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  1. Oldum

    MM is NOT broken

    Don't get me wrong, it's totally fine and understandable that it's not final, and probably one of the reasons why devs changed the MM screen was to save themselves from this, till they figure things out, but I still don't see any reasons why mathces are put together like they are about 70% of the times. The old MM screen highlighted the "tier spread" of what I should expect, and that was 1 tier above and 1 tier bellow my ships tier. That is all fine, but it's not working as it shows, cause - as I've said before - when there are 170 players in queue for my tier spread , even if 60% of it is BBs, the game could make a match where I don't have to spend my time running away like hell in a Pensacola, cause if I go in a straight line trying to aim, a Baltimore, or as it happened yesterday, a Des Moines was shooting my engine and turrets to bits by the time I get into effective range and was able to aim at it. Also, since (again from personal experience) evading - zig zag manouvers - and aiming doesn't really work too well, cause the turrets couldn't keep up with the turning of the ship, I couldn't even do much cause I was out-ranged by everything, except DDs. I know it's not final, but fe , for the profit side, it just made me rethink my idea of buying pre-order items at all , or at least untill the next patch ...
  2. Oldum

    Is everything allright with 15in Warspite guns?

    Hate do denie your statement Ectar, but you can't go Zig-Zagin' with the Pensacola and have the turrets fire at the same time ... I figured that out first hand. Edit: Except if you go 1/4 th speed and do 1/2 turrns only. In a full speed zig-zag, turrets can't keep up with the one way turn of the ship itself.
  3. Oldum

    MM is NOT broken

    I swear I'll spam you with screenshots of the matchmaker showing 170 ships within my MM "range" and then ending up in a match where there are 2-3 ships less in my team, and the tiop tiers are at least 3 tier higher then me. I played 4 games yesterday, 3 of them was like this, the 4th was with my Bogue where I couldn't di krap , cause I had no other CV against me, and was on fighters deck ... TEST or NO TEST , when there are 3-4 k players online in the evening, don't tell me the MM is correct andit doesn't makes these games on purpose.
  4. This is the moment when I'm glad I didn't spend a single cent on this "CBT" yet ...
  5. Still, if a questionnaire is longer, it doesn't cause that much headache , but when I constantly end up with tier 9 ships in my Farragut ( tier 6 ) and I have absolutely no chance of actually hitting anything, cause I'll be busy evading ships and can't stop for a moment to shoot anything ... suuuuureeee .... The thing is, I dunno how accurate WGs "matchup screen" is, but when there are ~ 100 ships in my "original" MM queue , thet would be tier 5-7 , then why does it take a minute to form a game where I'm 3 tiers lower then 30% of my and the enemy team ? Edit: Same thing on my Pensacola, :/ after a while, when I'm the only tier 7 , the rest are tier 8 , 9 , or even a tier 10 ... yay, that's fun.
  6. Oldum

    Bonus Signal Flag Boxes, erm wut?

    You'd still have to earn it first, otherwise you can't put them on. And since you took this point of view, how long do you think it'll take for inexperienced players to actually earn these ? about 50% of them will be happy to get one till tier 3-4 , while CAT , CBT people will probably have them right at the "start" ... so I don't think it would make that much difference at all.
  7. Oldum

    Bonus Signal Flag Boxes, erm wut?

    Why would it be ? in OBT , you'll get everything wiped anyways, plus credit end exp income will be nerfed to hell. So I don't see why once unlocked, why couldn't they be resupplied for credits. They could be also give extras for free if you get the achievment again.
  8. Oldum

    US carrier changes

    Personally, the only thing I don't like , is the fact that the new tier 5 carrier has impossible plane loadouts, I can go with 2 fighters and 1 bomber , or 2 torps and 1 bomber ... so : I will either have no attack aircraft to cover my teammates and my planes , or I will have no real strike force but can give air cover, if there is an enemy carrier in the team that is ... Edit : Not only tier 5 has this problem as far as I see However, I still preffer USN carriers, as it's utterly fun to send my 2 fighter groups to tear 4 IJN carrier torp bomber groups to shreds and have ammo left for the 2 fighter groups that follow them played 3 games with this Bogue or whatever, had ~ 25 planes shot down per game average
  9. Oldum

    Citadel hits RNG or can I aim?

    A funny thing I noticed on my Cleveland and now on the Pensacola , I get more Citadell hits with HE ... I dunno if it's intentional, or the lack of proper armor mechanics , or it will change tomorrow when 3.1 hits , but I tend to shoot even at BBs with HE, cause I get at least a citadell hit from every third/forth salvo .. and the fact that I usually have around 150 hits , that's a whole lot
  10. Oldum

    Update for Closed Beta

    Cool ... another premium ship most people can't test Huuraaay ! Also, by being renamed top tokens, do tokens I earn in the local amusement park work here ?
  11. Oldum

    ship flooding question

    This is soooo epic made me laugh loud at work xD definately a huge +1 now .. where did I put my holes again ? O.o
  12. Oldum

    Co-Op Matchmaking: A total mess!

    Hmm .. I never noticed that happening, but I1ll look closer next time I play a Co-op with something ... which probably won't happen any time soon
  13. Oldum

    tech tree

    On the other hand, it's not really a test of the economy if I only go up on one or two branches, cause then it doesn't really show how an average players income/cost rates would turn out, especially casue ammunition and so on are just added as a fix price and are "unlimited" . The matter of repair costs can be measured, but that doesn't give a proper picture either if given person only plays 1 or 2 ships during his whole testing period. But that's my opinion, and I personally would like to try as much as possible , but I'm running out of place as well
  14. Oldum

    "Ally in Torpedo Range"

    I just love the way you guys expect everyone to be born with a keyboard in their hand and a mouse hanging out ther ars ... Not everyone is a born ace or captain or whatever ... I've played a few games with DDs and torp CAs too, and did manage to not notice a DD just outside the screen, and only realized what will happen, when I let the torps go and started turning to send the other side swimm aswell. And before you saay anything, I always watch the mini map, but there is a point where I rather focus on aiming plus evading incoming fire then watch if there is a wondering ship at my side or in the path of my torps. So in a nutshell, it doesn't have to be a whole load of christmas lights, just a small indicator to let you know in case you don't have 4 eyes to see everything ( And now I put my negrep and flame proof coat on, cause Alpha and Supertesters great professional and skilled testers are gonna hate )