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  1. That is correct, but then the standard side panel has to be there right? Display team line-up is selected in my settings
  2. Here it is Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. i don't know if it has anything to do with the modpack, but i don't have side panels anymore
  4. General Feedback - Update 0.7.7

    Server is up, game is loading, but when i enter the harbor, CTD
  5. Because i like a good laugh.
  6. Why? Don't you know where you are in relation to CEST?
  7. i feel sorry for all the people who are complaining, because they have no life
  8. General Feedback

    i can confirm that
  9. Public Test Rewards

    I can't claim my rewards I can log in with my old email adress to play on the test server, but for claiming my rewards i have to use my new email adress and then the system doesn't recongnize me. This is realy f....d up...
  10. Public Test Rewards

    Thank you, but i have a question: At january 31 i had to change my internetprovider, so i changed my Wargaming email adress as well. Everything went fine, i can login at WoT, WoWs and WoWp, but not on PT server. I have to use my old email adress to log in om the PT server. Does this mean that i will not get my rewards voor participating on the PT server? At least i will not get a notification i guess, because my old email adress is not in use anymore.
  11. yes, i have connection problems too
  12. Server Down

  13. I have troubles too, i can't chat anymore.
  14. cant move captains into premium ships

    I use Aslains modpack and have the same problem. After removing the modpack it worked for me, so the problem must be one of the mods.
  15. WoWs and Intel HD Graphics 3000

    What do you think yourself.... This chip is not made for playing ANY game......