more ideas like that. Now don't get me wrong, 'd love to get my hands on Kitakami, but just NOT in that kinda config, but give it 10km regular torps and Atago-stealth on the other hand...
  11. Kamikaze R i love it

    Yeah @SeeteufeI, it is indeed quite distracting I admit. But I find the psychotic teddy-bear-thingy which captains my Tenryu much worse though. It does somewhat dent the samurai-spirit and detract from blinding glory of my otherwise truly awesome Imperial Fleet. But then again, since we can't just disband them, what'cha gonna do? Just have to make the best of it then. I even tried to watch the anime, just in case it would somehow motivate me better, but naah! Did not work, still awkward.
  12. Kamikaze R i love it

    HAHAHA! Yeah, i have a horde of those chicks too, way too many... Though I got mine up to 19 points recently. She does surprisingly well for a babbling-chiming neurotic teenager.
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    Congrats then @Drake847, just working my way up there now. Mebbe this month - Ehh, next weekend, once I get to start my vacation and have time to play more.