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  1. [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod by Compass Rose

    Changelog for update: Added a paint job to the supply ship. Theme is Vestal from 'Azur Lane'. Most of the usual reward crates have been modified with AL graphics. Consider those a WIP until I tweak some of the icon sizes a little. Modified the 25 new patches with the update. All have an appropriate shipgirl. All content related to the new UK story arc have been modified. All achievements have been given AL-themed icons. Preview icons for the new UK destroyers have been added. Known issue: The new patch with the clan tag is causing some problems with the shipgirls. Most of the emblems obscure the clan tag. So I'll have to move quite a few shipgirls up a few pixels. Don't look for them to be fixed immediately, but over time I'll correct them until all of them fully clear the clan tag.
  2. [] Compass Rose Anime Skins (USA Ships)

    Thanks @Danielosama. The Sims is on the to-do list. She's an easy one, given the amount of fan art that has sprung up. Since I'm working on the UK DD line for release, I'd like to do a few non-destroyers before I switch back. So hang in there. I promise you'll see her in the USA ship bundle.
  3. [] Compass Rose Anime Skins (USA Ships)

    @Dark260 No problem, Dark. Your situation is a common one. The premium camos like the one on the Cleveland and Des Moines use a different 3D model for the ships. Currently there isn't a workaround for this that I'm aware of. The camo remover in Aslain's modpack will work on regular camo that just sits on top of the standard ship model. I recommend placing that file directly in the res_mods\0.7.x.x directory. http://www.mediafire.com/file/udv15bbpd2gqp3e/camouflages.xml/file
  4. [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod by Compass Rose

    @Cruiser_KagaMy guess is, it's related to the global text file. I remember there was one, last update to the test server before things went live, and I'm willing to bet they changed the text at that time. I'll fix it for 7.8, but I'll have to wait for the WoWs unpacker tool to update so I can change the global text file.
  5. [] Compass Rose Anime Skins (UK Ships)

    Work has begun on the British destroyer line. I've updated the appropriate post to serve as a work-in-progress center so you can track my progress. As of September 5th, only the tier 6 Icarus remains to be done. All other destroyers have been completed.
  6. [] Compass Rose Anime Skins (USA Ships)

    They are great ideas, @drexxor. It's just a question of time. Right now my focus is just on keeping my mods up-to-date and of course, making new skins. I'm hoping that some intrepid mod developer will publish a list of which textures are related to which boats. I just don't have the time to do it myself. That said I haven't been sitting idle. The Worchester has been given a fresh coat of paint and has been added to the ship bundle. The theme is 'Harukana Receive'.
  7. [] Compass Rose Anime Skins (USA Ships)

    To clear up the misconception that @SwedishFox has caused, it isn't a space issue on mediafire. It's a matter of practicality. It's easier to maintain one zip file for the national tech tree as opposed to individual zip files for each ship. I've done over 60 skins so far. At one time I kept individual files, but it's no longer practical to do so. Wargaming also updates their textures sometimes. If they update a catapult that's used on 8 different ships (which has already happened), that would mean updating every zip file accordingly instead of just one. As the amount of skins I make continues to increase, it's only going to make more sense to keep things as they are. One zip file per nation. You're more than welcome to mix and match to your heart's content. Use a multitude of modder's talents until your client is exactly how you want it. But have the courtesy to take on that task yourself, instead of asking the modders to do more than they already are. Making the content and offering it for free.
  8. [] Compass Rose Anime Skins (USA Ships)

    You've known me for 11 months, captain exaggeration.
  9. [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod by Compass Rose

    Washington is slated to go on the North Carolina, as she's generating more fanart than the North Carolina herself. I just don't know when I'll be able to start that project. This UI mod has exceeded my expectations with the response I'm getting to it. And it has siphoned some of my energy away from the skin projects. So stay tuned. It might take a while but she'll arrive.
  10. [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod by Compass Rose

    The service_lib.swf file has been modified to be compatible with There is also a host of new content. Weekly Tasks, insignias, and all 4 permanent campaigns have been given the anime treatment. Enjoy and I'll see you next update.
  11. Pan-Asia Cruiser Line When I started modding the Pan-Asia tech tree I started from the top down. It wasn't until later that I reached the Chengan as a project and by that time I was feeling a bit mischievous. So I made light of the fact it's a tier 1 ship and you're probably only going to be in it for a couple of battles. It feels a little awkward to start off the Pan-Asian tech tree with an anime entitled 'Tokyo Ravens'. But it had dragons, and dragons was what I was looking for.
  12. Pan-Asia Destroyer Line Since a lot of the Pan-Asian destroyers in this tech tree were ships from other nations, it was a chance to go to the 'Girls Frontline' well as often as I could. The only one with a German theme to it was the Long Jiang, a V-25 clone. So I decided to use a montage of lesser-popular German firearms to represent the ship. I have yet to transfer this skin over to the V-25 but it's on my to-do list. The Phra Ruang was actually the last destroyer in the line I finished, so I was beginning to run out of background art and character selections. She ended up being a montage of a lot of the Chinese rifle girls you see on the Hisen in their New Year's alt outfits. As for the Phra Ruang, she got hit hard with the cherry blossom bat. Just finding Chinese anime characters to use as the central theme was a chore. But one that immediately came to mind was Lingyin Huang from 'Infinite Stratos'. The series itself is one of those rare collections that features a characters from a variety of nations. It wasn't the last time I would go to this series for ideas. The fact that Lingyin's IS machine is called 'Shen Long' was the last bit I needed in selecting which destroyer to put her on. Shenyang is close enough. I didn't know much about the 'Girls Frontline' characters before I started the preliminary work on the skins, but I quickly began to discover the ones that were popular based on the amount of fan art I was coming across. Type 79 was one that I noticed was under the radar. Didn't have a lot of art, and had the quirky feature of a cybernetic right arm. But for some reason she became a personal favorite, so I decided to build the Jianwei around her and make a cyberpunk-style Chinatown theme to bring it all together. With the Fushun as a Gnevny clone it was time to bring in a Russian rifle from 'Girls Frontline' again. This time it was SV-98, my favorite rifle from the Russian character list. However this is before the Fushun from 'Azur Lane' was introduced. In the future, SV-98 might move to the Gnevny where she really belongs, vacating a spot for the Fushun herself. As a fan of the Civilization series, I recognized the name Gadjah Mada right away. I wanted to give it an Indonesia theme right away, and load it up with as many Civilization references that I could find. I also chose FNC from 'Girls Frontline' as the main character, as the FNC is used extensively by the Indonesian Armed Forces. I had a lot of fun with it, and I get a good laugh every time I catch a glimpse of the broadside. With the Tier 9 and 10 ships already decided on, I wanted a high-tier representative for a Chinese New Year celebration-style theme. So the Hsienyang was next in line, and there were plenty of 'Girls Frontline' characters with New Year's alt outfits. I grabbed all the Chinese characters and in they went. Add some fireworks and some lanterns and we had ourselves a party. With the Lo Yang being a Benson-class American destroyer I went back in search of a fitting character. As luck would have it, about that time Laffey from 'Azur Lane' received a New Year's alt costume. It was perfect timing, so another Chinese New Year theme went down on the hull. Without knowing why I locked onto Kirin Toudou as a candidate for the Chung Mu. I wanted her on a destroyer, and I also wanted to start tackling the new line of destroyers on the horizon. So while she went to the Chung Mu, the November announcement about their release kicked the rest of the project into high gear, and it became a Christmas present of sorts to the community. With the Yueyang being an Allen M. Summer class American destroyer, I went to the American handgun girls from 'Girls Frontline' The two that jumped out right away was the Mk23 and Grizzly MkV. Since Mk23 had the red/white/blue style American outfit I chose her for the Gearing. That left Grizzly for the Yueyang. Turned out to be a perfect pairing.
  13. August 21st, 2018 Since early September of 2017, I've been making skins with an anime theme to them. As the skins started to pile up, I realized it would be better if I segmented them by nation before the main thread got out of control. In early November I started on a ship bundle, with the intention of releasing it on the forums as a Christmas present. Then word broke that the new, Pan-Asian destroyer line was being released. I shifted gears immediately, and decided the present would take the form of the entire destroyer line completed. It was a success and it became one of my more popular downloads. I'm posting it for the first time on the Asia forums, to go along with the others threads I've been starting here. I'll post the download link below with the release of 7.5, and as I finish the last 2 remaining ships in the tech tree, I'll update this thread accordingly. You can follow me, as well as @SwedishFox_na on our discord server: https://discord.gg/z58ByKX Pan-Asia Ship Bundle Zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ge7btbs8zm26fup/CR_ShipBundle_PanAsia.zip/file Contains the ships themselves that I've completed All textures related to the Pan-Asia tech tree. From catapults to range finders, they're all in there. All ship preview icons for the Pan-Asia tech tree ** Make sure you unzip the file directly to res_mods\ directory ** Below is a running list of ships I've completed, and things I've started to work on. As I've done since the beginning, I'll keep this original post updated as frequently as I can, so you can use it as a one-stop shop for all the work I've done. If you're interested in pics, then by all means comb through the thread and have a closer look. If you have a favorite ship you want skinned, or a particular anime you want represented then don't hesitate to post your request. Pan-Asian Destroyers Tier 2 Longjiang -- German Montage 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 24, 2017 Tier 3 Phra Ruang -- Chinese rifles montage 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 25th, 2017 Tier 4 Shen Yang -- Huang Lingyin 'Infinite Stratos' Completed November 21st, 2017 Tier 5 Jian Wei -- Type 79 Submachine gun 'Girls Frontline' Completed December 3rd, 2017 Tier 6 (Premium) Anshan -- Anshan 'Azur Lane' (In Progress) Tier 6 Fu Shun -- SV-98 Sniper Rifle 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 20th, 2017 Tier 7 Gadjah Mada -- Fabrique Nationale Carbine (FNC) 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 28th, 2017 Tier 8 Hsienyang -- Chinese Rifle montage (Alternate costumes) 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 16th, 2017 Tier 8 Lo Yang (Premium) -- Laffey (New Year's alt costume) 'Azur Lane' Completed January 28th, 2018 Tier 9 Chung-Mu -- Kirin Toudou -- 'The Asterisk War' Completed November 5th, 2017 Tier 10 Yueyang -- Grizzly Mk5 'Girls Frontline' Completed November 9th, 2017 Pan-Asian Cruisers Tier 1 Chengan -- Natsume Tsuchimikado 'Tokyo Ravens' Completed November 23rd, 2017 Tier 6 Huanghe -- Ping Hai / Ning Hai 'Azur Lane' (In Progress)
  14. [] Compass Rose Anime Skins (UK Ships)

    Reserved in case the UK gets a carrier line.