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  1. Wish List for World of Warship

    Yupp... Ammo storage capacity never was an issue in naval battles anyways, so to introduce it would have to be a total fabrication to begin with (well, except for torps). Not saying that WG is above that, of course.
  2. Wish List for World of Warship

    Naah! 1&4, mebbe but not really something that makes a difference. 2&3 make no sense whatsoever and would not improve the game in any way. I'd rather just add the ability to make our own Clan Tags and Flags and have them displayed on ships and the base.
  3. Pin-ups 2018?

    Hehehe, the Saudis have nothing on me Lads... Death penalty could be considered rather merciful compared what will happen if my missus ever catches me with any extra-marital pin-ups of anything else than possibly a leaf of spinach and even that might be a tad hard to justify...
  4. DD problem

    Just wait until you get up to Tier 10, when you'll be having 5-6 DD's per team at times, some with 15*12 or 20km torps... Just saying. You'll either have to learn to deal with them or start playing one that's all BTW, the 2 are not necessarily mutually exclusive. It is amazing how much one could learn about defending against DD's while playing one. You should prolly give it a try.
  5. OR even better... Just increase the tier count to 15 and start from pre-dreadnought era already. Would get an ample and awesome supply of real ships and tech trees (partial perhaps, but who really cares right?) from all over. .
  6. Hhhhey! I for one would like to see & get Italian Cruisers. ...... Umm, oh yeah - Sane you mean? Okies then, point taken.
  7. Bots, Cheating, Poor play

    Yupp, you're right about that... Fixed it to. "new/poor players" instead. Though that said, i am working my way to becoming a 1+k Shima one day (no worries Lads that will be only AFTER I become a 2+k Mogami first, long ways to go yet) myself. Though I prolly should open a Shima player tips thread here at the forum first just to avoid the dreraded "Potato-Phase" of things.
  8. Bots, Cheating, Poor play

    Ahh Shimas, well that explains it. Shima is quite unfortunately a "Potato Magnet" par excellence for new/poor players because of the awesome 15*20km torp salvos possible (but not a recommended choice tho, mind you) and so forth. Unfortunately this does not guarantee that the said persons could actually play it - OR any other ship for that matter. And to answer your question, yes, the reporting function is just a placebo designed to make you feel good, but with no actual consequence to the reported party (other than losing some karma points, which does not matter anyway). Well, except if you report someone for "misbehavior in chat" that apparently gets the person chat banned, if there are enough reports (must be more than 1, I guess). I have no idea how many tho. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Nobody goes pink just because someone else reported them - No maater how many times, that is a misconception for sure. One goes pink ONLY for doing team damage. Trust me on this one, have f*cked up a few times like that myself (but I'm gettin' better now, no worries). Welcome to Tier 10 BTW, hehehe!
  9. Please put me out of my misery

    Hmm... You're in a schtick indeed @Blixies my friend. Personally I'd recommend the option to sacrifice your first born for starters. If that does not work, perhaps try talking to a Burning Bush or some such. It's been rumored to work occasionally anyways. And if all that don't work either just go with @nambr9
  10. Legendary idea for legendary modules

    HHEEY! Who you callin' a Termite? But yeah, I expect they'll do that eventually anyways.
  11. Please remove T8 from Tx MM

    Hulloh @P2Win nice to see ya here after long last (or mebbe not that long at all, just have not seen your posts lately, hehe). Back in form again are we?
  12. ARP ships -- do they need to be gimped?

    True dat, but I kinda never play them actually. The only reason I have not sold them yet is that I still have some port slots left and don't really need the credits either so it kinda does not matter either way. But on the whole, it doesn't really make sense keeping ships that you're not going to actually use. Unless just for decorative purposes perhaps?
  13. ARP ships -- do they need to be gimped?

    I have them all, but have barely played any. Somehow I have kept them tho. Perhaps it is finally time to bow to the inevitable and sell them off already, since I see little reason for keeping them. Might keep some of the higher-point captains tho.
  14. Naah! I tried it a couple of times, but then decided to stick with my usual "Flags and Camouflages" option...
  15. Could be worse... Some months back, I was divisioned up with our Clan's very Noobest player at Tier 1 (my job to coach and escort them to at the least to tier 3) and we lost after a tight fight. When someone in a Black Swan, having died early started raging and foaming at the mouth about "Noobs" in game. Oh well, I could not resist the temptation and just had to ask the genius. ... How is it that he did NOT expect any Noobs playing tier 1? He never answered, so I guess that'll remain a haunting mystery to forever keep me awake at nights. Sigh!