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  1. do jap torpedo boats do anything useful?

    Weel, they have the best torps and concealment in the game, so I guess that counts as a kinda plus. Can't do much about bad players tho... Other than that I've got nothing. Regardless, I DO specialize mostly in IJN DD's though I admittedly also keep a few others, just to know what the enemy is doing. Hehehe!
  2. Italian commanders

    After first Italian Tech tree(s) have been released, would be my guess.
  3. List of radar ships?

    Wows Wiki can help: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Surveillance_Radar
  4. HFS event missed?

    Just missed it, but not to worry I guess...
  5. WoWs suffers from being Antisocial

    Weel, it's not like being anti-social is hardcoded in the game design or something. That is something, which the players bring in all by themselves. But of course, one might be tempted to ask... What kind of a no-life mother*[edited]git just stays home to play computer games all day instead of going out socializing, getting drunk and meeting chicks and stuff like normal people??? ... Not to worry lads, i know I'm one of those too. Of course, some additional incentive could be added, like an occasional power outage or CPU meltdown after excessive gaming - OR an infallible regulatory component to pull the plug on one's computer every now and then, like a wife (I can vouch for this one, works every d*amn time and no override - Most effective) to encourage increased social activity but other wise...
  6. Captain slots in consumables containers.

    Hhehehe! That's nothing Lad! I have accumulated already 173 extra captain slots. If only there was a way to convert them to port slots...
  7. Mirror MM and "fail" divisions

    Yeah. Ahh just like the good old days, when you used to be able to get into tier 5 games with a Mikasa.... PS, It is called "Favorable matchmaking"...
  8. Mirror MM and "fail" divisions

    Oh but they are already doing exactly that lad... The MM will just find some unfortunate tier 7 ship for the opposite team, who gets to try his hand at a fun and engaging tier 10 game then. Problem solved!
  9. OR a "Cruiser" commander -> Ref. Kronshtadt / Stalingrad?
  10. Hmmm, one of those days eh? ...
  11. Mirror MM and "fail" divisions

    Yyeeah, that quite unexpectedly happened to me in an Algerie once. But to my satisfaction the guilty party in Yorck who got me in that mess in the first place, also had the decency to die first and I did not do too shabby either so no regrets. Well, OK I died of course and dmg was not the best possible BUT I was top of the team, possibly due to bonuses received because of the huge tier gap. Admittedly tho I am still definitely NOT planning to make it a habit.
  12. Totally aced it.
  13. Helmut Schiffmann- new german commander

    Max Mustermann ??
  14. First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    42 ?