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  1. How to reduce toxic behaviour

    There is no toxic trash talk in clan wars in this game - that answer all the question about why there is so much toxic trash talk in random !!
  2. How to reduce toxic behaviour

    it's pretty easy to solve that - Don't put [edited] vs normal and unicom players and all toxic talk will come to end .. [edited] should play vs [edited], potato and bots and normal player should play vs normal, good and unicom and that's it Why [edited] well 60% of layers are below IQ of some primates like chimpanzees for example and than they just play and play and play and with +gazilon % xp camos and flags they will reach T10 in like 30-40 days because game rewards you by win not by your skill - so EDIT will be in some good team and they will carry him many times and he will get some 800 or more xp as last and by camo+flag+flag he will get gazilon xp boost he didn't deserve because he learned nothing and he won't learn anything and he doesn't wan't to learn anything but draging in last 3 spot every game with 20k av.dam on t8/9/10 games .. And than you come to forum and ask why there is so much Toxic in chat - well because WG made this toxic environment with there lust for money and printing all things that boost your xp for just some doubloons just so can [edited] throw more money to get some super special new premium that streamers will play and say how brutaly OP it is and by converting your xp for money and buying more and more flags so you can gat asap to your new T10 ship knowing nothing and learned nothing and than we have carry harder every day at least in 6 of 10 games .. And after all that how can you ask why there is so much toxic if you play this game and you are normal human being !!??!... edited = EDIT
  3. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    More than a quite now lets say in 3 of 10 games I got spanked by enemy cruiser shelling on me and ofc set fire while I was out of detectability for 30 or more sec - so I got shelled, I turn away in my BB and go out of detect got that last salvo ( you got out of detect but let's say cruiser manage to shoot on me 1 last time before I got undetected ) and than I'am out but another salvo hit me and than another and that's 30-40 sec after I got out of detect .., ofc after I got out of detect and 10 sec past I repair fires on me just to be shelled again from out of detectability .. after 50-100 games played by same ship in short period ( 1 month or so ) of time you could tell exactly what is normal and what is not - and this is X-mode and it start few weeks after that mode got out .. This mode should be terminated and ban for the one using it after proper announcement that mode is not legal - it is use only as advantage of some vs many and give most players big frustration in game that is a big frustration by itself ....
  4. Steps are being made - Matchmaking !!! Still needs work.

    i meant av-xp ( PR ) per class and than per tier ( or cluster of tier - 1-5, 6-8, 9-10 )
  5. Steps are being made - Matchmaking !!! Still needs work.

    ofc Wg can do good skill MM - look at clan wars, it is even far smaller base of players and it is best and only good mod/system in game atm ..
  6. Steps are being made - Matchmaking !!! Still needs work.

    Yup av.XP (PR) per class and than per tier ( or cluster of tier - 1-5, 6-8, 9-10 )
  7. A simple fix for BB camping

    There is much easier solution for this - just make f potential damage is important for xp/credit at the end instead of just raw AP damage ATM it is the same if you tank 2-2.5 milion pot.dam and if you have 1 lucky cit hit from 25km sniper --- it's the same - that is retarded and new players will never learn this way what to do, it's not new players / potato's fault it's only WG/game fault players just play easiest way they can for max xp/cred.
  8. Varyag mission part 1

    Republique and go for chaaaaaaarge and let's 2nd-ary do the job
  9. New ranked season T10

    Yup because in this game you have to spend so much time and be so good to get to t10 with +200% xp camo + 3 flags +50%, +100%, +50% + 300% free xp + 777% free xp - and that new camo +777% and so on,, convert xp for dublons = that's why we have so much so skilled T10 players :(
  10. New ranked season T10

    Thanks to all gods in universe that WG did this - something smart and not p2w rank season again !! I got to say this time Good job WG, thank you !!
  11. Feedback FOR WG about quality of gameplay...

    ATM only good thing in game is Clan wars and that's it There is a simple solution to make this game a 1000x better in one single move - make a league system like we have in clan wars -- this would be a nice try for start to see in period of 6 month what will happened ( will gameplay improve vastly or it would be the same ).. XP and rewards in higher league should be better / nicer so players in lower league have some interest in improve there skill and gameplay to get in higher group / league .. Your weekly or monthly av.damage, PR and win rate per tier would put you in some league and than you try to stay or "attack" higher league/group.. in that way bot/potato players would be in lets say squall and unicom would be in lets say hurricane - other normal would contest for storm or typhoon and play with players that are similar skill to them .. all in all that would make every battle excellent and exciting ( you know like the one you now have but once in every 10/20 games, that one that is on the edge until the last 10 sec )..
  12. Repubique have a big bug

    So, when I hit broadside let's say Kurfurst at the start of the game 23km away and I don't get any "broken" AA or sec. icon but i score 2 shell hit and it is penetration and it score 0 damage - so now I don't have only RNG on dispersion (awful, disgusting as one is on Republique ) and than I manage to not have ricochet, shatter or over pen now I will have new chance again that will tell me that I hit some space in armor, barbet, drunken sailor that caught my 1321kg 840m/s shell and trow it back to the sea or some black hole opened and suck that 2 shell ????? If you hit and pen anything on ship with 1321kg shell with 840m/s speed it will do absurd amount of damage whatever it go trough - by any logic at all you can not tell me that damage will be = 0 not meter how arcade this game is, I do understand that it could be full pen, half pen or citadel but 0 damage is BS, we already have ricochet, shatter and over pen.. I'am not crying here or being a bbaby - I'am cruiser player mostly ( I even don't like BB much ) but nerfing it on this retarded way is just plan stupid - it would be a lot better that WG bring citadela "BUG" that we had for I few day and try nerfing BB that way -- this 0 dam PEN is absolute BS
  13. Repubique have a big bug

    I know that this sometimes happens on all ship but on Republique it happens every game 3-5-7 times per game ---- penetration count as a 0 damage, you got 2 pen ribbons and you score 0 damage on brand new enemy ship.. I don't know does only 10 people work on WOWS or what is the problem, this game become bug after bug after bug, QC drop 10x from year ago ..
  14. Coupon for being top xp earner?

    -70% on Scarnhorst or Atlanta !?!?!? I want that :) plzzzzzzzz
  15. WG Game Center - Your Feedback

    I have a problem with pointer ( cursor ) in game after on 4k resolution ( pointer is too small ) - I have this problem when I use Game centar