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  1. Explain this before I lose my s**t

    WG would do a big favor to all of us if they split Steam player on separate server - steam player would play with steam players and we would play with players that are ( now we see ) far better than we thought ( we called them potato put they are unicom to steam player what we have now )... Also 1 big thing where game went total wrong - on low tiers there are many base / standard type/mode of game so in that mode player are going wide around, take time and so on - and than they get on t8-10 where first MM f. them and than with that they get to all to cap domination system and than problem starts -----> they have learned to play wide and around, and not to cap ( they will try to go to cap few time, they will die fast and will never do that again ), you have to think about, they play alone, they don't have any way to learn it or they don't want to, they will play only as good as they know and they know more far you go = less damage you take and you have 20-26km of range and than we all are f-ed :( WG need to reverse that - Domination/cap should be on low tier as you start to play the game so you instantly learn that caps bring win and than higher you go more base/standard mode should be implement ( so game can last longer and you could have more time to carry ) -- that would solve a lot of problems, now you lose 2-3 DD and it is game over 2-3min into game starts
  2. I would rather pay 30-40€ for game and 10€ monthly and have a good normal balance game with balance tiers / ships and most important balance MM, normal teams, balance where skill meters ( like in clan battles ) - where you would get some premium ships as a reward for good gameplay ( like 100k av.dam, caps, spot, tank potent.dam. in 100/300/500 battles with some class and ect.. ).. What a great game that would be ... But WG found it a decade ago that this kind of f2p game where perfect formula is integrated in MM so you would be frustrated and than rewarded after xy time would make you pay insane amount of real money because you will make some vision that you are great player and for you to be a just little more perfect you need just that ship and you already spend too much but wtf is 30/50/100€ more to be happy - but you will never be so happy that you wouldn't want something new just released and so perfect for you and than again that perfect formula will get you up and down just to stay perfectly frustrated and happy in the same time....
  3. Explain this before I lose my s**t

    same thing, need 6 wins for French final mission - start with the win and then it started, I almost had nervous breakdown - 24 games 25% win rate with av.dam 63.300 at first I was on the top of losing team, tan i didn't care anymore, than I want to uninstall, than next game was very good teamwork so I tried again than another lost and lost and lost until I send Kirov to a sure early dead and that was a win, and than I got best battle in Gajah Mada which we win in last seconds .. The next time I experience like this I will automatically uninstall the game .. Don't know what went wrong with MM ina last 3-4 month but it getting worse every day.. a year before this game was ok - we had weekend bad MM and normal on the rest of the week now every day is worse than weekends from year ago ...
  4. nope, we don't have standard 7 player team so that is to hard for flag - we are going for 30d prem and so on - you can not go for the flag when there is only 3 of us standard in team so we know our limitation, we don't need a game to "teach" us ..
  5. Yup we did learn something from all of this, next season we will start month after it start so we can have normal fight without frustration - great implement of MM mechanic
  6. nope they are in II league of Typhoon so no way they could relegate .. btw. you can see in game just type in clan screen in port name of the clan or there inicials PARAZ
  7. So what good run do you think my clan could have with this stats to get into MM vs Clan with this stats
  8. Jack Dunkirk campaign

    Than sell it for 10-15€ with 12-15 skills
  9. How many time will I have to repeat - I don't mind if that happen in league ( 1 game win or lose whatever - it is one of 30-40 in that league ), but that should not happen in struggle, you say you have 5 games = you need 3 win of 5 and you have 1 pro team so it is and automatic lost so you need 80% win rate to get past struggle ...
  10. It is a simple coding - I don't know how that happen all the time in WG games and they are such a big company with like 4000+ employee !?? you got into struggle from Gale to Storm - you play with teams that are : 1. also in struggle from gale to storm 2. teams that drop from storm into strugle is there is not enough teams than: 1. take a team from III league Storm 2. take a team from I league Gale there are about 100-150 or more clan in that range so that are more than enough, and every clan will rather wait 2 min of MM than play vs pro clan with 65% av.win rate of all members and 2.5 big league above
  11. EDIT and for the end you have a flag to counter detonation - how can I counter next similar event in struggle ??? this is just bad mechanic and it should not happen from the start - in league ok ( maybe one time in 30 battle ) but in struggle NEVER
  12. Man I don't know are you trolling or what !?? I have a team with player with 49% win rate do you really think that I need a lesson from someone with 72%,69%,69%,69%,68%,68%,66% win rate in struggle --- over and over again I repeat that I don't mind getting into them while playing normal league game but in struggle wtf...
  13. It is ok if you get them in 1 of many normal league game because you will lose like 11 point and go on BUT if you get them in struggle and in the game for the 3th star - than it is not ok because you lose all the best you had been given in 2 games before and you lose 35 or so point to go to struggle again -- so all and all you lose time on 5-6 games minimal in that 1 game and that is just retarded.....
  14. You want to tell me that there was no clan in whole 3 league of Storm and all 3 of Typhoon so MM give us ??? we are like 212 and they are 9th - how is that even close ?? And yes we are not a Typhoon class clan but last season we had worst player and was in Storm long enough so every player took 30 days of premium and 2500 gold - we where even 2 times in struggle to Typhoon but didn't get in and ok we are not that good but why on earth would MM give us profesional clan vs us in struggle for 2 league below ??
  15. So just tell me how is possible that my clan CCN who is like 52% win-rate clan ( Gale ) gets vs Paraz who is like pro clan with 65% win rate ( Typhoon ) in struggle from Gale to Storm and to be worse we was vs them for the 3th star progres to Storm !?!?!??!?! Paraz worst stat player is better than my clan best player and they have 12 players even one with 72% win rate and a lot of 69% with like 10.000,12.000 battles - my whole 1st team don't have 12.000 battle all 7 players together, they are 2.5 league above us in II Typhone - why are there leagues than and struggle and all of that !?!?!???? This game is more and more idiotic day by day, month by month - first you got 9 potato in your team in random vs 9 good to unicom players, than same crap happens regular in ranked and now we got the same bad retarded mechanics in league system - why WG W H Y ???????