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  1. Compass_Rose

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    Ugh. Here's hoping they put some development hours into it. It would be nice for them to meet us half way on the development requirements.
  2. Compass_Rose

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    Has the modsSDK stabilized a bit or is Wargaming still making changes to it?
  3. Compass_Rose

    What did your Black Friday 2019 premium containers drop?

    I went with a six pack of the 2019 containers, and a six pack of the 2018 containers.
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=13gLbrO9TJiX89kroYA9VfhyelmN7KnOr Posted by user leehwongxing on the NA forums.
  5. Compass_Rose

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Grats on 10k views, Captain Sillyface! Keep the ships going!
  6. Compass_Rose

    Azur Lane Collab

    Probably not. Aslain already has several representatives for the categories that I make mods for. In my opinion there's just too much overlap. I'm starting to do that now. The US tech tree is done, UK is next. My main sources for character portraits /ship skins are: Azur Lane Kantai Collection Girls Frontline Warship Girls R Various anime series The Asia server forums have already approved my threads there. So if you were curious and wanted to see what the EU and NA posts will look like when approved: The enchant mod post: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/31884-0750-azur-lane-enchant-mod-by-compass-rose/ The USA ship skins: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/31868-0750-compass-rose-anime-skins-usa-ships/
  7. Compass_Rose

    Azur Lane Collab

    @eliastionThey are waiting to be approved which means they are invisible in the forum section. However I don't want to release the zip files until 7.5 is officially released. Trying to use the enchant mod on a version earlier than 7.5 won't work properly. I just want to make sure I get the photos in place so people can see what they're downloading, then release the content the day 7.5 goes live. That's my plan anyway.
  8. Compass_Rose

    Azur Lane Collab

    All the prep work on my mods are done for 7.5 and the zip files are standing by. Right now the related threads are stuck in the approval process, but at least the work is done ahead of schedule. Halsey's ghost is going to be all over my case when it goes live.
  9. Compass_Rose

    Azur Lane Collab

    Bad Cleveland! Get down off the HUD display!
  10. Compass_Rose

    Azur Lane Collab

    Update #1: She's finished. Update #2: Working on an Azur Lane UI to go with all the skins. So far, here's the login video: Hope this keeps the buzz going.
  11. Compass_Rose

    Azur Lane Collab

    @ulysses_nemoyou might prefer it the way it is now. Keep me a secret. That way the work is free.
  12. Compass_Rose

    Azur Lane Collab

    Enterprise is half done. Lots of painting to do and 2 plane squadrons to skin, but as far as the graphics go I'm satisfied. She's going to look sweet when she's finished.
  13. Compass_Rose

    Azur Lane Collab

    Just finished the Cleveland. Not looking forward to the Enterprise. Making a skin for a carrier is a ton of work.
  14. Compass_Rose

    Azur Lane Collab

    Same. I picked up the HSF bundle, so I don't really need any more IJN captains. Bring on the British maid.
  15. Compass_Rose

    Azur Lane Collab

    @ulysses_nemoyou had the right tier. It's the Edinburgh. For the Monarch I did Lilith Bristol from 'Absolute Duo'. As she's one of the few British anime characters I was able to track down.