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  1. HOI fellow captains.

    I registered 08/10/2015, yesterday I fought my 5,000th battle. I´m the prototype of the casual potatoe: I have now 6 T10 ships, I´m member of fun clan, for benefits only ;-), I completed most of the collections, have 5 stars in all operations. I only bought Shiny as premium ship, all others I earned with missions or coal, Irian I found in a Container. I purchase premium time, when i know I´m able to play, but overall I didn´t invest a fortune in the game and have great fun!

    So I wish to say thank you for your work and keep up your standards, this is my favorite game.

    We all know, it isn´t always sunshine, I had to pause playing after a patch because my hardware was outdated (all other games ran), I will never have enough steel to buy Stalingrad, I raged because of `Paytorico", I´m no big fan of CV´s or subs.

    But your open communication and constant improvement of the game (German BB buff ;-)) , addition of new ships, the various seasonal events (Halloween, Spacebattles, Azurlane...) satisfied me over the past five years and raised my quality of life.

    I was lucky and got tickets for the Sabaton concert in Cologne few years ago, where I met some other players personally, the evening rocked.

    I´m thankful World of Warships exits, and will give you my 10k feedback...in five years.

    Fair winds and max damage, Eddy