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  1. You are about correct just bought The Division 2 so I hope there will not be 11 or 12 ;)
  2. WG your playerbase is beyond repair, players don't know about basics of the game and they don't care about it - and they don't care about it because even if they play worse than bots they will get 500xp or more if they win, you will lose all of your normal, good, unicom playerbase... 40-47% WR 500-700 average xp player can NOT play vs 55-63% 1800-2300 average xp players, it is NOT normal that 1 team get 6 "underbots" and other team gets 6 normal players - you can not carry even in 3 man div anymore, this game ATM is frustration only if you are even normal players that knows basics of the game and you have basic will to win ... This is my final uninstall, by all and good luck mates I just need to leave because I'll end up in asylum...
  3. VuDuMaDafaakaa

    where is this player base heading to...?

    Have just the same problem !! :(
  4. I don't understand - that window open just 1 day on Wednesday ??? and what is exchange rate ? thx
  5. VuDuMaDafaakaa

    where is this player base heading to...?

    Players with lower than 50% WR and lower than -50% server average dam should be on 1 server playing with players in same class and skill as them and players with 50% or above and with above of -50% avg server dam should be on other server playing with payers same class and skill as them.. That will never happened because WG need edit* to buy and spend and they need good players to carry those limited -- problem is that game get at point where there is so much limited that carry is impossible, players just don't want to learn, don't care ane will never learn even basics of the game, there is no skill limit to get any tier ship, any class you just need money or time ... There is not problem to play with 2-3-4 limited player per tim, problem is also that 1 team will get 1 and other team will get 7 limited players and that's why 12:0 win is not so rare, that's why "850xp top player" is more often - this game try all to make skill irrelevant ( RNG on everything, HE as new meta because there is no skill needed to aim if you shoot HE, more and more brainless ships ) and even now when only situation awareness as a skill is not rng and all other is it is not enough simple to most od the player - like now maybe even mre than 60% of playerbase is total limited and clueless players that are her just for the fun ( don't know what is the fun for them - making normal player (that will give everything to win, try to win, try to learn, try to be better) miserable and leave the game ... edit: A little more care on picking the words please Excavatus
  6. VuDuMaDafaakaa

    Is the WoWs grind too generous

    In short - Yes it is and it is about 5-7x too generous, I remember the time in start of World of Warplanes with about almost 65-70% winrate I needed over 400 battles to get from T7 to T8 and that was normal IMHO ... In this game for without any flags, camo and xp boosters you get trough tiers is to fast, you won't learn anything getting 500xp in lost or base 1000xp in win - NOW you have about gazilon flags and camos with +50/100/150/250/400% xp, all in all with all xp and camo on you can get about 25.000xp in single good game and you ask if this is too fast ??? I finished grind from T6 to T7 in 3 games just to see how absurd this is ( and ofc I didn't use freeXP on that ) !!?!?!!?!? do not forget that you will get half of that in freeXP
  7. and what would be a full refund because be careful what you are asking - price of GC is about 15€ and kami was even less and so on, WG will not give you back 100€ or more that you spend on endless 1/3/5€ crates that many buy just to get those OP premiums ;) and many bought doubloons and than buy those premiums because it was on -30% in doubloons price and so on action and WG can see that transaction so they can say well we will give you back what you paid for it and than what, be careful not to get 1 crate instead of the ship
  8. You will have enough to change it for almost anything you want in this game in this way so it is not like we will be let down... To be fair it was a ( how to be polite and not get ban but there is a perfect word for it ) move form them when they made OP ship like those because WG knew that OP ship will sell like crazy and than after they let them in normal sell and sell enough of them they take it away and create a big demand and all who didn't have it - want it, so ofc they made it possible to get but via RNG crates that you need to buy for 1/5/10€ .. But to be true they only succeed in that because we are the one who want best and OP ship to help us to be better than others, I have GC and Kami and I won't miss them that much BUT if I can't have them anymore in state they are now than I want a very good compensation because I did spend a lot to have them
  9. There is a easy solution for all this !! WG you are caught in sticky situation where you advertise those OP ships in your Christmas RNG package to boost sails to stars levels now you nerf them and have very big problem because of that... so be fair and offer fair compensation, let player choose between 12.000 doubl... ( so they can buy whatever premium ship they want ) or 10.000 steel or 100.000 coal ... I know it seems like a lot but you also sell a lot of Christmas package and ect. on the fact that you can get some of those OP ships in it now deal with it ;)
  10. If they didn't market them in "you can get this op ships in RNG Christmas loot" and trough some hi amount package I wouldn't say anything but now after they took the money now they will treat them as normal premium ships and will probably offer normal amount of doubloons as compensation,, that's just not fair
  11. All ok but we want to chose steel/doublones/coal ( all to chose - one to take ) as compensation than - you know players bought gazilion Christmas/NY/whatever RNG package to get one of those and some got it and we spend far more than 5000/6000 doublones or 10/20/100€ on it
  12. VuDuMaDafaakaa

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    I got Vanguard yesterday - my first ship from container or bonus mission or anything free from RNG from the start of the game, after 3 years
  13. VuDuMaDafaakaa

    Having a really strange issue

    I did try yesterday to start game in safe mode via WG launcher and get in 3 games without problem
  14. VuDuMaDafaakaa

    Having a really strange issue

    I have same problem, fresh install, GTX1080, SSD EVO850 , 16GB DDR and infinite battle load i play on 4k but didn't have that problem before - fix/ch from the starter didn't help also - what to do ??
  15. VuDuMaDafaakaa

    FPS drops

    There is some problem with torps ( when you detect them - massive fps drops ) and than after a few games performance all together drops ( probably memory leak ) - that's on GTX1080 and 16gb DDR4 i 4k res