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  1. Sigh, It affects any and all active players that people who shouldn't be eligible to receive these packages are in fact receiving them. If this isn't a slip-up on WG's end and they're going to give one part of their active player base the same reward as returning players then surely they should be giving it to all of their active players? Can you not see the issue here or do you just think I'm whining about not getting free things at Christmas?
  2. No. It's nothing to do with the not getting it, it's to do with how people appear to be receiving the gift(s). People who are not actually returning players but are active and playing exclusively co-op battles are being rewarded with over £40 worth of stuff whilst other active players who have had the misfortune to have played random battles get the short end of the stick and only receive the pair of free RNG boxes that will more likely than not give 5 camouflages each. That is the problem here.
  3. I'd really like to know what the 'prerequisites' are for this, as it is I'm going to be pretty annoyed if I got shafted for having the audacity to come back to the game to check out the Pan-Asian destroyers for a couple of randoms. Then again I've got a clan-mate who's been active recently doing the HMAS Vampire campaign and new scenario so I really don't know what's going on. I do foresee it being another case of 'thanks WG' though...
  4. Two (nearly) consecutive games where I got blocked from Kraken by my division mates... The Minotaur though, what an absolute terror she is to destroyers and unaware battleships.
  5. Your Greatest RN Game Today

    Words can't describe how mad I got at this 10 out of our team's 11 kills between our division and they won due to a Bismarck chilling on the bottom of the map until the end at full health...
  6. British Cruiser pain

    I'll admit the Emerald was garbage and the Caledon / Danae were underwhelming but from the Leander onwards they're great and in the case of the Fiji and Edinburgh they can be and frequently are beastly.
  7. Leander - a definate keeper!

    I'm inclined to agree with what has been said. The Leander is a great ship to play and I did have fun playing it but the Fiji is a whole other world of awesomeness. The only thing I really miss from the Leander on the Fiji is the reduction in tubes from quads to triples.
  8. Your Greatest RN Game Today

    I'm really starting to like the Fiji. Lack of HE aside it's a fabulous ship to sail. Shame it wasn't my 50% / double though.
  9. Your Greatest RN Game Today

    Just had a reasonably ridiculous game in the Fiji. Nearly got Kraken but was sniped at the last second
  10. German Cruiser Feedback

    Even drastic steps take time to implement, the lack of official response though is understandable. They've cocked up quite superbly - would you want to own up to that? I pity whoever has to trawl through all of these threads for the useful comments though.
  11. German Cruiser Feedback

    I agree, HE is a more consistent way to do damage because the way it's modelled is broken but given the choice between AP and HE right now AP seems (at least from what I've experienced) to yield the best results. IF German HE was given proper damage and fire ratings or at least contemporary to one of the other nations then yes HE would most likely be the money maker but currently it just doesn't seem to want to work that way.
  12. German Cruiser Feedback

    Had a good variety of games to review another without just saying it's terrible or amazing. Nürnberg The Good Köngisberg ++ Essentially she's a beefed up (read as not papier mâché) Köngisberg so all the pluses apply to her with the addition of a floatplane and AA consumables to sweeten the deal. The Bad Manoeuvrability - Again still quite sluggish or at least feels that way but seeing as you're no longer as fragile it's less of an issue. I would like to see better default rudder-shift time though The Ugly German HE damage No-brainer really, German HE is terrible, plain and simple. That said you can do some pretty hefty damage with AP against everything and anything so it's more a play style issue than anything else (9k damage hits against battleships with 155mm guns are not to be sniffed at). TLDR Köngisberg++ All the good things about the Köngisberg without the fragility and module damage incurred by it. Poor turning ability, just as her predecessor Overall, a pretty well balanced CL for tier VI, not a Cleveland but certainly a fine ship.
  13. German Cruiser Feedback

    Seeing as it's the one I've used the most so far... Köngisberg The Good Range - Even without advanced firing training having an edge over the at-tier cruisers is incredibly nice due to, well due to the points mentioned in bad and ugly. Accuracy - Even at longer distances the RNG is being consistently kind with regards to dispersion Rate of fire - Good, especially given the range that they can spew out to. The Bad General manoeuvrability - It may just be me but for a tier V cruiser she feels somewhat sluggish, especially rudder response time which given the size of her rudder shouldn't be so. The Ugly Fragility - This has to be the single worst point about playing Köngisberg. With the way WG have set up damage and repair mechanics the Köngisberg really is a glass cannon, the ease with which one can cripple a Köngisberg is frankly more than slightly worrying. Near enough any hit from amidships aft seems to knock out either steering or propulsion, doesn't matter what the calibre is they all have the same effect. This means that more often than not you'll be hit and powerless to do anything about it having most likely only just repaired either the propulsion or steering damage (or both) from the previous hit, so whilst you're waiting for that arbitrary amount of time before either the damage fixes itself or you have a repair party again you're liable to have one of the following scenarios occur to you... A. A battleship says 'hai thar' on your now slow to stationary Köngisberg either devastating you or penetrating your citadel B. The destroyer you were fighting now has a slow to stationary target which can no longer dodge torpedoes C. The cruiser engaging you continues to set you on fire and blow your modules off with ease until you either explode or burn to death. TLDR Good guns with excellent range and rate of fire for the tier Poor turning ability (which is sort of important considering you need to dodge fire to live) Terrible survivability at any and all ranges to enemy fire