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    reason to take dcff over other t1 skill?

    Hmm, yes - A good question. I have taken it for all my 203mm Japanese Cruiser Commanders (Furutaka, Aoba, Myoko, Atago, Ibuki) to buff their AA a bit further, because IJN AA tends to be quite underwhelming on its own (Yes even with DefAA and especially, when uptiered by a CV). So what I usually do is to take the DefAA + DCFF (with PREMIUM Catapult Fighter consumable this gives you 2 extra fighters, which can be counted on to down 2 more enemy planes each) and then use the consumables alternatively. In practice this gives me double the amount of AA-buff consumables when compared to just having DefAA by itself. Also, if ever in a game with multiple CV's and under attack by 2 or 3 squadrons at the same time, using both these consumables simultaneously hugely helps in trying to survive the maelstrom of incoming torps, missiles and bombs. But yeah, just like any other skills, it depends on how you use your ship. For purebred AA build it is an ideal choice tho.

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Oh hullo mate! Did not notice you either, heheh! Yeah it was way too easy I must admit, but at the least we got the right fella as our number one. Yeah, messed up with my Mogami earlier on and so went back a couple of tiers to re-learn how to play. Cheers!

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Dude, you are forgetting that Mental Age and actual Physical Age do not always match exactly... For example, when i was a kid Nixon was still US president and the Vietnam War going on strong as ever (which just goes to show what "too much winning" can do to you). However, if you consult my wife (I swear she is just bias and really only jealous of my youthful enthusiasm) my mental age is just about 5 and half... So there...

    why Yamato AP 14.8K?!!

    Game balancing issue, I gather. BUT in any case the full broadside weight still favor Yammy by quite a large margin at 9*14800 = 133.000 while Georgia "only" has 6*15750 = 94.500. So no worries methinks.

    Epic twitch drop

    Ahh, so it is... My bad then.

    Epic twitch drop

    Ahh yes, the Russian Köningsberg... Same ship, different name.

    Ultimate premium ships?

    Ahh yes I have my eye on the "Markgraf" ... However, the current condition is described as "slightly weathered" ... Also they did not promise home delivery. The greedy, tight-fisted little Bast*ards..

    Atago's (lack of) windows

    Yeeah, I can totally see your point - No argument there BUT on the other hand, that's what we have Mogami for right? Atago's oddly tempting younger sister (the homewrecking little minx). Hehehe! Both among my faves tho... What can I say? I am weak...

    Atago's (lack of) windows

    Both lad, both of course... The sexiest of them all.

    Atago's (lack of) windows

    Also, in fact the Takao-class Cruisers were some of the most modern the IJn had available to them (only the Tone-class was newer) at the time. Myokos were an older class of ship.

    Theories on new lines?

    True all dat @Sigimundus. But, as we have recently witnessed (Russing BB line) WG does not really need any actual ship blueprints in order to come up with ships and there is plenty of public material available through internet on Italian ships, both actual and planned. Therefore I do not think this entirely impossible. So basically, I remain an optimist.

    Theories on new lines?

    My best guess would be: Italian Cruiser line, followed by Italian BB line followed by Italian DD line... Maybe a few additional Pan-American & Pan-European ships too, but no complete ship line(s) for them yet. Maybe much later on a partial IJN or RN CA/CL split or something. Plus Russian Tier 8 Premium 203mm CA Petropavlovsk at some point.

    what the hell is wrong with the grosser kurfurst

    Hhahaha! Amateur! Just had a 21 game losing streak last week myself - Thank God it's over tho...

    Fighter consumables are utterly useless

    Yupp, this is indeed correct. Though I do not play CV's much and have lately mostly been contented with an ATLANTA, I have had a few matches, where the enemy CV's simply ran out of planes towards the end after stubbornly feeding them to strong AA ships (not always me, but occasionally). So it is definitely possible to De-plane and neuter a CV. This is probably why good CV players tend to switch targets fairly quickly to the other end of the map, if they spot a strong AA ship somewhere within the vicinity of the targeted enemy ship(s). One can clearly see this at the end of most games, when the CV starts flying with incomplete squadrons instead of full ones (if paying close attention, you can actuallylly see the number of planes in a "wave" decreasing, as the game progresses).

    New collection

    Thanking you guys @Klopirat, @Episparh . I am disgustingly ignorant of the basics sometimes. A clear case of insufficient Oxygen supply to the brain caused by missing air support. Those da*mn CV's plotting against me again.