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  1. abacs21

    Excessive stuttering.

    I doubt it, I had this issue a few days before the update dropped.
  2. abacs21

    Excessive stuttering.

    Can confirm, been having this issue for over a week now. Game ran perfectly fine until then on maximum settings, ever since then I either reduce graphics to atleast medium or play a borderline unplayable mess of stuttering and FPS drops. I checked in the task manager and it seems that WoWS.exe is consuming excessive amounts of CPU, not sure if that's related to server problems
  3. abacs21

    Hindenburg discussion

    You forget that it still has the highest damage per shell and the second highest rate of fire after the DM, but still altogether higher DPM thanks to the higher dmg and extra set of triple guns
  4. The description you provided fits the tier 5 CV skill though (called air superiority? Not entirely sure)
  5. abacs21

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Am I the only one to whom the blue torpedoes don't work? I tried to uninstall every other mod but it still won't show
  6. abacs21

    Is the Atago worth it right now?

    I'm only at the Aoba so far in the IJN cruiser line but I love it, if it's anything like that I'd enjoy it very much. How does it compare to the Mogami though? I noticed that it trades a bit of RoF (if the Mogami uses the 203mm) for a larger HP pool and Repair party
  7. abacs21

    Is the Atago worth it right now?

    I figured that before purchasing another costly premium, I'd ask you guys about how good is it as of right now (and if anything major gets changed about it in 0.5.3). I've made the mistake of buying the Atlanta when it's pretty much worthless right now (I do hope it will get buffed in the future), I'd like to avoid making such a poor decision again
  8. abacs21

    Question regarding the XP event

    Thanks everyone, appreciated the help
  9. abacs21

    Question regarding the XP event

    So, does nobody know?
  10. Not sure if this is the right place on the forum, but I couldn't find a better one So, my question would be, if you already own a ship that is offered as a prize for the event and you happen to get it, do you get compensated for it in doubloons or is it gone for good? As in, if I owned a Tirpitz and happened to be second in one of the categories, does that mean I get nothing in-game?
  11. abacs21

    This was my finest hour.

    Salty people be salty He is partially right though, a few cruisers giving me their broadsides from ~12km certainly helped me accomplish this feat
  12. abacs21

    This was my finest hour.

    Oh I do, thing is, I'm basically completely used to it after years of playing Wot and WT. I simply don't get surprised and annoyed anymore
  13. abacs21

    This was my finest hour.

    I don't mind if it's not the very top, I'd be happy already if I was in the top 15 Anyway, was that better result in the same category as this? (japanese BBs)
  14. Ever have one of those moments when you just feel like facedesking until your skull cracks open?... That was me, after I finished this battle and realized I haven't set the config to record replays after the latest update. Oh well, even though I missed that opportunity, what do you guys say about my chances in the XP contest?