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  1. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    Yup and now they do coordinated team attack with great team work and all knowing their job with class they took Give me a brake this game / rank have 70% players not knowing what boosts give you and what will happened after your reach time or points - at least my system would reward the one that know and the one that actually try to do something to win !!
  2. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    Main problem is that all in wining team get star - even those yolo rushers that get carry by good players, and all in losing team lose star - only 1st don't and what about those that have 2xp less than 1st so top 3 in team that lost have 1211,1200,1080 and in wining team last 3 didn't even get past 600/700xp so top 7 by xp in both team get a star and 1 ( 8th by xp ) in wining team don't lose so lets say we have this result A team - lost 1180 1050 930 620 438 320 200 B team - win 1980 1650 938 785 620 550 500 so star would get 1980,1650,1180,1050,938,930, and 785 would save star This would be fair This would make good player, good game, your work always be rewarded This would make all that have some competitive mindset love to play This would kill all toxic from ranked
  3. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    impact bad CV player versus good CV player changed?

    This is the main fact why I'am happy with CV rework and gameplay now
  4. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    impact bad CV player versus good CV player changed?

    well just seeing difference in your CV stats vs other class stats ( DD, BB, cruiser ) - I'm not surprised at all
  5. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    impact bad CV player versus good CV player changed?

    It's not near the same, now very good CV player will be good but will heavy depend on team in the old RTS version CV could do all job alone and was not depended on team -- we can see that is different by high amount of unicom stat hunters crying here every day and by that they now can not hunt high score ( WR and av.dam ) with their CV anymore, now CV is normal class lake any other
  6. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    Well I love it bcs now they are just another class - not some God that decide who will play and who will not - I just love how all of you enjoy while cv was not overpower but 5x over power as a class and as a ship, and you love when you deal massive ammount of damage while no one but another good player do you any harm - but now when you have normal class, when was time to came down from Olympus now you cry every day here and on reddit and will leave the game, game will die and so on.. ( not all of you, good player that are reasonable they play it and are still good in it but now as a normal class )... If you want to play RTS strategic game than play sudden strike or COH or I don't know Panzer General - this is not rts game by far
  7. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    Well for me and a lot of others CV rework is the best thing happened in this game in last 2 year and with radar rework this game go in 2 big step forward -- so don't talk "No one has fun right now", I have far more fun now than in last almost 2 years, now CV is just a class like all other so job well done WG
  8. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    Brief review of ranked.

    I would need medical help after this for sure - I would get nervous breakdown
  9. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    It is important to continue voicing discontent with CV rework

    So I get Ban 2 times for "non constructive topic" when I was talking about players using bot program to get in top10 in points for directive and put some evidence with player that have 5k av.dam in 800 battles in GK and so on ... But OP is posting day after day about what and nothing - what is point of this ??
  10. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    CV Hotfix working as intended...

    So all in all, you need to play CV like you need for any other class in this game - like you said " I really had to plan my attacks, avoid certain ship groups and pick my targets. Plan my runs, not only for a good attack angle, but making sure i didn't end up on top of tier 8 BB's after dropping my payload" So I would say WG nails it and did a very good job
  11. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    Rollback the carrier rework

    There was everything wrong with the way old carrier RTS system work and that's why WG change it and they change it good - they just need to tweak it --- they will never rollback back that utterly broken 5 ship in one class system because it was broken and because only unicom cv player like it all other felt like cannon fodder and meat for them, now cv class is almost like all others .... Never again, for me game never feel better than now, maybe first year ( 1.5y ) was better but that is whole different story ..
  12. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    F spam "fix"

    hmm I thought it is 80 sec for a squad
  13. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    F spam "fix"

    so - it takes us 80 sec to get dam.con !!
  14. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    Economic penalty for Wargaming will be the only thing that changes their mind

    If they roll back I will uninstall an quit - I have spend over 500€ already and after a loong looong I enjoy game again after this patch so .. I don't know what's the big problem - they need a little tweak and we will finally have cv as a normal class in game and not that RTS I'am God and I decide who die first and last style
  15. VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger

    Why all the fuss?

    Only major problem is DD is spotted too often - and that can be fix very easy by giving spot only to player CV and delay to all other in team like on new radar system ( or not spot at all to other - just player cv that is targeting DD or even all class will see him and no one in team, not spotting for others ) ..