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  1. What kind of friend i would be if i lead my buddies to this game to be exploited, mistreated and lied to? So, no.
  2. It's dead Jim! Joke aside, gaming is my main hobby since 97' and i never saw a company who cared this little with it's community. Ok, i'm a long time EVE player so i got used to very close and strong relations with developers. I mean... if you want to see how to interact with your community just check out EVE forums. And no, organizing a trip in a museum for 7 youtuber is nothing more then advertising, please don't try to play stupid and tell us otherwise. The reason for such poor relations are irrelevant, because it's not the costumers job to take care of said community. I really want to say that i hope that WG EU and WarGaming as a whole can fix this issue, but this thing is going for years. But hope dies last.
  3. WaspHUN

    where free exp?

    You should check the game before you post... Free Xp is in the game. You just need to level up first to unlock it. What kind of premium item are you talking about anyway? Only premium ships are available. There'll be a way to earn piasters as people mentioned in a 100 threads already. Please next time look around in the previous threads to see someone asked the same question before. Thank you
  4. WaspHUN

    Two improvements for the User Interface

    I agree on the scaleable UI. Playing WoWS at 4K is just an aweful experience. Just like WoT. Can't see anything on a 55" Display even from 2 m. It is 2015 people.
  5. WaspHUN

    Domination, domination and wait more domination

    I've noticed the same when i tried to play with my Cleveland. The sad thing is i hate Domination mode, so usually after 1-2 match i just switch to DD or CV.
  6. WaspHUN

    Invite more players

    It is nice that you have friends who really want to play the game and all, but this is a TEST. As Shepbur explained it above, there are bugs that need to iron out, features to implement and all of those require testing and feedback. How devs could find the useful threads if they are hundreds of threads about torpedoes OP or weak? Always easier to work with lower numbers. To be honest they let 15k people in CBT, yet we already have a bunch of trolls. They spend an entire battle writing in chat, cursing their own team, calling them names and such. Is it bad that sometimes you have to wait 1-2 mins to get in to a match? Yea, but still, we are here to test the game and provide useful and accurate feedback to the developers. Maybe this is the first time you get in to a closed alpha/beta, but let me tell you 15k in a CBT is still ALOT. I'm sure they going to let more people in the future, so be patient, because that is the only thing you can do.
  7. WaspHUN

    Aircraft Carrier

    In what ship? Need some context. Also what is AC? Are you being attacked by Air Conditioners?? Then grab a coat! Or you mean Alternating current?? Well... then go to a doctor because that can cause some unwanted issues. OK, so... In a large ship (BB, CV) Try to turn towards them before they drop their payload and hope for the best. To some extent same applies to Cruisers. In a destroyer... well you just outmanuver the torpedoes. The best you can do is always look if their any Torpedo Bomber coming your way and try evade long before they start their attack run. There are some situations where no matter what you do, you will be hit. But even then you have a chance to reduce the number of the torpedoes that hit you.
  8. WaspHUN

    AA defense on ships

    From tier 6-7 ships start to get very effective AA weaponry. The Fuso's got the best AA on tier 6 so don't be suprised. Try to use different vectors even try to escort your bombers with other planes to split the incoming AA fire. You're going to lose them and as you advance forward in the tech tre, you're going to lose even more planes. Right now Tier 4-5 is where CV's can really dominate with their Torpedo Bombers.
  9. WaspHUN

    More ship slots

    Seriously... this is like the 5th time i see people say that. Just click on the drop down menu... you know the arrow thing. Maybe WG should change the drop down menu to radio buttons,
  10. WaspHUN

    Aircraft voice message problem

    I've noticed yesterday this too. I don't think it's related to graphical settings. I'm using high Audio Quality. I've played 4 matches with a carrier yesterday and in the first 3 match sound was fine, but in the last one i can't hear any of my planes. I saw the little Spectrum animation on their icons so they acknowleged, but i can't hear the sound. Maybe we should file a bug report maybe ?! I'm using my integrated audio (ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard), which is an Analog Device SoundMAX AD2000B (24 bit, 48 Khz)
  11. WaspHUN

    Suggestion Locking the turrets in a direction

    Shift-X to lock Turrets to relative bearing Crtl-X to lock Turrets to Sector (the way that you looking atm)
  12. WaspHUN

    The Russian fleet ?

    I thought so they going to use paper projects but i hoped they only start to implement such "fantasy" ships well after release. It wasn't the best idea even for tanks, but warships are totally on a different scale when comes to planed and real performance.
  13. WaspHUN

    The Russian fleet ?

    Well it's makes sense only if they want to cater to the eastern (read Russian) players, but i think they'll have a hard time to fill up the tech tree considering that the Soviet Navy consisted mainly Coastal patrol/torpedo boats and submarines with a few old cruiser (actually they had 4 modern heavy cruiser too) and a handful of pre-WW1 Dreadnoughts. But the problem is not the numbers of the ships but the number of different classes. Post war/Cold war-era Red Navy aren't fit either because of missile cruisers and destroyers came widespread. In part of the US, UK Land Lease program they got several western warships too, but i don't know i want to see the same trend as was in WoT with the red Churchills and Stuarts even if it was the case.
  14. WaspHUN

    The Russian fleet ?

    Good question indeed. So we are totally sure that Soviet branch will be the next? No British or German trees before that? that is... Odd.